White was summoned, and it came out, spreading its wings wide.
Although Jamie’s expression couldn’t be seen due to the helm he was wearing, it had significantly changed.

There was no way Zenith could escape.

“Late brat.”

[5th ability.]

He had never used this before, as he deemed it dangerous.

The reason for this was that when the caster used this ability, they would become distracted.

However, he felt compelled to make a change after witnessing Zenith’s rude actions.

All the light from the Starlight had vanished, and the purple mist filled its place.

‘I do not think that those below will be affected.’

Jamie’s entire body was covered in a purple mist.

‘You, what will you d…’

At that moment….


Zenith’s left arm flew in the air.
His eyes widened in shock as he stared at his arm.


He couldn’t instantly process that his arm had been severed.

What happened?

But there wasn’t enough time to think about it.


A sound came from above.

He looked up and saw several purple spheres being formed.

With his sword, Zenith attempted to defend himself against the black sparks released by the spheres.


These purple spheres were all over the sky.

They were surrounded by a purple aura that filled the entire space without a single gap.

Zenith summoned the Invisible Shield again to block all the incoming attacks.

Then a hand came out from behind him and grabbed his head.


The sword that had pierced his back was redirected to pierce his chest and was then removed.

Puak! Puak! Puak!

Over and over again.

Zenith struggled as he was now able to feel the pain of his body being stabbed with a sword.


He thought it would get more dangerous if he stayed still, so he used Void Space.

Then, the hand that had been holding his head let go and vanished behind him.

Zenith coughed up blood while looking at the holes in his chest.

As the holy power began to circulate, the regeneration was fast too.

All of these attacks happened when he was in a state of panic.

‘What happened?’

It felt too absurd that such things were happening within the purple mist.

Not only could he not feel the presence of those around him, but he also couldn’t track their speed or predict where the attacks would come from.

It was as if he couldn’t feel anything.

‘Come to think of it…’

There was no killing intent too.

Just a second ago, Jamie’s every attack had a killing intent, but he could no longer feel them now.

Zenith prepared for another attack and looked around with a nervous expression.

One could never know when an attack would come.


A ghastly voice was heard, making Zenith flinch.

The sword had been thrust into his thigh.

[Transcendence Magic.]

The blade was stained with red and yellow light.

[Solar Flare Explosion.]

The yellow-glowing sword turned black as if it were charred.
And for an instant, the world had turned dark for Zenith, but the pain—the burning pain—was clearly evident in his body.

“You bastard!!”

His skin began to melt from inside as if a fire had been set.
Zenith judged that he could sustain heavy damage from this.

So he concentrated all his holy power on his other hand.

The sword entwined with holy power manifested his ability.

[War God’s Ability.]

[Land of Victory.]


The space was distorted, and the background changed to a vast plain.

Countless flags pinned to the ground were fluttering in the wind, and there was a bright sun soaring high in the sky that was blue and vast.

The Land of Victory.

Zenith’s ability and the space that would lead him to victory.

“Get lost!”

As he shouted, all the flames vanished, and the sword in his thigh was pushed out.

“Kuak, kuak, kuak.”

Zenith was breathing heavily, and he stumbled to one knee.

The wounds regenerated at once, and sweat began to fall as his sweat glands recovered.

He felt dizzy for a moment, but it was nothing compared to the pain he had felt earlier.

‘if it weren’t for the Land of Victory, I would have been a mess.’

The Land of Victory was the most powerful of the space-based attacks that allowed him to change any terrain into his own.

Actually, it wasn’t the best attack to use right now, but he was hurting, so he had to use it to buy himself some time.

‘Despite absorbing three Gods… am I being cornered one-sidedly?’

Well, he couldn’t see what had happened.

This was now his terrain, so the fight would no longer be one-sided.

And this was a space where Zenith could win.

Despite being pushed back until now, Zenith can now do more.


A sword appeared out of nowhere.
And Zenith didn’t even look at it.

Before he could properly see what it was, something black came toward him.

He tried to follow it with his eyes, but it was so fast that it felt impossible to keep up with it.

There was no sign of warping through space either.

“Fucking bastard.”

It was around that time when he felt like he was facing an unseen attack.
Zenith opened his eyes wide and distanced himself.

He reached out and grabbed the opponent’s collar as the sword passed by without missing a beat.


But the arm that grabbed the so-called collar was pulled out.
This gave him dizzying pain, but he still swung the sword with all his might, feeling that if he didn’t do it now, there would be no other chance.


As the swords collided, a ferocious roar erupted, and the two were pushed back an equal distance.

And Zenith could confirm.

“Diablo… You.”

He said this while looking at Jamie, who squatted down at a distance.

“What was it?”


Jamie’s body was enveloped in darkness.


[Level 5 Ability.]

[Supreme Demon.]

This was the final form of black magic—surrendering to the darkness.

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