His surroundings were dyed in blue.


Ann understood the technique.

As Lennon expected it happened, and he couldn't understand the technique, but it seemed to work for him.

Lennon began to use the whole-body breathing method.

“Is he the one to hit it and see for himself?”

Jamie smiled.

Because this was unique.
Because there was a great difference between heaven and earth when experiencing it directly or not.

Jamie thought Lennon lacked the will to act.
He liked to act like a black screen.
A black screen was something where one listens but they wouldn’t move ahead.

Simply put, they hated actions.
They preferred someone else doing it and didn’t move.

So Jamie thought Lennon wouldn’t beat Ann.

‘I don’t know if there has been a change in the past, or if this was who he really is.’


It was especially good for things he had to do himself.
Like the method.
If he was unlucky, he may have an unfortunate accident where his core could be twisted, but he was acting confidently.

As long as he had confidence, Lennon wasn’t a bad one.

Might need to get a bit more excited?”

Ann was a smart child.

The problem was that when she sees magic which exceeds the level of hers, she is at a loss.

And Ann was the kind who couldn’t get a 50m run in 10 seconds and even if she understood the concept of dance, she would be confused with the left and right coordination.

It meant that even if she worked hard, she wouldn’t be able to achieve the excellent level.

With that said, it would be better for Ann to give up as a magician, but that was why Jamie brought her.

“I will turn her into a Great magician.”

The first would be the breathing method.

If she successfully masters the whole body breathing method, she can perfectly master the control of mana.

As she levels up, the most important thing would be mana adjustment, and that would be control.

Even if the innate mana was insufficient, a magician with excellent control can handle it.

If the mana core can be extended to the other parts of the body, then the mana shortage can be resolved.

Whole body breathing method was an essential thing to compensate for Ann’s shortcomings to some extent.

‘If that didn’t work.
I can help with her core expansion, but…’

Jamie wanted her to figure it out for herself.

Helping wasn’t a bad thing, but if she was going to be his disciple, then she needs to be able to figure it out.

“Even if it is slow.
Find your own pace and complete it.

And another 12 hours passed and the test was done.

Jamie clicked his tongue as he looked at Ann and Lennon.

He didn’t expect that the two of them would hang around without sleeping and because of them even Jamie couldn’t sleep.

‘They are still 9 to 10 years old.’

It didn’t matter if one hadn’t slept for a day, but staying up was still an ignorant action for young people according to Jamie.

The head turns clear with a good rest.

Sleep is essential, unless one was at Jamie’s level.

But he didn’t say anything about it.
He was someone who learned this within a day, and now he was looking at the children working hard in front of him.



However, regardless of the effort, the both children had dark expressions on their faces.

Jamie said,

“You both failed.”

Ann and Lennon didn’t fully master the method.

They worked hard and the results could be pass or failed.

And Jamie wasn’t the type to praise the hard work.
Rather, he was a cold-hearted person who thought the others had no talent if they failed.

“What did you think I would say?”



This time, neither of them said anything.

From the moment they received the book, they were told that they could only become disciples if they somehow learned this.

But they failed.

There was no shame in it.
The level of this method was so high that even a veteran magician couldn't master it.

Children who are new to magic couldn’t learn it.

But the two kids couldn’t say that it was an unfair test in front of Jamie.
He did tell them that it was difficult, and they still accepted this.

I did work hard…”

“You don’t become a magician by just working hard.”

He cut off Ann’s words.

“If you give me a little more tim…”

“You didn’t understand it properly and tried to do it and you seem exhausted.
But do you think giving you more time will lead to some dramatic realization?”

Lennon’s words were blocked, two children were upset and Ann actually burst into tears.

Lennon was also patient, but the expression was no different from Ann.

Jamie said to them.


The two children looked up at Jamie with red eyes.

Like his younger sisters,

“You have shown your will.”

“… will?”



The will to do it, the tenacity to hold on and learn it.

Patience which doesn’t want to give up.

In the end, they didn’t achieve it, and they had a sense of deprivation and resentment which came from it.

Jamie believed that they must be there to create an ideal human being.

“You have failed.
And that isn’t deniable.”

Both of them frowned at the word ‘fail’.

Since they were young, they couldn’t hide their faces.

Jamie continued.

“However, if there was no time limit, you would have tried to learn it, even if it meant to call you death? Right?”



Both answered right away.
And Jamie knew that they weren’t bluffing.

Which meant they were good enough to be his disciples.

“It’s a pity that you didn’t learn the method.
Because I was hoping you could do it to some extent.
But apart from that, you exceeded the standard.”


“From today on, both of you are my disciples.”

At Jamie’s calm words, Ann and Lennon both looked at each other.
Lennon, cautiously asked to confirm what he thought.


“Why? Don’t want to? Leave if you don’t want to,”

“I wont leave!”

Lennon spoke with a red face.

Ann too looked at Lennon and then cheered.

“Wow! Passed!”

“Passed! I passed!”

Ann and Lennon hugged.

24 hours of harsh time on them.
And the emotions they had accumulated had burst out.

The two cried and laughed and couldn’t believe it.

To the extent that one would wonder if they really didn’t like each other.

Hell will unfold in the future so have fun now.’

Jamie smiled looking at the kids.

14,000,605 drills flashed through his mind.

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