Chapter 20: Zenith Church (3)

Ricky stopped crying and looked at the two with an embarrassed face.

He almost died, but when he came back to life, tears came out before he knew it.
Even when he was in Lival, he had never been like this.

I cried like a kid.”

“You are a kid.
And kids can cry louder.”

Lars smiled and stroked Ricky’s head.

Maybe because he was touched by the benefactor, Ricky’s cheeks flushed.

Lars smiled and took his head off to see Jamie, who was sitting on a nearby bench.

‘However, that was great magic.’

He didn’t know much about magic.

However, there have been several instances of joint operations with magicians.

‘It has to be 4th or 5th class.’

Among the magicians, it was a considerable level.

Their magic was pretty great, even for Lars.
But, compared to the magic that Jamie did, those people didn’t seem that better now.

He wasn’t sure.

And that single thought puzzled Lars.

‘His skills are unmatched to that of veteran magicians who have been through everything since birth.’

Now he understood why Count Welton insisted on sending Jamie.

He thought that it was because Jamie was smart, but he was completely wrong.

Jamie was a genius.

At the age of 7, a genius with the skills of veterans was in front of him.

Just that thought made his stomach hurt for some reason.

What kind of magician would Jamie be when he becomes an adult?

‘At least I know that he will be someone I can’t be on par with.’

He, too, grew up hearing the words that he was a genius.

He was pretty elated at that time, but seeing Jamie now made him feel ashamed.

“Go to the friend over there and say thank you.
If it wasn’t for him, the situation would have been more dangerous.”


Ricky looked at Jamie in disbelief.

Well, he couldn’t see the magic Jamie used because he was too involved in the carriage.

“It was him who used the chain magic to wrap the carriage.”

“Really? Wasn’t that what your uncle did?”


At the word uncle, Lars’ eyes twitched.
But Ricky was already looking at Jamie.

Ricky looked at Jamie with round eyes.
He, too, knew about the chains which wrapped the carriage.

He thought that it was Lars’ magic.
He didn’t know what paladins or magicians did, so he thought he could do it.

“Did you really do it?”

Ricky took a step closer to Jamie and asked.

With an annoyed face, Jamie said.


“Thank you so much! I survived, thanks to us! Thank you!”

Ricky’s eyes twinkled in response to that answer.
He grabbed Jamie’s hand and kept shaking it.

“Yah! Yah! Stop! My hands will get pulled out!”

“Really, thank you!”

As his hands were being shaken, his entire body trembled.

The shaking was so strong.

‘What kind of kid has this kind of strength?’

Or was Jamie weak?

It couldn’t be.
Jamie’s body held the Welton’s blood and Bell families.

Objectively, he had physical traits incomparable to those of his peers.

Superior skills were buried in his magic.

‘This little kid is too strong.’

Jamie frowned and pulled out his hand.

His palms were red.
After a quick glance, Ricky apologized.

I got excited and grabbed it too tight.”

“No need.”

“But is there something that you are angry at me for?”

Ricky asked at the blunt response from Jamie.

In the first place, you and I passed by once, is there any reason I will be upset at you?”

Jamie was blunt because he didn’t care.

What reason could he be interested in a kid?

A few months ago, the dark and unhappy-looking guy was now looking brighter, but he didn’t want to find out the reason either.

“We need to go to Zenith church.”

The sun was setting.

It is summer, so it wasn’t dark, but he had to attend dinner at the regular time.

He had to look inside the church when Lars was present.


Lars replied, knowing that this couldn’t be missed.

He gave a brief greeting to Ricky.

“Let’s go.
We will meet again.”

The two turned towards Zenith church.

Ricky looked at them and asked.

“Are you going to the church?”

“Hmm? Why?”

Lars turned and asked.

Ricky smiled and pointed to himself.

“Then I will guide you as a reward!”

To Ricky, the church was like his home.

‘I didn’t know he was living in an orphanage.’

Jamie thought while looking at Ricky.

It seemed like he looked brighter now because he was in the Zenith Church instead of walking around the alley at night.

‘Because there is also a light of hope for those who have a hard time.’

Although he hated the 12 Gods and their believers, Jamie had no intention of denying the positive effects of the religion.

The problem was the process.

Anyway, it was good.
Although Lars, he must have been a little wary as he believed in a different God.

But if this religion was Ricky’s lifesaver, then it was a different story.

Like now.

“Thank you very much.
If it wasn’t for you, something horrible would have happened to Ricky.”

The old nun in charge of the orphanage thanked Lars and Jamie.

“As a priest who worships the Goddess Pyro.
I did what was normal.
On the other hand, this kid did an amazing job, saving Ricky.”

The nun’s eyes changed for a moment when Lars said he belonged to Pyro and quickly turned normal.

Then she looked at Jamie.

“Who is the child?”

“He is the son of the Lord.”

the young master then.”

The fact that Jamie was the Lord’s son surprised the nun.

“It is Jamie Welton.”

“Oh my.
I should have recognized that emerald hair color right away!”

The emerald hair and eyes were the traits of the Welton family, which only existed in that family.

People usually recognize them by the color, but if one wasn’t born in Haiss, they might not.

That meant, if one was born in Haiss, they would know because the emerald hair was the symbol of the Lord’s family.

So, the nun wasn’t born in Haiss.

‘Then why is she pretending to be born in Haiss?’

Was there any need for that?

It was when Jamie was looking at the nun with suspicious eyes.


Ricky looked at Jamie with a puzzled look.

He never thought that the Lord’s son would come.
His hands and feet were trembling.

Till now, he talked comfortably, but what if he was getting punished for being cocky to a noble?

And his sister was blind.

What would happen to his sister?

“Uh… uh.”

His head felt dizzy.

Jamie frowned at Ricky.

Why was the kid suddenly acting odd?

‘Is it because I am the Lord’s son?’

It was probably that.

But If the man he talked to without any title or respect turns out to be a noble who was in line to be the Lord, anyone would do that.

‘This one mustn’t have been born in Haiss… no, he couldn’t have known.’

A child walking around at night.

Even if he knew about the Lord of the estate, he wouldn’t have known about the hair color or appearance.

Thinking that made him feel a little sad.
But that’s it.
The feelings didn’t extend after that for Jamie.

“Did you come all the way here to drop Ricky?”

Lars shook his head at the nun’s question.

“It was all by coincidence.
I was out on a local trip to see what the Zenith church is like and came here.”

“Ah-a trip.”

The word local trip seemed to have made the nun a little uncomfortable.

Jamie did know that the relationship between Pyro and Zenith was bad.

And looking at the nun’s reaction, Jamie could understand.

“I’ll call a priest.”

“We’ll wait.”

“Ricky, would you like to show the young master around this place?”

Lars and Jamie frowned at the same time.

The change in their expression was so slight that the nun didn’t notice.

‘Why is she trying to separate Lars and me?’

There may be no particular reason, but it was unlikely considering the relationship between the two religions.

‘To harm Lars?’

It wasn’t like he was weak enough to take a beating.

Jamie decided to look after his safety, just in case.

“You need to be back to have dinner with my parents today too.
See you later.”

Lars replied with a smile as if he noticed Jamie’s intentions.

“Okay, see you later.”

Ricky looked uncomfortable.

And Jamie didn’t like that.

It was very annoying as the kid kept staring at him and then avoided eye contact.

“Do you have something to say?”


Ricky looked into Jamie’s eyes very carefully and said.

“This is the orphanage where I… live.”

Ever since he found out that Jamie was a noble, his attitude was strange.

‘He must be thinking about how to treat me.’

Jamie didn’t say much, but he was groaning inside.

Smile-a laugh.

“Treat me the way you want to.”

“… huh?”

“Because I don’t care about it.”

Whether he was respected or not didn’t matter.

He was reincarnated as the son of a great noble and lived for 7 years, but he never cared about authority.

Actually, he was never interested in others.
As long as they didn’t harm him, he didn’t care.

Even at the ball, if Simon ended up being normal and didn’t harm him, he wouldn’t have gone that far.

“Rea… lly?”

“I won’t say it twice.”

Jamie strode ahead.

Ricky stared at Jamie’s back and smiled.

“Come to this side! I’ll show you a lot of places!”

Was it nice to hold a relationship with such people?

Jamie recalled his hazy past.

‘I can’t remember.’

Laughing and chatting with someone.
Drinking all night and wishing for tomorrow.

Was it that kind of life?

Or an empty monster like now?

He could still remember Jane’s smiling and crying faces, but everything else was blurry.

That was proof of how much time had passed.

They disappeared from memory because I don’t need it.’

He didn’t have to remember the past.

Wasn’t that why he removed all emotions?

Things like emotions were trivial.

He only had to achieve his purpose.

‘The fall of the 12 Gods.
That is all that I want.’

Jamie looked at Ricky, who was smiling and made up his mind.

“This is the room I share with my sister.”

Ricky brought Jamie to his room to take a break from the tour.

Your brother brought a friend.”

Since when did they become friends?

It was weird, but Jamie didn’t say anything.


A little girl answered from inside.

He is a great friend.”

Ricky opened the door and led Jamie inside.

The room wasn’t wide.

There were two children’s bedspreads and a chest drawer for their innerwear.
As the church took care of their clothes, there was no closet.

Jamie glanced over the narrow room and then looked at the girl sitting on the bed.

“Shouldn’t you greet?”

I am Anna.
Please take good care of me.”

Anna got up and greeted.

But Jamie said nothing.
He just stared at Anna.

Ricky called him with a puzzled face.



“Jamie, what is wrong?”

I was lost in thought for a second.
Nice to meet you.
Call me Jamie.”

The last name wasn’t disclosed.

Ricky glanced and asked if he was okay, and Jamie nodded his head.

It wasn’t an important thing.

‘This child, who is she?’

It seemed like weird energy was spreading out from her.

The one called Anna.

‘She is born with qualities of an adult.’

In her two eyes.

A special holy power was flowing.

The old man pointed to his side and grumbled in a dissatisfied voice.

“The test specimen was usable, but it didn’t come out as expected.”

Bishop looked at the white-clad knight standing in front of him and responded with a contented tone.

“I don’t see it as that bad.
How many times will it take to complete it? for now, this is enough.”

“I am glad that you say that.”

“More than that, doctor.
Shouldn’t we be preparing for the next one soon?”

“Is there a child with adult qualities?”

“The child, no, it’s a ‘material’ that should be done without failures when the research is completed.”

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Lincoln thought of Anna, a blind girl in an orphanage.

“The next one… okay.”

He grinned and spoke to the one called the doctor.

“That child’s brother will feel elated.”

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