or ’.

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Chapter 47: The 13th God (1)

Brahman ’s eyes widened at the immense presence he felt behind him.

It wasn ’t just the presence that was huge.

When I turned around, there was something high enough to make the world go dark, as if a huge wall had suddenly appeared.

Fortunately, the distance was quite far, so I could see the overall outline, but the first thing that caught my eye was the unrealistic size of the horn.

The pair of horns protruding from the letter ”L ” had sharp ends like lightning rods, and were not joking, they were huge as if the sky was divided into three parts.

It was so unrealistically huge that it seemed as if it had existed in the sky from the beginning.

So what about the body?

A huge wall stood.

It ’s not just a wall, each of the four bridges is huge enough to crush the mountain range.

The body cannot measure its size.

The head was invisible because it was beyond the atmosphere.

Brahman was aware of its existence.

It ’s a very old memory, but how could I forget a creature of that size?

You Behemoth!

It is one of the workhorses used by human warlocks who were powerful enough to threaten the 12 gods in the past.

Its power was enough to split heaven and earth, and it was enough to be a threat to the gods.

Even so, it wasn ’t really God ’s opponent.

Yes, a warlock ’s creation.

The limitations were obvious, and I ’ve actually heard that he was hit by the other 12 gods several times.

Originally, Brahman would have dealt with it without much concern.

’At least now. ’

Brahman ’s expression darkened.

He is now the weakest period in his history.

Unlike the other 12 gods, it was his role to manage the security of Bless, because he spent a lot of energy on mass production of the guardian dragon.

Brahma Aaaaan!!

With a loud voice, huge horns are aimed at him.


Something similar to an electric current flowed through the two horns, and dark blue energy began to gather between them.

It seemed to be half the size of the Dragon Mountains.

If I was just swept away by that, no matter how much I was, I would disappear from the world along with the mountain range.

Brahman was forced to make a decision.

big guy.

Even with only half the strength of his prime, he was able to block that kind of thing.

if only there were no obstructions.

[ ] Dragon God, you can ’t do that.]

Brahman felt his lower body freeze.

this guy.

He looked at Chiron Seira, who was trying to freeze her body, with pitiful eyes.

make it go off

Dragons have two most powerful weapons.

One is Breath, which has the strongest destructive power in the material world, and the other is ’Dragon ’ that replaces voice with power.

And both powers come from Brahman.

His words were more powerful than all the dragon clans combined.


I just told him to turn it off, but Chiron Seira ’s huge body fell to the ground at once.

Then he opened his mouth.

The Dragon Lord ’s body is a ’Descent Dragon ’ body designed so that he can use his full power.

Thanks to this, even the dragon ’s own breath was able to pour out to the limit output.

go away!!

The Gold Dragon was the first dragon created by the Brahmins, and it was also a replica created by the Brahmins.

So, of course, his breath is also golden.


Brahman ’s breath was fired before Behemoth.

Breath, which had the power of all dragons combined, ripped the air apart and twisted the space.

However, due to the distance, he did not reach Behemoth directly.

Behemoth ’s gigantic eyes lit up and shot out a black mana mass that had been fully charged.

A huge beam of light shoots out from between the horns.

In fact, the length to volume ratio was so short that it was embarrassing to even call it a light beam, but as a person dealing with it, I had to feel a different level of pressure.

’Compared to my breath? ’

The Brahman, who exhaled with all his might, looked at the dark blue energy that filled the sky and seemed to become a new sky.

His breath was powerful enough, but he was severely pushed back in terms of volume.

Breath is swallowed

It ’s not completely swallowed up.

Like a needle, it was digging into the huge beam of Behemoth.
The original purpose was to block it, but the energy reached the front of the nose.


He blocked the huge beam of light that fell uncontrollably with his arms.

Brahman rolled his eyes.

A terrible mass struck him.

Imprisoned in the Dragon Mountains as it is, he pierced the ground along with the Mountains.

What kind of humiliation is this?

He felt his bones and muscles creaking.

’I am one of the 12 gods. ’

To such a created beast.

His body turns golden.

Brahman gave strength to the wingtips and braked the body that was constantly being pushed down.

It ’s not even Diablo Volfir, and if you lose to that bastard, you won ’t be able to raise your head because of shame.

I am a dragon

dragon god.

I have dedicated my whole life to those two letters.

His golden body became more and more intense, and his entire body began to turn into gold.

I never thought I ’d be writing this in a place like this.

[Primordial Dragon Bramensia]


get bigger

His appearance also began to change.

Its large body grows longer and longer like a snake.

The large wings contracted and disappeared as if being sucked into their back.

A soft golden mane grew from the nape of his neck.

Dozens of golden marbles began to orbit around the enormous length of the body.

He grabbed the two marbles in the front with both hands.


He broke through the beam of Behemoth at once and flew high into the sky.

long time no see that look.

Behemoth murmured as he looked at the Brahman who soared to the sky with a snake-like elongated body.

I ’ve seen that look a few times.

It ’s actually the first time I ’ve met him, but his owner has had several clashes with him.

Each time the Brahman became like that.

And when it became that form, it exerted a different level of power than before.

The reason Behemoth was not sure of victory was because he knew the true face of Brahman.

’It ’ll be real from now on. ’

Even if it becomes that form, it will not be as strong as it used to be.

On the other hand, he has completely regained his power.

It ’s worth a try.

I ’ll kill you, you big beast.


Jin, who was watching it from below, muttered without realizing it.

”Battle of monsters? ”

* * *

Brahman ’s true name is ’Bramensia ’.

He has been a dragon since time immemorial.

None of the 12 gods had a longer lifespan.

Even Ra, the sun god, the Aquarius, has lived a long life that cannot be compared with him.

Bramensia was a being that roamed the universe and devoured planets.

The modifiers that followed him varied.

Dragon of the End, God of Destruction, Space Devourer, etc…

In fact, I had the experience of ending several worlds myself.

he was vicious

However, there were places that even he could not attack.


They attacked several times, but it was annoying to see how the nature gods living there were fed back.

In particular, Gaia, the mother god, created a system called the Bless protection system to block his intrusion at the source.

He didn ’t want anything materially like the other 12 gods.

Neither the original darkness, nor the cycle, nor the law, nor the light were interested.

there is only one wish

There is only one thing that sinks Bless.

It was then that Ra appeared before Bramensia.

he said

’This chair will help.
Let ’s do it together. ’

He had existed since time immemorial, but there was something in Ra that was difficult to disobey.

He was also strong enough to dare to guess.

Why is there such a strong transcendent?

I was curious, but Ra ’s proposal came to me more attractive than that.

The sinking of Bless!

I was ashamed of myself, but I accepted his offer.

So the 12 gods gathered, and when they acted according to Ra ’s plan, Bless naturally fell into their hands.


They are the ones who rule and rule here.

These days, the relationship between the 12 gods has been disrupted, but to be honest, Bramensia was not very interested in it.

I just wanted to make an alliance with Zenith.

nothing interested

If Bless is damaged beyond your control, just leave.

However, it is impossible for the end to end in defeat.

Beast bastard! You will be torn to pieces and die!

It is right to view Bramensia, which returned to its original form, as a completely different existence from before.

The marbles surrounding his body radiate golden light all at once.



The light flashed.

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* * *

The group watching the battle of the two monsters from below began to run away in a hurry.

It was an instinctive intuition that it would turn the surrounding area into a wasteland.

Frontier ’s multi-racial alliance, all dragons run away in unison as if they had fought each other.

Han, who joined Jin, stuck out his tongue as he looked at the golden light that covered the entire sky.

”I don ’t know if these are all going to die. ”

”Run at the time to say that! ”

”But what about Isis? ”

”I got it! ”

From above, Hawks flew forward, holding Isis in his arms.

”Why is that bastard so fast! Take us too! ”

Han yelled at his back, but he accelerated without looking back.

”That new kid?! ”

The golden light is getting darker.

It was hard to even open my eyes properly.

I don ’t know what kind of structure it will develop, but if the range the light hits is the attack range, there ’s really no point in escaping.

The whole area will be swept away.

”You must live as long as Isis. ”

Jin said seriously.

Han nodded.

If you are slaughtered here, the plan itself becomes meaningless.

”I hope that giant bastard will do it for you. ”

An incredibly huge black cow as if it was right in front of her even though it was so far away.

Can you call that a cow?

Anyway, Behemoth began to take a huge step to stop the dragon god.

As it is one of the trump cards that exist to defeat the Dragon God, you have to stake everything on him.

You are fooling around!

Behemoth with his horns charged towards Bramensia.

The sound did not vibrate the heavens and the earth, causing an earthquake in the area.

As Bramensia watched the Behemoth approaching quickly, she stretched out the marbles she was holding in her hands.

The speed of the marbles orbiting around the body increases.

can ’t stop

[Planet Destruction: Upper Star]

Golden light pours down the sky.

Behemoth took a deep breath and then exhaled with all his might.

It didn ’t breathe like a dragon, but it created a storm that was enough to destroy everything it breathed out with its size.


Bramensia ’s elongated body stopped for a moment in the intense gust of wind.

Behemoth did not miss the opportunity.

stabbed him with his horns.

But it was the attack that Bramensia was waiting for.

pathetic thing.

In an instant, he wrapped his horns and quickly moved to the head of the Behemoth, and he used his elongated body to tighten his neck.


The size of the Bramensia is enough to threaten even a Behemoth.

Things like that started choking, so there was nothing the four-legged behemoth could do.

Although it caused a shock wave with black mana, the pouring planet-destroying attack ’Upper Star ’ suppressed it.

”Behemoth! ”

Han stopped Behemoth while running away.


Jin called for him, but Han didn ’t budge.

If Behemoth is defeated, there is no point in escaping.

He took out a stick.

I don ’t know how much it will help, but you should save it before you suffocate.

”What are you going to do! ”

Jin grabbed his arm and pulled him in.

Han pushed it aside and said.

”You should do everything you can.
If it were, everyone would die anyway. ”

At that, Jin too sighed, stopped running and pulled out his sword.

As the day is slowly setting down, his power, ’Moonlight Resonance ’, will also be able to exert some power.

I don ’t know if that will work for the 12 gods though.

let ’s go.

Leaving behind those who ran away, Han flew to the place where the fierce battle was taking place.

Jin immediately followed after him.

That was then.

Dark darkness began to cover the floor.

Han and Jin opened their eyes when they saw it.

”Jamie? ”

”Is Jamie Welton here? ”

There was no one who could sow darkness as thick as this, as far as they knew, except Jamie Welton.

But it wasn ’t.

”It was too much to be alone. ”

Someone stepped down with their backs in front of them.

He was wearing a robe, so he couldn ’t see his back very well, but he looked like a boy who wasn ’t that big.

A strong wind blew in the clash of two transcendent beings.

The robe fluttered, revealing his hair.

it ’s dark

It wasn ’t just black, it was flying like ink as thick as ink.

”Everyone, get ready. ”

A boy gives orders somewhere with a youthful voice.

”Let ’s hunt God. ”


Black mana erupts from the boy like an explosion.

At the same time, strange-looking things began to happen in the dark.

Jin and Han looked at them silently with tense faces.

All of them are lifeless, and they just follow orders.

The dark-haired boy went with them to the battle between Behemoth and Bremencia.


”They are brave children. ”

An alluring voice and a fragrant scent that seemed to paralyze the head flowed between Han and Jin.

White arms wrapped around the two of them.

A bit of curly black hair running down her cheeks.

White hands and black nails that are visible below the shoulders.

”Don ’t be afraid. ”

She said as she twisted her red-painted lips upward.

”This Jormungand will help that ignorant bull. ”

They couldn ’t help but feel the instinctive fear in that voice.

It was a ’predator ’.

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