Pyro couldn’t say anything.

She just looked flustered.


She could barely think of what to say.
If her priests and people had seen this, their faith would have been significantly shaken.

This was because a God was omnipotent and had to hold the most dignified presence of all.

However, Pyro looked so much like a human now.


Ricky was also surprised by her reactions.

He was much closer to her than her other believers, so he knew that the 12 Gods weren’t omnipotent.

Still, she generally showed a majestic appearance, and she was currently embarrassed.

“Hold your expression.”

It wasn’t until Ricky said it that Pyro came to her senses.


Pyro looked at Jamie.

“You know everything?”

“You might not tell me because there are keywords.
But there are no secrets in this world.”

“… it wasn’t that I didn’t want to say.
As I said back then, I cannot do it.”

“I don’t really care about that.
Answer my question, Pyro.


Ricky tried to restrain Jamie on her behalf, but this time, Jamie drew the line.

“Do not interfere, Ricky.’

At the resolute voice, Ricky could only look down.

Pyro decided that she couldn’t help it and sighed.

“I will ask you one thing.
Can you believe what I say from now?”

Pyro, the Goddess of Sin and Punishment.

Lying was a great sin in her faith, so she could not lie.

Jamie knew her words to be true even if she didn’t say it.

But sometimes, the truth was more frustrating, and Jamie wasn’t showing his emotions.
Still, it felt like a raging volcano on the outside.

“If you have something to say, say it till the end.”

“Since you know everything, I will not speak from the start.
The 12 Gods had caused human annihilation multiple times.
You might not accept it, but I disagreed with it.”


Jamie grabbed up the neck of Pyro.
Black mana raged and filled the room wanting to crush her at once.

In that darkness, Jamie warned her with an angry face.

“Do not speak bullshit.
If you didn’t want that, you wouldn’t be here.”

“I will not deny that I was a bystander, though.
Because I, too, am bound into the group of 12 Gods and had to act along with the group.”

“Till the very end…!

“However, I swear on my existence, I have been going against the world resets.”

As the hand gripped with darkness around her, the face of Pyro distorted, but she didn’t resist.

Jamie’s entire body was engulfed in darkness as his reason was eroded by his anger.

And the aftermath of it moved outside the room, making others feel confused, causing a commotion outside.

“What is happening!”

“Open the door!”

“Open it through force!

There was a thumping sound from outside the door.
But no one could enter.
It was because the transcendent being had made the room an independent space.

Although the commotion spread, no one could intervene.

[I told you, no bullshit.]

Jamie, who was roaring in black flames now, had purple eyes shining.

Pyro frowned at the pain, which made it seem like her presence would explode.

“I am sorry for the people who all disappeared during the World Reset.
However, I wasn’t in a position to stop it just because I didn’t agree to it.”

[You must really want to die!]

Longinus was pulled out.


Ricky couldn’t see this anymore and called him, but he wasn’t able to stop Jamie.

[You 12 Gods are invaders.
They expelled the natives of the land, created a terrible place, and enslaved people.
Can you say that in front of all the beings whom you have killed or caused the suffering of for all the 60,000 years?]


[You didn’t mean to!! You didn’t agree? If you didn’t agree, is that the end? How many humans had died, and why did they even have to die! You at least knew.
You could have given them a sign, a warning.
Suggested a way to live!]


[If you truly are a God! You should have stuck to your convictions! Don’t just decide on using your head and act!!]


Jamie slammed Pyro into the wall making her green hair flutter.

Without stopping, he threw her to the other side of the wall.



Ricky couldn’t help but watch it.

It was because he knew that the situation would get worse if he got involved now, and Pyro signaled him to stay still.

Jamie spoke from the darkness.

[Why do I have to keep you alive?]

The 12 Gods were his enemy.
He wanted to kill them all.

Besides, Pyro was drenched in hypocrisy which wasn’t even sitting well with Jamie.
If she had just chosen to avoid answering, he wouldn’t have been this angry.

When Jamie threatened her with death.
So Pyro answered.

“… I couldn’t resist.”


You must be as strong as a monster.
But you need to know that not everything can be resisted for us.”

[Are you talking about Ra?]

“I think you know, so I will ask you.
Why do you think that Zenith is isolating me?”

Pyro struggled to get up as she said

“All to fight against Ra.
This is because we decided we would be able to if we combined the power of the remaining 12 Gods.”

[So I guess you are saying you avoided doing anything because you were scared of him.

“I will not deny it.”

{You, do you think your actions as a deity are appropriate?}

Crime and Punishment.

It was a title she had obtained because it was said that punishment would be given to those who committed a crime.

[Is it a crime or a punishment only when you need it to be? Wasn’t what you did a sin? Would things be like this if you put your ear around or decided to act something or anything?]

Everyone stood still when the humans were being annihilated.

Sin or not?

If it causes harm to her, would she simply stand by?

It wasn’t possible to discuss good and evil because it depended on the situation, and the same was true for sins.


Those who are the Gods and one of Crime and Punishment have forsaken their eyes?

It was like turning her head away because she didn’t want to see it.

It could be true.

[No, it could be.
but… you didn’t have to say the same fucking bullshit!!]


{Speak up, Pyro! Speak!!}

“Right, what you said is right.
I avoided it.
I indeed avoided it because I was afraid.”

She knew better than anyone that it was a situation that couldn’t be avoided with words.
Also, there was nothing wrong with what was said, so Pyro had to be honest.

“I couldn’t even think of resisting.
It is the same as now.
To get away from the monster… above all, no matter what I meant or didn’t mean to,…”


It was that moment

-You crossed the line, Pyro.

A fire broke out.
And it wasn’t just surrounding them.
It went beyond the sky.

Shining multiple dimensions at the same time.

It was the sun itself.

-I didn’t expect to see you like this.

Space opened up, and it walked out.

What couldn’t be looked at due to how dazzling it was, yet unable to be felt.

There was no feeling of heat from the fire.

He couldn’t figure out why it was possible.
Jamie saw the darkness surrounding him become engulfed in flames.


Ricky fainted.

He couldn’t feel anything and couldn’t figure out why he was fainting.
It might have been because he couldn’t stand the sun.

Jamie felt his skin go cold.

He had met this once.

When he fought the 12 Gods and gained the upper hand but then got defeated and sealed off.

Why he lost.

The dazzling light which appeared now, in this form

[How are you here…?]

Jamie couldn’t help but question it.
This was an independent space created by him and Pyro.

No matter how great, there was no room for intervention.

If someone tried to intervene in the first place, he should have at least felt it.

The sun god said.

-How is Satan? The last time I saw him was 32,561 years back.

Jamie remembered what Satan said.

‘He… is a different kind of monster.
I don’t even know what he is thinking, and I am sure that you will not survive for long facing him.
Like I did.’

What was the difference between Ra and the current version of him?



Neither seen nor felt.

Jamie knew what this meant.

‘He is standing on a different line.’

The line where the solid form couldn’t be felt.

The lower dimension was unaware of the higher one.

And it applied to strength too.

Sun God, Ra.

To his dismay, Jamie felt nothing.
Because he was on a lower level.

-Didn’t I ask? You recently made contact with Satan and defeated him.
I fought with him once, so I’d like to sympathize with him.

‘If I attack now…’

Can I do damage to him?

If not.

‘The essence of Satan…’

Now and here, if he absorbs it without Ra noticing it.

-What are you worried about? If you don’t absorb the essence, you cannot even touch me now.

Jamie’s eyes widened, and Ra continued to speak.

-Ah, do not expect too much.
Satan is obsessed with strange prophecies and thinks he has a way out.
To put it bluntly, it is unreasonable.

Ra smiled and looked at Pyro.

-Pyro, I have known your thoughts for a long time.
Not just you, but also Yeomjae and others who didn’t like the World Reset much.

“… Ra”

-All that was needed.
The fact that I forced the World Reset and Zenith is setting the stage now.
Gaia’s meeting with Diablo Volfir and Jamie Welton standing here right now.

Saying that Ra raised an eyebrow.

Jamie was sure of him knowing his secret.

[You… what are you?]

-Let’s get you your voice.
It doesn’t feel comfortable hearing this.

Ra made a gesture as the darkness around Jamie vanished, making Jamie go confused as his powers were subdued in an instant.

-You are human, so you will hate it.
You want to tear me down thinking I would be the same.

“What are you up to? How can you know so much?”

-hahaha! You wonder?

“What the hell are you saying? What are you?”

-You mean this position?

Ra had a pleasant smile.

-You know this too.
I am the aggressor.

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