Chapter 388 – New GOD (5)

Sarah felt her impending death and the sensation of her skin melting.

She went back and forth between life and death many times before, and she was almost killed by the knight of the Sun earlier, but she hadn’t felt anything like this.

His existence itself felt like death.

‘We will fight that?’

She looked at the Ran warriors.

Was it possible to resist and stand in front of such a power? Was it just a mistake that they came out? Maybe everyone was thinking the same thing?

She looked at them with those thoughts.


“Everyone is ready to die.”

“In order to not embarrass His Majesty any further.”

“We will die here.”

The jewels on the Ran warriors’ foreheads shone at the same time.
The overwhelming power in front of them didn’t stop them.

It gave Sarah a great shock.

“Now that we are here, take a good look.
I don’t know if you will survive, but if you do, then it will be a great experience.”

Sarah nodded at Mayatrey’s words.

And she slowly drew her sword.
Her heart felt like it would burst, but it was nothing more than what she had been feeling.

Sarah raised her aura while holding her breath.

“For you.”

At that time, Hungry Spirit spoke and pointed to a warrior in front.

Then a black wind began to blow.

The warriors split up into two sides to avoid it, but the person who was pointed out couldn’t escape it.
The wind followed him and then took him.


His skin went dry in an instant, and he began to lose his life’s energy.
The warrior shouted even then, not losing to the pain.

“If my life will hasten your deaths! Then sure!”


All of the Ran warriors were swordmasters.

[Thread: Bundle of Thread]

His sword’s energy unwound like a thin thread, became an invisible slash, and shot toward the black wind.

Each of them held the power to cut down the walls of a fortress.

Then the thread-like energy began to get closer to the black wind, and it entangled with it and struck Hungry Spirit’s head.

The ground he was standing on disappeared as if it had been dug out.

“You don’t seem to taste good.”


Hungry Spirit’s arm just pierced into the chest of the warrior, and his hand held the warrior’s heart.

“Even if you don’t taste good, this is good enough.”

His heart crumbled like dried-up food.

The figure of the warrior dried up and crumbled into sand.

Everyone stopped moving for a second at how hopeless it seemed.

Then Hungry Spirit put what was in his hand into his mouth, but he immediately spat it out.


“That guy was Alex…!”

Karlovan’s eyes were wide in anger.
His face was contorted.

Along with Clark, who was not around, Karlovan was revered as the warrior closest to Hasyath’s skills.

A thick green aura flowed around him.


Both of his eyes were blue-green.

[Poison Dragon]


He was a Ran warrior and, at the same time, a poison dealer who was called the best in the world.
His poison, which was at the Grand Master level, was called the deadliest power among the Rans.

Even Hasyath was wary of his poison.
So, Karlovan was always wary of his powers and was hesitant to use them.

Because if he did, he couldn’t handle the aftermath.
But he had no reason not to use it now.

“Everyone get ready to survive.”

Karlovan ordered his subordinates to do so because the Poison Dragon couldn’t be controlled.


The ground beneath the rocky mountain began to melt.

It rotated clockwise and slowly began to rise like a dragon.
It was dripping with green, poisonous water and looked like it could make the caster suffer.

The warriors around him distanced themselves to avoid being touched by it as much as possible.

They also judged that their lives were in danger if they were close.


Hungry Spirit looked at the Poison Dragon curiously.

“Pretty good.”

He felt like, for a bug, he was pretty good.

Karlovan shouted, his eyes shining green,

“Become a handful of poison and die!”

The dragon attacked the God as Karlovan already had tears of blood dripping from his eyes and was tightly clenching his hands.

Even a God could be killed with this power.

And so he risked his life.

And to help him with his plan, the warriors attacked the place where the enemy was.


“Do not give up until he dies!”

“Put your life on the line!”

Dozens of warriors at the Master level concentrated their power in one place.
The power was great enough to change the color of the sky.

Sarah’s body was pushed back due to it.


When would she ever get a chance to see such a thing?

If she was near it, it would be devastating, but seeing it from afar was amazing.

It was such a beautiful sight that she forgot who the opponent was.

Then Mayatrey spread a shield to protect them.

“Truly amazing.”

Although she herself was a dragon, she had never thought of watching the power of the Rans, one of the three strongest races, in person.

Their power was not a little bit lower than the dragons.
Rather, it felt similar to the dragons or even higher.

“I can’t just stand here.”

Mayatrey transformed into her dragon form.

“Stay here.
I don’t want you to be killed.”

After giving Sarah a warning, she flew high and moved in the direction of the opponent to use Breath to lend them a hand.


Sarah was left alone.
She continued to watch the situation with the shield around her.
Even if she was weak, she came to help, but she was a burden even now.

[You are not a burden.]

She heard Shiva’s voice in her head.


[A chance will come.
A chance which only you can do.]

“What do you mean? That it is a chance that only I can do…”

The power within your blood will reveal it.]

The power in her blood?

Sarah tried to ask more questions, but she could no longer hear Shiva’s voice.
She bit her lip as she stared at what was happening.

A light was created by the combination of the warriors’ and Mayatrey’s powers.

And Hungry Spirit was inside of that light.

She tightly gripped her sword with both hands and drew it.

“A chance that only I can do.”

She had to keep watching and find out what it was.


Hungry Spirit sighed at the various bugs rushing towards him.

‘These things…’

If his body was perfect, he wouldn’t even care about bugs like them.
But now he was just around 30%.

It wasn’t easy to endure so much power at once.

‘Still, it’s not bad.’

He admits that the opponents were strong.
However, in front of the God of Gluttony, the amount of food was simply not enough.

Little by little, Hungry Spirit began to grow by absorbing the mana around him.

If he could absorb this power and these people, he should be able to get back to 70%.

If that happens, a truly terrible hell would fall on them.

‘Hurts my ego.’

Their doom was already clear, but the fact that these bugs were coming at him, hurt his pride.

Normally, they would die if he simply clenched his hand.

‘I will not kill you easily.’

Very painfully.

So that you would beg me to save you.

And slowly, he would begin to suck their lives.

They’d rather wish for a quick death.

‘They are slowly getting weaker.’

He could feel the extent of their power pouring on him, slowly diminishing.

As long as they had a limit, they would not be able to continue using the same level of power.

Hungry Spirit laughed.

They wished for his death, but they couldn’t kill him at all.
So he transformed his body.

As his body gained a bit of flesh and his muscles grew, his skinny form slowly vanished.

40%, 50%, and 60%.

‘My power is coming back.’

With all the non-nutritious things gathered together, wasn’t it a nice meal?

‘This much is enough.’

Hungry Spirit’s eyes shone black.

“Everyone disappear!”

He spread his arms wide, and the power around him began to fall like a meteor shower.


Because each had a significant amount of power, the explosions destroyed the entire place.
He smiled.

First, right.

The one who used that poison.


Karlovan didn’t show any reaction as he saw Hungry Spirit come for him.

His power as a God seemed to be so scary that he couldn’t react at all.

“Right, it is too late.”

He had no intention of just ending him with a simple kill.
It would be a death without mercy.

But it was then…

Karlovan said,

“Did you notice something strange?”


Hungry Spirit tilted his head, and Karlovan smiled,

“Your ability to digest seems to be slow.”


When Karlovan twisted his body to the side, he saw a Ran warrior behind him with his hands in the shape of a triangle.


“You will explode from the inside out.”

The warrior, Delphon, activated his power by using the red jewel on his forehead.

[Blood Explosion]

The power to make blood explode.

If the caster channeled his blood into others, that person would explode.

“The powers of my subordinates that you consumed contained a small amount of blood.”

And the blood was most likely now inside the God’s body.

Delphon’s eyes flashed with blood.



The chest of the God began to swell up in red, and the blood inside him began to spread throughout his body.

As if his body would explode at any moment….


Another warrior imprisoned the God in a shield.


There was an explosion of tremendous power inside it.
And the shield exploded like it was going to break apart.
The inside was filled with red blood.

Delphon gritted his teeth as if they would break.
His blood vessels swelled up.

Shedding tears of blood, he put his life on the line.


Even the Gods would explode with the large amount of blood from the warriors here.
This power was enough to erase part of the continent.


The warrior who put all his strength into making the shield also coughed up blood.

He, too, was using up his life force to do this.


Hungry Spirit seemed to be driven mad by the terrible explosions happening inside his body.
To be subjected like this by the bugs!

There was no other way.

“You chose it.”

Explosions filled his mind.

“I don’t know anymore.”

The God’s consciousness went out.


Something got loose.

“… cough.“

Delphon collapsed, coughing up blood.
Karlovan, who was right next to him, couldn’t understand the situation.

There was a large hole where his heart should have been.

“Kua… C-Captain.”

The warrior who was putting up the shield also collapsed.


And the shield vanished.

Thin, long pieces of paper came out from all directions.

And it wiped out the warriors in the front, but Karlovan, who had fast reflexes, deflected all of them.

“… sword.”

Was broken.

Just from a single hit, his blade with the aura of a Grand Master fell off.


At the same time, a horrific cry was heard from where Hungry Spirit was.

When he looked in that direction, he saw a very strange figure standing there.

It crawled like a spider, and its arms and legs were bent.
It had white hair and a large mouth with a thick tongue poking out.

Its body was white, and there were countless paper-like things running around its back.
His appearance was completely different, but he could tell that it was the God of Gluttony.

“Is this for real?”

He had completely abandoned his consciousness and just acted on pure instinct.

It was the true form of gluttony.

Drool leaked out, and his body got up.

There was a huge hole in his chest, and something that looked like a golden bead was there.
Anyone could see that it was his main body, but Karlovan chuckled.

‘I can see him, but I cannot reach him with my sword.’

Shouldn’t he still try?

Even at the moment when the warriors were being attacked, he hurried towards the enemy alone.


And his head fell.


Being born as a true glutton, he ate his own body and…

The illusion broke.

Hungry Spirit realized that the corpse he was eating was just a large stone.

“I knew this would work.
Being a fool with a weakened mind.”

A woman’s voice.

When the God turned around, there was a blue-haired woman holding a sword.

Deprived of food, the God of Gluttony was howling.

[Welton’s Vision]

A little girl stood ahead of him.
He didn’t feel her presence until she spoke.

But it was more like the God didn’t care about her presence at all.

She was too weak for him to even notice—a bug not worth caring about.

He didn’t even notice her approaching him.

But what was this little bug trying to do?

“… Futility Divide.”

The girl mumbled in a troubled voice.

The girl, filled with nervousness, tried to calm her trembling hand holding the sword and stabbed it in a straight line.

She concentrated as much as possible to not make any mistakes.


Her sword pierced the space, and a crack opened up in the spot where the orb of Hungry Spirit was.

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