magic which helped pick the pace.


Ann’s legs moved rapidly.

The buff magic to increase the body speed.
Haste gave her small legs wings.

Lennon clicked his tongue as he saw that.

On the academy road, two elementary level students started a running competition.

Phoenix Academy back gate.

Finn was with other students.

They were all from Alpha class, but they all looked three to four years younger than Finn.

You must be really lucky.
I usually don’t do this, but I decided to help.”

“Uh, Ivan, thank you.”

The boy named Ivan nodded with a smile and told everyone.

“Normally, Mr.
Silver guided us, but it was said that he is absent from work today, so I will guide you today, follow me.”

Finn looked at Ivan with a curious look.

Ivan the hard worker.

That was Ivan’s nickname.
Student who worked hard but didn’t get any results.

A timid boy who always lacked confidence to talk to people.

Such a boy was now acting like a leader of this group.

‘In the beta class, there was a talk about friends dropping out…’

Beta’s oldest.

Like Finn, Ivan was a little older.

“Anyway, today I will be the VIP so everyone can look forward to this.”

The place they were going to was the Trinity lab where the Apophis X was being developed.

This time an invitation only to the VIPs was sent saying that a new drug had been developed.

Finn was surprised that Ivan was a VIP.
He too started drinking Apophis X because of Ivan, but the VIP position wasn’t something that could be achieved by simply buying and drinking a nutritional supplement.

‘I am fine.
Because Apophis X really works.
There are some side effects though.’

He felt like he was losing it, and the body aches died down after he drank Apophis X.

It increases mana and concentration, but aches and hurting in the body was a risk.

The students arrived at Trinity lab.

The lab existed outside the magic world, and wasn’t as wide as they thought it would be.

Ivan approached a guard in black suit and showed a card and the door opened.

“Everyone follow me.”

As Ivan gestured, the students gulped and entered.

Space expansion was applied so the inside was quite spacious compared to the outside.

As they entered, a silver-haired, brown-skinned man greeted them.

“Young guests.
I am Ashtar, the manager of this place.”

“It’s been a while, Mr.

At Ivan’s greeting the man smiled.

“It’s been two months.”

Red eyes which looked like they were studded with rubies.

“Gasp! Gasp!”

Ann looked at Lennon gasping for breath by leaning against the wall.

It was a disappointing one.
But the result was expected.
Ann barely managed to use Haste and Lennon used Fly.

Fly had an advantage and it was impossible for Ann, who was using a 2nd class skill, to win.

Still, she followed, wanting to win.

‘That monstrous child.’

Lennon thought, looking at Ann with bitter eyes.

At first he thought she was stupid.
Why bother running when he was flying? The correct answer would be to give up, but Ann ran till the end.

And she not just used Haste, but other boost magic too.

This wasn’t something others would do.
This was possible only for Ann who had a great understanding of magic.

Ann looked like a monster to Lennon.

“But I won.”


Ann couldn’t even raise her head in anger.

What was this feeling of resentment when she knew she was going to lose?

Lennon said, with his back to the wall.

“Get up.
The teacher is waiting.”


Ann got up.
And the two went to Jamie’s place without a word.

And Jamie, who saw Ann and Lennon looking like a mess, asked,

“You people? What did you do while coming here?”

The two were silent as they couldn’t tell that they ran here.

‘Something seems wrong.’

He didn’t know what it was but from Ann’s expression it seems like Ann lost.
And with her current skills that was bound to happen if what they did was related to magic.

The difference between the two was heaven and earth.

“Come in.”

Jamie told them and gave them chairs and handed two spellbooks he prepared all night.

“Take this.”

“This is?”

“Whole body… breathing?”

“This is a breathing method that you are so curious about.
The one who did it was Marquis Linmel, so next time you meet, make sure to thank him.
Without his permission I wouldn’t have been able to teach you this.”

“… Marquis Linmel’s mana breathing technique.”

The two silently looked at the book.

Even though it was covered, the book seemed thick and there was nothing else than— [How to breathe].

“It doesn’t matter what you did on the way here.
It doesn’t matter if you two did your best or not.
Or if you have a good relationship or not.”

Ann and Lennon glared at each other.

Jamie slapped both of them on the head.



“But it isn’t okay for you to act like brats in front of the teacher, right?”



Both rubbed their foreheads.

Jamie shook his head and began to explain.

“Anyway, the reason I'm saying this is because if you don’t pass the test after this, it is all pointless.”


“Not a difficult one.”

Jamie took the spellbook in Lennon’s hand and shook it.

“Learn this within today.
That is all.”

Jamie smiled adding,

“Really easy, right?”

The two students were unable to answer the question.

Honestly, they wanted to cry.

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