ter their nation.

But, just what happened now?

“Your Majesty!”

Riviter rushed into the king’s room without even knocking, and there sat Setiros VI.

“Sir, you are here.”

“Did you hear, Your Highness?”

Riviter bowed on one knee and asked.

Setiros VI nodded.

“I wasn’t sure what happened, so I sent someone.”

“How can such an absurd thing happen to the kingdom….”

Is this a sign of our destruction?”

“Your Highness! Do not say that!”

The king acting like this made Riviter go nuts.

How did he put that man on the throne? How much had he done to get that done?

The Siltair Kingdom had to be revived now.

That way, they could forget about the blood they spilled with their hands.

“Do you know? Currently, nations of Brion are collapsing right now under the attack of the western, central, and eastern nations because of the Zenith Church.”

“W-we were planning to attack them with the Khulun Church too, right?”

We did.”

Setiros VI slowly got up and walked to the window.

He could see the soldiers and servants all rushing in perfect order, and seeing his king like this, Riviter felt frustrated.

He had always been like this, even when he was still the 4th prince.

What the man was thinking was totally unknown.

Despite being on his side for a long time, he never properly understood what the king was thinking or what kind of person he was.

“Your Majesty.”

“Today, the dark clouds are thick, you see, but it isn’t raining.”

“Things will work out.”

“You know that?”

“What do you mean?”

Riviter titled his head at the question.

The king turned to him and smiled.

“When we succeeded at the coup.”

Riviter flinched as if he didn’t expect this to be mentioned.

He lowered his head as he answered,


“I knew we were going to make it.”

“It is only natural for Your Majesty to be sure of it.”

“I don’t want to listen to that kind of response.
I mean it literally.
I knew the coup would end in success.”


“I had a secret that no one except my deceased mother knew.
This is my first time telling you.”

“Your Majesty?”

“For some reason, I can see my future.
The path I walk on now, the path of survival or the path of death.
On the day of the coup, I knew luck would follow me.
Should I call it an instinct? It is hard to put it into words, but I was sure of one thing.”

The king closed his eyes.

“I don’t see that today.”

“What are you saying? If His Majesty believes…!”

“I do not see tomorrow either.”

“… uh?”

At those words, Riviter frowned.

He wouldn’t normally do things like that in front of the king, but now everything seemed out of control.

“I cannot see the way to go.
Do you know when the path got cut off?”


“This happened when the priests began to disappear.”

“B-But there is no enemy here, so you must have misunderstood that.”


Despite those words, the king didn’t respond and looked at the gloomy sky.


The Inverse Heaven Door opened, and Bianca came out.

As she evolved as a Dark Knight, she was getting stronger these days, and it was like watching Trika in the past.

“Khulun is said to have been swallowed by Zenith.
Currently, the only soldiers in the capital are the royal knights.”


“I will entrust the army to you.
Can you handle it?”

To that, Bianca answered, her eyes shining purple.

“With this sword, I will make sure to repay the grudge of that day with blood.”


As a former knight of this kingdom, she lost her companions in the hands of the same royal knights who allied with the 4th prince and died while fleeing with the crown prince.

As she died, she kept remembering the final orders she was asked to fulfill and summoned the powers of the underworld.

In addition, the remains of Diablo sealed in the royal palace had merged with her and brought her up as a Death Knight.

And now…


She sighed, and white smoke of the dead flowed out.

Jamie snapped his fingers, and the gate behind him, which had chains over it, snapped.



Many more beings with purple eyes flashed through.

Bianca nodded, and a skeleton horse came to her side.

For her, as a knight, riding on a horse was the easiest thing.

“Captain, we are ready.”

“This side too.”

“Here too.”

Behind her were Azad, Raiza, and Ashtar, ready to leave with their men.

Floating in the sky, Nebro, who had risen to an Elder Lich, looked down.

An undead army of over a thousand men.

She looked at Jamie and said,

I will leave now.”

“Mess around as much as you want.”

And with the order given, Bianca kicked her horse.


There was no need to give a signal to follow.
As she moved, so did the troops behind her.

The undead army, which grew stronger from eating black mana, rushed down the mountain.

Jamie watched and said,

“You are here?”

He looked back to find a small Behemoth, Jormungand, and the unknown black-haired boy.

Jamie looked at them and said,

“Let’s talk later.
Now is the time my men are going to be active.”

He didn’t want to be disturbed now.

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