ou are considered trash.
At least, I think people shouldn’t do that.
Keep in mind that if we don’t appreciate life and its importance, we turn to a monster wearing the mask of a human.’

At that time, he couldn’t understand why his father was upset.
And to be honest, it felt absurd that the Count, who was younger in terms of his original age, was telling him that.

But now…

‘I don’t know.’

The weight of life.

The difference between need and desire.

His father was a man of justice, so he lived by his rules.

He would only draw his sword when needed, and he would try to solve things with words.
He was so different from Jamie.

‘All I have left is violence.’

He wanted to live like his father and act like him, but this terrible situation didn’t allow it.

Jamie clenched his fist.

“Sorry, Father.”

I think I might need more time to live like you.

Jamie couldn’t put that in words, so he turned around and noticed Jormungand’s worried face and Behemoth pouting.

Prometheus was way back, leaning against a rock, and Beiros was on the ground looking at him.

‘A little more.’

Jamie stepped ahead.

His subordinates followed.

‘I will have to live according to my desires a little longer.’

He couldn’t be happy yet.

He wanted to be happy, but the reality wasn’t letting him.
And so….

Even if it isn’t acceptable, Jamie will now follow the path he has to take.

“Let’s go.”

Jamie Welton.

I’m going to stop using the name my parents gave me for a while.

So forgive me.

“From now on, engrave this onto your heads.”

Black mana and magi both rose from his body.

He, who has transcended the Demon Lord’s essence…

“I am Diablo Volfir.
The Demon King who kills Gods.”

Diablo was back.

Lily was quickly escaping from heaven and running somewhere.

She didn’t think that Zenith would lose, and the fact that he couldn’t beat Diablo after absorbing three Gods was absurd to her.

‘I cannot be caught like this,’

Her world had already been swallowed up.
She didn’t know that he would act so arrogantly just to be killed.

If she knew this would happen, she would have never joined Zenith’s side.

‘No, maybe he didn’t intend to keep me alive in the first place,’

Lily began to think again.

Still, if she managed to escape from Bless, her chances of survival would increase.

And ever since the division of the Gods began, she had been preparing to leave this place.

-Where are you going in such a hurry?

Right then.

A voice came next to her, and Lily flinched as she moved in the opposite direction.


Something hard touched her back, and she gulped as she looked back.

-Why are you so surprised when it isn’t just once or twice that we have met?

A man whose entire body was made of light smiled.

Lily moved to get away from him, but her body didn’t budge.

-Why are you leaving when it has been a long time since we met?

“L-Leave? Who? I am just looking for something else…”

I see.
Then I apologize.

As he said that, Ra let go of Lily.

It was a bit embarrassing to be caught, but she didn’t show it and asked in her calmest voice.

“But… you, who have never appeared to us before, have something to do with us now?”

-I just wanted to hold a meeting after a long time, but you were not home, so I came here on my own.

“… on your own?”

-As you can see, I am not alone.

After that, Ra’s body of light, began to wriggle.

-We came together.


“S-Spare meee!!”

Lily’s eyes widened.

A man in the form of an old man and someone looking sharp like a spear came out of Ra’s body.

They screamed with faces of pain, and Lily could only stare at them.

Ra said,

-Now, let’s all start the meeting.


-There will be no pain.

Ra smiled.

-When you are reborn within me, none of your current memories will remain.

“Like a rebirth?”

-Shouldn’t you just become my faithful subordinate and fight hard for me? That kind of meeting.

As soon as Ra said that, the light from his body extended out and began to suck Lily in.

As she was being sucked into his body, Ra stood there alone in silence.
And he stood still until he split the space open.

A temple covered in gold appeared, and Ra sat on his throne alone.

And he said,

“Gather everyone.”

The space tore apart, and the first to appear was Blazer, the Apostle of the Sun.
After that, monsters in various shapes appeared.

All of them were beings as strong as the 12 Gods.

They were the creations of Ra.

And he gave orders to his subordinates.

“This is a situation in which I have high hopes.
So you guys, from now on….”

Ra smiled.

“Declare that the master of this world has returned.
Also, make ‘Demonic King’ Diablo Volfir the enemy of the world and lead him here, and let it be known that the Sun God will punish the Demon King who has stained the path of humans and that I will take on the hopes of mankind.’

Enemy of the world.

Diablo Volfir.

“Let it be known that all those related to the Demon King will be subdued!”

You can never be human again.

So, come.

‘Leave the anger and come challenge me.’

This is where it all comes to an end.

Ra burst out laughing after such a long time.

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