He never expected demons to be mentioned.

Jamie felt like he had been hit on the head with a hammer.

‘Not just a God.’

He thought that one of the 12 Gods was doing this.

The Utopia which Mary’s organization desired was something which could be achieved with the help of God.

But that was it.
There was a race that could alleviate the side effects of Apophis, even if it wasn’t the Gods.

That was Demons.

A race from the Devildom which was symmetrical to the Celestial realm where the 12 Gods reside.

Among them, the Demon King, rules the Devildom.

‘If it wasn’t the 12 Gods but then…’

It was a mistake to think that Mary's organization was only made of humans, and think a church was behind it.

If thought back, then didn’t Zenith Church also release a Demon into Apton last year?

Jamie’s eyes turned cold.

Demons and Gods are all detestable.
Because they were all monsters who only followed their own logic of power and were driven by evil.

Parasites which feed on fear and pain.

“What Demon are you related to.”

“The Demon King of Lust.”

“Demon King of Lust?”


Jamie never heard of this name.

He thought it was some known Demon King.

Tens of thousands of years had passed since he was Diablo, so many things might have changed and maybe Jamie was a rookie in this new world.

60,000 years was a huge time when even the Devildom could shake.

‘But, those fighting crazy bastards couldn’t have kept peace this long.’

In the days of Diablo Volfir, the 5th Demon King was known to surpass the 12 Gods with his power and ruled the Devildom.

And Diablo had worked hand in hand with the ‘Relentless Demon King’ of theirs but after directly feeling the nastiness of the demons, he considered them worse than worms.

But they are still here.

You have no one to join hands with so you go to the demons? Are you crazy?”


Brainwashed Mary just repeated that.

Jamie clicked his tongue, if demons were involved things could get worse.

“You act as usual and if you get a call from above contact me.
You know how to, right?”

“I know.”

While injecting black mana into the brain, he put in a lot of other methods where she could do her duty as his slave.

“Go back.
And take care of what happened here.”


Mary got up and went out.

Jamie took a deep breath and thought of Keniac and the kids who were in Gremia.

“Even in the magic world, accidents seem to happen.”

The demon invasion was just half a year ago.

But, coming to the magic world, he was sure the demons were striking fast.

‘Maybe this time Zenith is involved.’

Jamie had no doubts.

As an executive, Mary knew what kind of Demon King it was, but didn’t know a lot more.

The possibility of one of 12 Gods being here along with the demons cannot be ruled out.
If it was Zenith, then he would have dug in.

“I need to talk to someone.”

Children aside, why was he in here?

It seemed like the time was coming.


Keniac was awake.

He lost consciousness in the process of having his memories erased, but seeing he was already awake, it meant that he had great mental power.

Ann and Finn were sitting in front of him.
and as soon as Ann spotted Jamie, she ran to him.


Her eyes were red as if she had been crying.

Seemed like she was worried about Jamie.


“… because I was worried.”


Jamie just patted her head and looked at Finn.

And when their eyes met, Finn trembled like a criminal.
When he checked the mana, there were a lot of impurities.
No, his entire body was rotting inside, this was the side effect Mary talked about.

“Did you bring Ann here?”

It wasn’t difficult to understand what happened after looking at Finn, there was no need to even listen to the explanation.

“Well! I was wrong! I didn’t know this was such a place… I really didn’t.
I mean it!”

Maybe he was scared, Finn started to make excuses.

“At first, I was curious.
But because it worked… suddenly Ivan came and introduced me to a nice place, and Miss Sophia…”

“Must have sounded nice.”

Finn couldn’t say more.

It was a brief moment, but the child had to endure a lot more than he could.
The person he trusted tried to kill the friend he brought along, so it was natural for him to act like this.

There was nothing to ask Finn.
What was urgent was the condition of his body.

Jamie walked over and stretched out his left hand.

“You’ll be fine after some sleep.”

Holy power flowed out and the Pyro’s symbol shone on his palm.
The light holy power gently enveloped Finn and put the boy to sleep.

It wasn’t the holy power of a Saint, but still, the toxins inside the body could be expelled.

After getting enough rest, he would feel a lot better than now.

‘Recovering might be a bit difficult though.’

Apophis contained a lot of narcotic items.

And he drank a lot in a short time, so he can’t return to how he was originally.

It would be impossible to live as a magician any longer since the mana core had suffered the most damage.

It wasn’t known how Finn would react after waking up, but the situation was unfortunate.

He raised the finger and lifted Finn into the air.

Lay Finn down in an empty room and you too rest longer.”


Ann, quickly caught what Jamie wanted and moved to leave as she pushed Finn into an empty room.

When it was just the two of them, Jamie sat across Keniac.

And Keniac said,

“You have something great.”

He glanced at the interior of Gremia and said.

“I would like to show off as much as I can, but I don’t have time.”

“Ask away.”

“Why is Mr.
Keniac here?”

“Because I work.”

With that, a number of sharp ice spears surrounded Mr.

It was to cover all spots and stab him to death at once.

“From now on, if you give any answer that is contrary to what I am asking, I will kill you.
The reason I act gentle with you is because I saw you trying to save my disciple.”

Erasing memories was so annoying.

This was why he didn’t want to use dark magic, but without that too Jamie could kill Keniac easily.

But above all else, he did try to save Ann for some reason.

And was why Jamie was being considerate.

If Keniac ignores that and tries to play something, Jamie wouldn’t hesitate.

And crossing the line is quite easy for Jamie.

“What are you?”

“Like I said, I belong there.”

Although he was surrounded, Keniac’s expression remained the same.

He knew him very well, but considering he saw as a regular basis, this was his normal way.

And Jamie asked again.

“I am not asking that.
What position? Are you above Mary?”

“You found out Sophia’s real name.”


“There is no hierarchy between me and her.
But to be honest, my side is closer to being superior.”

Keniac said with his finger raised up.

Mary said that she was an executive but she didn’t know about the Doctor or the Teacher’s true identity.

“Then you must know the identity of the Doctor and Teacher.”

“I don’t know Teacher.
But… I know the Doctor.”

Jamie’s eyes widened.

Without having to use the brainwashing he used on Mary, he was able to get information.

He didn’t ask more.
It was faster to look into the mind.
So he grabbed Keniac’s head.
It was a small hand so he couldn’t cover it all, but that was enough.

Keniac said,

“It will be impossible.”

“Nothing is impossible for me.”

“It is not like the Ban.”

“Shut up.”

He didn’t intend to use dark magic again, but now that the situation was like this, wouldn’t it be a waste to not use it?

Jamie’s eyes turned purple.

The moment Keniac opened his mouth to say something, he tried to look and Jamie realized why it was impossible.

“This brat…”

Jamie lifted the hand from Keniac’s head.

“You were a homunculus?”

It was a day where he felt like the world had too many twists and turns.

Keniac came to his senses and looked around.

“How long was it?”

“10 minutes.”

After answering, Jamie crushed a chip in his hand.

Keniac instinctively knew what it was,


“The device which forces you to act.”


“You don’t have to live like a dog anymore…”

“How can I express my gratitude..”


“… rather, did you see through the memory?”

Jamie didn’t answer it.

He simply rubbed the chip in his hand.

Keniac, who thought he failed, sighed.

“The chip is destroyed, but reading the memory failed.
I guess it was impossible.”

“Don’t judge by yourself that it is impossible.”

“… what do you mean?”

Jamie snorted at it.

Keniac didn’t know that he had lost his memories in the previous fight.

Impossible to read memories?

It was easy, and the memory had flowed into Jamie’s head.

Memories related to dark magic were erased.
He read the memory yet there wasn’t anything Jamie needed.

‘There was no need to read after knowing he was homunculus.’

If it was a homunculus, there would be a maker and Keniac had a teacher.

An elder of the Magic world.

“3rd elder.
That bastard is your head.”

“… you really did it.”

“I did, but I can infer thought without even reading it.
This is absurd.
No, isn’t this expected?”

3rd elder, Serpent Garol.

He remembered the first time he met him.

The inferiority which was clearly evident, hatred, anger and jealousy towards the talented.

The human who made this organization had to be one who felt those.

“I heard that you look like your master.”

“Because part of his personality is in me.”

That was the envy and jealousy.

Jamie felt shocked.

How could that 3rd elder even create such a high level homunculus?

He thought that he was the least skilled of the elders, but it seems like there was a reason he was an elder.

But that is over now.

Keniac asked Jamie who got up.

“Where are you going?”

“To kill the 3rd elder.”

“It is dangerous to be alone.
The opponent is an elder in the Magic world.
Above all, there are quite a lot of people on his side whom I don’t know.
If they join…”

“Go alone?”

Honestly, if Jamie could head in alone, his growth would be exceptional.

But he didn’t intend to do that.

‘There is no guarantee that the 3rd elder is the last one.’

It is never known how a small fire of doubt could spread around.

Fortunately, Jamie had one man on his side whom he could trust unconditionally.

“I will wait.
Your treatment will be done once I deal with the situation.
Explain to the kids too.”


Jamie’s face disappeared.

Keniac sighed as he pulled back his outstretched hand in the air.

“This is it.”

Born as a homunculus, he led an unwanted life till now.

“It’s hard to feel emotions as fake.”

He wanted to be comfortable when everything was settled.

“Someone has taken over Keniac’s mind.
They even smashed the chip.”

3rd Elder mumbled with a troubled expression.

Ashtar was hit, Mary was out of touch.
And Keniac was caught.

He didn’t think that Keniac could confess.
It was for a simple reason.
Because he was a homunculus, a higher artificial being created by himself.

He was fundamentally different from the Bans which apply to the mouth.
From the very beginning, it was set that he would not speak anything.

The same was true even if they controlled his heart.

It wasn’t known who was trying to ruin his plans, but it will take a lot of hard work for them.

But Serpent didn’t know.

The fact that his identity was revealed.

“You bastard.”


Serpent grinded his teeth.

He didn’t know what was going on, but if Ashtar was killed and the executives here were taken over, then it was obviously a strong one.

In other words, he was a talented person.

And he hated talented people.
They always lead to inequality.

The world cannot be equal, but the inequality created by talent cannot be narrowed despite lifelong efforts.

Now he knew that some trash intervened.

Those who claimed to be talented had to be thrown into hell.
And that will happen this time.

Serpent got up and walked to the back lab.

There were five tubes arranged.

All dazzling silver light and the doctor who saw it smiled.

“Don’t make me regret it.”

This could kill anyone.


Even those 8th class monsters.

“I will become the King of the Magic world.”

A distorted smile was drawn on Serpent’s face.

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