lack armor, and then he heard about unknown black smoke rising.

But who told him that this was an army of pitch-black armor?


Riviter was speechless at the sight in front of him.

Numerous skeletons and zombies were armed and lined up.
At the front was a captain-level undead in human form, but undead nonetheless.

There was a skeleton magician in the sky behind them, and the undead who used magic was called a Lich.

But what caught his eye the most was neither the Lich nor the undead soldiers.

The leader.

The black armored knight, holding a black sword in his right hand, sitting on top of a skeleton horse.

The knight’s presence was a lot greater than all the undead put together.


Riviter remained silent.

The words of the king came to his mind,

‘But I don’t see it today.’

‘What are you saying? If His Majesty believes…!’

‘I do not see tomorrow either..’

Not being able to see tomorrow.

He wondered what it meant.

Did that mean tomorrow didn’t exist?

“… this makes no sense.”


“This makes no sense! Do not make me laugh! Do they want us dead?!!”

How did he come to this position?

He killed his superior, who trusted him with his own hands, and hired a hunter to assassinate the crown prince.

And he took the lives of so many people himself.
A place stacked high with blood and bodies, and he can’t even enjoy the power for a few days?

“This makes no sense!”

Riviter gripped his sword.
A man who reached the level of a sword master.

It made no sense to die from such things.
Riviter raised his aura and ordered the soldiers.

“Archers shoot at the enemies, and do not stop!”

Frightened at the shout, the soldiers all shut their eyes and released their bowstrings.

Hundreds of arrows fell toward the undead troops.


She looked at the terrified enemies up the wall.

“it is pointless.”

Without the baptism of holy power, the arrows had no effect on the undead.
This was an army that could not be killed by any means.

As long as the God who protected them had vanished, this land would be nothing but a sea of blood.

Bianca shouted as the arrows came.

“Stay strong!”

Black aura rose from her sword.

The Dark Knight was the highest-ranking undead among the undead knights.

And it wasn’t some power that the undead could push back.

“Break through the gates!”

Bianca rushed for the gate with her horse, and the trio followed right behind.

“Everyone, follow the captain!”

“Ignore the arrows!”

“Kill everyone you see!”

An army of a thousand undead soldiers rushed for the huge gate at once.

Elder Lich Nebro, who was watching, snapped his fingers, and a ray of darkness went right for the gate.

And the gate…


It was destroyed in an instant.

The huge gate, which had numerous defense magics, was useless in the face of the Elder Lich.

The undead troops easily entered the capital, and Nebro laughed.

[Run wild to your heart’s content!]

He had no intention of doing more than breaking down the gates.

If he joined, the fight would be too trivial for their side.
So he was going to watch from afar.

After all, the power the troops held could destroy this small nation in an instant.

“Stop! Stop!!!”

Riviter yelled at the top of his voice.
The gate just got broken down too easily.

That Lich!

To destroy the gate with so many spells on it so easily, but the gate was down, and now they had to stop the troops coming in.

“Fucking corpses!”

Riviter slaughtered the undead.

His power as a sword master was ‘Explosion.’ And he knew that the undead were weak against holy power and fire.

The Explosion was the fire of life and certainly strong enough to defeat the undead.

Kwang! Kwaang!

“I am the strongest knight of the Siltair Kingdom, Riviter Faol!”

The number of undead who came into the capital seemed to be around a thousand.

With the royal palace knights and soldiers, this was a number he could beat.

The Lich watching from outside was annoying, but for some reason, the Lich didn’t seem to want to get involved in the fight.

And that was enough.

“Close the western entrance! We cannot let them get to the palace!”

Damn it!

Riviter ground his teeth in anger.

Why was this happening?

“C-captain! They… are coming to life.”

“Here too!”

“They aren’t dying!


Hearing the words of his men, Riviter confirmed if he had killed the undead.
No, it wasn’t just a kill; his aura exploded as well, and the bodies were shattered to pieces.

It was impossible for them to be revived.

But why?

“… it makes no sense.”

The pieces of flesh that fell off were coming together.
And it wasn’t gathered one by one; it was clumping together and growing to an enormous size.

And such things were multiplying.



And they were screaming.

Riviter felt like this was hell, like some sort of nightmare.

And it was then,

“Found you.”

The voice of a woman who came from behind was familiar.

He looked back and there was a black armored knight on a skeleton horse.

His body trembled in fear.

Gulping down, he said,

“…a woman?”

“Yes, a woman.”

A knight in black armor got off the skeleton horse and stroked it.

The horse sounded like it enjoyed it.
Riviter felt a weird déjà vu.

‘A voice I heard from somewhere.’

A voice he was hearing for the first time, but it felt more clear hearing it up close.

But he couldn’t tell whose voice it was.

The knight in black armor sneered at him.

“You don’t remember.”

“You know me?”

“I do.
Even if I don’t want to know and forget everything, your voice and face will be with me like a curse.”

“… who are you?”


The knight in black armor slowly took off her helmet, and her golden hair, which had lost its shine, flowed down.

Her skin was pale, her lips were blue, and her eyes were half-dead.

Riviter tilted his head and took a closer look, and his eyes widened.

Bianca asked,

“Now do you remember me, Riviter?”

“You, you, you, how?!”


She put her helm back on, and black mana began to soar.

[I returned from Hell to take my revenge,]

And Bianca’s sword pierced his chest.

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