“It is nothing.”

Beiros wiped the blood from his fist and looked at the fallen corpse.
Meanwhile, Ann was clinging onto his face at the speed they moved.

“Can you not let me go?”

“Y-You are moving too fast!”

Ann jumped off first in surprise as she couldn’t hang any longer, and Beiros snorted as he squatted in front of the priest.

The man who suddenly appeared and seemed like a strong one fell down with one hit.

So disappointing.

His standard for humans had risen with such a monstrous human beside him.

‘Well, it would make no sense if all humans were like Jamie Welton.’

If that monster-like man had been the norm around the world, the Devildom would have been a wasteland.

Let’s go at it again.”

Beiros kicked the corpse and spoke to Ann, but no answer came.

He looked back to see what was happening, and Ann stood with her mouth open.

“What is it?”

He walked over in the direction she was looking.

And he mumbled.
Humans wearing the same outfits as the one he killed were moving like swarms of ants.

He wasn’t sure how they were hiding this well, but there were around 500 of them.

“Look at them?”

The one who was at the forefront stepped ahead.

A man with a hood pressed down deep, and his head had an eye that looked like the necklace on the dead one.
And he said.

“You came back in vain.”

“What bullshit…”

“Ah, mister.
Those people.”

As Beiros frowned and tried to move closer in order to start killing then, Ann grabbed his arm and stopped him.

“These people?”

“The ones I talked about earlier.”

That cult or something?”


On the way here, Beiros heard everything from Ann about what happened in the Magic World.
And that made Jamie very angry, and he came here alone.


He knew that these were the reason Jamie left him.

“Every single opponent has to be killed.”

“Wouldn’t it be better to run? There are too many.”

Why will I run away? Right, they are all humans.”

As he grinned, black scales began to rise from his blue skin, and both eyes moved along with dragon horns growing little by little from his head.

Beiros, who took the form of a dragon, chuckled.

“Look at this kid.
Let me show you that the things like these have been my food for a long time.”


As soon as he slammed the ground, Beiros jumped to the enemy camp at once and raised his magic to slaughter them.

A one-sided fight.

The priests of nothingness tried to imprison him in the emptiness, but that only increased his aggression.


Although he was recently taken down by Jamie, the essence of Beiros was that of a demon.

He was half dragon and half-demon, a hybrid of the two, who had survived in the Devildom by climbing up the ranks.

It was virtually impossible to stop him unless the highest-ranked of the Church of Nothingness came.

“Die! Everyone die!!!”

Perhaps the stress of being suppressed by Jamie was too much, but Beiros seemed excited to massacre his foes.

Ann frowned at this.

She was confident that she had seen the most horrible thing but seeing this, this couldn’t even be called horrible.

“Teacher’s colleague?”

It was shocking enough to make the doubts justified.

The priests, too, seemed to be a bit shocked at what was happening.

“Try to move a bit more!!”

Beiros, who was raging with magic, exploded here and there with a black beam of light.
His glare pierced the air and tore down the number of priests in half.


Puak! Puak!

Beiros, who crushed two at once, let out a white breath and looked around.

“You have no intention of standing still, right?”

Wherever they appeared in number, he would kill them again.
Beiros stood relaxed

“Look here, kid~”

“I am not a kid!”

Move as far as you can/”

With that, Ann noticed that something was going to happen.

Apart from being cruel, the Beiros she noticed was a strong person, and she knew better than anyone her presence was just a hindrance to him.

“Be careful.”

“Who is telling that to whom? You take care~”

Ann went back without another word, not wanting to be a burden.

The priests didn’t pursue her either.

It was because they thought that they would die if they decided to turn their attention away from this monster.

“Evil heresy, return to nothingness.”

It seemed that the guy who stood first was still alive, and Beiros smiled at it.

The skin on the back began to get torn, with black film-like wings sticking out.

“You need to be a little more energetic for that.”

From the figure of the dragon to a proper dragon.

[If not, you will be torn to pieces.]

He roared as he moved.

“Anyway, please.”

“… just one thing.”

Jamie was about to leave when Pyro stopped him.


“Are you going to face all 12 Gods?”

“That is the mission Diablo Volfir passed down to me.”

“Then I will be there too.”

At Pyro’s words, Jamie glanced back.

“Then do I have to sleep with the enemy?”

Golden holy power rose from Pyro’s body.
He could feel the hostility that made his skin turn numb.

As far as it came to combat, as the goddess of sin and punishment, she was in the top 12 of the Gods.

Even compared to Satan, she wasn’t too far behind, so it was difficult to deal with her.

Jamie turned back around and used black mana.


When the two energy met, sparks began to rise all around, making the room shake, but this mess didn’t go outside the room due to their fine control.

“You want to fight?”

At that one word, the force from Pyro’s side grew.

“It will depend on your answer.”

The goddess looked like she was serious about it.
Perhaps she intended to kill him here.

There would be a lot of enemies coming for her, and she wanted to have one less she could remove right here.
Especially one that would grow stronger with time.



The two looked at each other without a word.
No wonder whoever moves first.
The energy of the two intertwined and looked like it could explode.


A groan could be heard from behind Pyro.

Jamie and Pyro, it didn’t matter who, both looked at where the sound came from.

It was Ricky who was struggling to get up.

“… what is this situation?”

The two people who shouldn’t be there were looking at him, which made him confused.

“So, I woke up right before you two fought?”

“… hm.

Pyro admitted right away, and Ricky sighed, looking at Jamie.

“Still, you thought of fighting when I was lying there? I haven’t even seen you in a long time.”

“In my defense, I was confident enough to not harm you.”

“You are actually saying that?”


Jamie, shut up and scratched his nose, making Ricky sigh.

How could he not sigh when the god he served and his closest friend were trying to fight?

It wasn’t that he didn’t understand the situation.

Jamie had the 12 Gods as the enemies he had to kill, and Pyro would one day become his target, so he could understand her for wanting to subdue him before he got any stronger.

The important thing was that neither of them didn’t think of him.

“So you want to continue fighting?”

At Ricky’s question, Jamie and Pyro looked at each other a bit concerned, but Jamie was the first to speak as he had come to a conclusion.

“In my defense, my goal is to end the 12 Gods.
If the alliance ends, then I will fight her.”

“So why don’t we take him down before he gets stronger?”

“I don’t care, come.”

“Arrogant bastard.’

As the two beings tried to face each other, Ricky shook his head and said.

“Please be aware that if either of you is seriously injured, it will affect me too.”

As he said, Ricky is a member of Jamie’s troops and an apostle of the Goddess.

Although he had greater influence as an apostle, Jamie’s existence allows him to breathe and live.

Without either of them, Ricky would have a hard time surviving.

So he suggested it.

“I don’t think it is too late to address this once the current mess is cleared.
There is no guarantee that we can win against all 12 Gods even if we join forces now, right Jamie?”

Jamie looked at Ricky and put Balisada back in its sheath.
Ricky was right.

There were not one or two troubles he went through, and Ra, who had to be eventually defeated, trampled on Satan.

When he thought soberly, it felt like going over Pyro would be better later.

Pyro knew it too.

However, Pyro couldn’t be so lenient.

‘This guy will keep getting stronger.’

Only around 5 to 6 human years had passed, and he had already reached transcendence.’

She lived for a long time and was sure to have never seen such a human grow this quickly.

In the past, some humans reached dangerous damage-dealing levels, but none of them could be compared to this rude kid.

‘So I need to suppress him somehow…’

As Ricky said, she had no intention of killing him.

And there could be a problem with her apostle if she did, and she didn’t have the confidence to fight the other Gods alone.

Still having the upper hand felt right, Jamie, who noticed it, smiled.

“But your mother doesn’t seem to think so.”

“You are a right kid.
He will be a more powerful monster than you can imagine.
And this mother wants a confirmation.”


Assurance of no betrayal.”

She had no intention of going through it.
At least she wanted to know that she wouldn’t be in the Gods he intended to kill.

It was a crude idea due to having the title of Crime and Punishment, but she couldn’t hide her honest intentions.

Jamie was better than this.
But he had no intentions of falling into her words.

“If you wished for mercy from me.”

Jamie’s eyes turned purple as he spoke slowly.

“You could have shown mercy to the humans as well.”

Pyro couldn’t say anything.

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