Chapter 384 – New God (1)

‘What was that?’

Isis left Albert, who was on the ground, and looked at her hand.

‘That voice…’

It was an old man’s deep voice.
As soon as she heard it, her mind automatically knew what to do.

She did something she had never done before.

She clenched her fist at the strange feeling of déjà vu.
She turned her gaze to Mayatrey, who appeared and struck one of the Sun knights with her tail.


Now with Albert dead, only the three of them were here.
And including her, the Rans had four warriors left.

“We need to take them down and help the others.”

Isis raised her aura.

Hasyath was watching the movements of the Sun knights, who were fighting with his subordinates.

‘Pretty good.’

He wondered what kind of bugs they were since they claimed that they wanted to bring the Rans down, and when he saw them, he acknowledged their strength.

“Y-Your Majesty.”

“Stop talking and focus on recovering.”

He said this to the warrior, Gen, who was being treated behind him.

He went out on a scouting mission with Mero, and they were surrounded by the knights of the Sun.
As a result, despite being a skilled warrior, the injuries he got were too serious for him to move, and Mero…


He was unconscious for now.

Since he just became a warrior, he lacked the experience, so he was unable to respond to an ambush.
As a result, his stomach was stabbed, and his head was severely beaten, which might cause some damage to his brain.

Gen bit his lip, watching Mero’s green hair stained in blood.

‘Damn it!’

The knights of the Sun were stronger than he thought.
He didn’t care about the rumors that threatened the position of the Rans, but now he knew that their power was not weak at all.

Just what on earth was a God’s protection that it could make a single paladin so powerful?


‘We have Our Majesty.’

The knights of the Sun were stronger than expected, but they had the greatest warrior of the Rans, who was revered as the strongest.

The world called this man the Sword Disaster, but even the Rans themselves only saw a small fragment of his powers.
His real powers were yet to be revealed to the world.

So Gen believed…

“This much will work.”

Hasyath opened his mouth.

After analyzing his strength, he gripped his sword.
A paladin was watching the fight from afar like him, but the fight didn’t require his presence yet.

‘Though I care more about what is behind him than his strength.’

A black coffin-like thing was behind the knight who seemed to be the captain.

The coffin was tightly tied with a rope of mana, and two young knights were guarding it.

If he drove them to a corner, the young ones might speak.
So Hasyath stepped forward.

Then, with a strong voice, he commanded the warriors,

“Everyone step back.
From now on, this field is mine.”

At that moment, the Ran warriors shook off their enemies and began to retreat.

The knights of the Sun looked puzzled at this.

“What is with them?”

“Is he going to fight us alone?”

“They must be insane.
The Rans are so arrogant!”

Some expressed their anger at this situation, which they didn’t like.

It wasn’t just enough that the Rans were fighting well.
Some Rans were even pushing them back.
And now, another Ran has come to deal with all of them alone?

This was pure arrogance.

“I will make you regret it.”

Kans, a knight who was in the top ranks of the knights in terms of skills, ran for Hasyath with his sword and shield.
The Ran warrior, who was dealing with him, had already suffered considerable damage.
On the contrary, he didn’t even have a small wound.

His confidence was boiling up.

Even if the opponent was the King of the Rans…


Hasyath pulled out his sword, which he hadn’t drawn since then, and after that, Kans’s head rolled on the ground.

And blood began to spurt out.

The knights fell silent.

No one knew what had just happened.

Kans’s head, the one who ran first, fell off.

That was all they could understand.
Someone opened his mouth in a trembling voice,

there is no blood on his sword.”

All eyes turned to Hasyath’s sword.
Their faces were all shocked.

He decapitated a man so quickly, yet his sword wasn’t even stained.

It wasn’t impossible.

It was said that those who reached the highest level of the sword could cut down the opponent before the blood even touched the sword.

The problem was that if the opponent had the same level, then doing it would be impossible.

The opponent would be able to react well, and Kans was one of their powerful knights.

No matter how fast the opponent’s sword was, there was no way there would be a one-sided gap that wouldn’t spill blood.

That was what they thought.

“What is with everyone? You seemed to be working pretty well until now.”

Hasyath scanned the enemies.

“You all look like scared dogs.”

And his gaze turned to the captain behind them.
His expression when he was watching them had changed.

There was a little bit of tension.
Hasyath snorted, taking a step forward.

“You still have a long way to go to challenge us.”

His form was gone, and then the wind blew.

Azreal, the captain, frowned at this.

‘On par with the Dragon Lord.’

It was said that the power of the leaders of the three major races could not be compared to others.

In addition, it was said that a hundred warriors who had surpassed the Master level teamed up to take down the Dragon Lord in the war that happened three years ago, but they still couldn’t take it down.

Even this information was toned down.

In reality, several elder dragons appeared, and the forces they held were enough to change the map of the world.
But the people were ready to sacrifice themselves to kill the Dragon Lord.

And Hasyath’s strength was at a level comparable to that.

“I was underestimating you too much.”

Three years passed, and the knights of the Sun thought they had gone past a level of growth after being blessed by the Sun God.

But standing in front of this Ran, they felt that they were lacking.


A young knight called out, scared.

Azrael held his hand out without answering.

It was a sign.

And the young knight asked,

“W-Will it be fine?”

“Better than being annihilated.”

Azrael’s voice seemed excited.
He looked insane, which made the young knight gulp.

And he looked at his colleague, who was holding the rope.

The two looked at each other and nodded.

“I will open it.”

And they pulled on the rope.

As the tied part began to loosen, the mana around the rope scattered in the air.


The black coffin began to move like it had a heartbeat.

The rope slackened, and the lid began to open up.
A chilling cold air could be felt from the gap.


Hasyath, who had been cutting through the knights, stopped and turned toward it.

At that moment, someone came for his head, but he dodged it and pierced the heart of the enemy with his bare hands.

And he looked at the coffin.

He felt nothing from it until now, but he knew…

‘Something is coming.’

And it was huge.

The jewel on his head began to glow.
Until now, he had slaughtered the knights without having to use the jewel’s power.

But now, he decided he had to use it.
And then his form vanished.

The sword wind blew the knights away like leaves.

“What? His Majesty’s movements are reckless.”

Karlovan, who was the vice-captain, stepped back, frowning at their King’s sudden changes in his movements.

“Everyone be prepared.”

Karlovan immediately ordered the warriors and took out his weapon.
It was then…

“You bastards, disappear from this place!”

Azrael sneered the insult at the Rans, and with that, the coffin’s lid opened up.


A black wind began to blow.



Hasyath’s eyes turned blue.

[Blinded World.]

This ability would hit the opponent if there was a gap.
And its other name was ‘Absolute Hit.’

It was a power that made him invincible because no one in the world was flawless.


Azrael opened his eyes and coughed up blood, watching as several blades stuck in his chest.


All of them were blades and swords that surpassed a Grand Master.

Hasyath passed him with cold eyes.
He kicked the knights next to the coffin and then unified the swords with energy wrapped around them to cut the coffin down in a straight line.



An invisible layer of protection spread over the coffin.
Hasyath frowned upon seeing this.


The blade, which had gone past the level of normal sword steel, began to tear the protective film slowly.

[Blinded World (A World of Blind Spots)]

He used the ability again to pierce the coffin, but his expression didn’t change.


[The air outside looks fresh.]

An ominous voice was heard.

[What is this that is in this body? Cold.
I don’t feel nice.]


The sound of the blades being broken was heard.

Hasyath’s body trembled as he lowered his sword.

He was able to cut the coffin, along with the shield around it.


But the voice didn’t vanish, which made Hasyath tremble.

“This is bad.”

Do not think about going back alive…”

He heard Azrael behind him.

He turned around and saw that the man had healed his stabbed chest, and he was now speaking with holy power.

“He… is God, a newly made one by our parent! No matter how much strength you possess, you cannot go against a God!”


My parents told me this.”

Azrael looked up in displeasure.

“The new 12 Gods will rule this land, and he is one of them.
His name is…”

[Will my hunger go away if I eat you?]

“God of Gluttony, Hungry Spirit.”

A bony arm came out, which Hasyath cut down right away.

‘I never thought that a new God would be created.’

If this was the case, then it would change everything.

No matter how strong he was to even be called a disaster, it was difficult to fight a new God with a new holy power.

And he didn’t think a God would come here.

He didn’t know how this happened or how the God could come down, but they had to leave before the God fully awakened.

“Everyone, retreat!”

Hasyath began to move rapidly after slashing the coffin.


At that time, he noticed Isis heading toward him after dealing with the enemies, and a blue dragon was behind her.

“Do not come! Run away!’

“Uh? Why suddenly…”


A black tornado emerged.


“M-My age—age…!”


The knights of the Sun who were in the tornado’s path died without any of their body parts left behind.

Azrael, who was at the center, mumbled, ‘I am turning skinny.’

“It is a great success… Father.”

Then he turned to dust and became part of the vortex.

Seeing this, Hasyath thought,

‘We cannot escape.’

The whirlpool was faster than their speed when running.
Determined, Hasyath clicked his tongue and stopped running.

“Your Majesty!”

Karlovan shouted for him, but Hasyath just nodded as he stopped.

Karlovan, who wasn’t dumb, knew what it meant.


“There is no guarantee that I will die.
So you lead them out.”

“Your Majesty!”

“Blue dragon! Mass teleport!”

Mayatrey’s eyes trembled at Hasyath’s request.
She realized why he had made it, so she looked at Isis bewildered.

Isis cried out,

“Father, what are you trying to do?!”

“From now on, you lead the Rans, Isis.
Hold an inauguration as soon as you return.”


Hasyath turned around and approached the black vortex.

As he looked at it, he said,

“A new era will begin in earnest.”

In the future, great battles would appear and one winner would emerge.

It was pretty sad, but it felt meaningful.

Hasyath grinned, summoning all his strength, and swung his sword.


Hasyath’s sword was able to stall the power generated by the God.
Mayatrey didn’t miss this chance.

[Mass Teleport.]

It was a wide-scoped teleportation spell.

Isis called for her father, but she soon vanished with the mana.

And the black vortex had moved ahead, consuming Hasyath.

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