be heard.

“Please don’t miss the chance.”

“I-I’ll do my best!”

When Ann answered loudly, all the teachers looked their way.
Ann quickly covered her mouth and bowed in their direction.

It was quite remarkable to see her white skin turn red.

Jamie smiled and waved to Ann.

“Now go and get ready for class.”

I’ll see you later.”

Ann nodded and walked out.

It seemed like there was too much motivation for her.

‘Ann needs stimulation.’

And in order to raise the magical talent she lacked, the emotional part had to be tapped.

And Lennon might be the right one for her.

“Are you going to make that child your disciple?”

“Ah! You shocked me!”

Jamie almost fell back at the sudden words from Keniac.

The gloomy man suddenly appeared with no sign.

“Give me a sign before you come! Please! I thought my heart was going to fall.”

“I am sorry.
It looked like you were too deep in thought so I didn’t care much about it.”

“… but, what is going on?”

“I guess you were too shocked to hear.
I asked if you were taking Ann as a disciple.”

Jamie felt uncomfortable talking about this to Keniac.

This was because they were talking for the first time, only after the first magic circle class was done.

He knew that Keniac respected him after the class, but Jamie was more comfortable with arrogant ones.

“I am still thinking about it.”

“Are you interested?”

“It is because I am interested that I am thinking if I should take her in or not.

Keniac stared at Jamie and lowered his head and spoke quietly only for his ears.

“Don’t be interested.”

“I think you should explain more about what you mea…”

“Don’t ask.
Just keep it in mind.”

Keniac began to head back.

“… I don’t want to see a great talent fall down so quickly.
Don’t ignore the words.”

With that, Keniac left to teach.

Jamie, who looked at that, frowned.

‘What was that?’

Didn’t this mean that Ann was dangerous?

Ann was a genius with the talent of a scholar, but her family was ordinary.

He did a little research about her and her family and how she grew up.
And Jamie couldn’t find anything problematic in it.

So Keniac's warning didn’t make sense.

‘More than anything… when I talked about Ann to Siegfried, I didn’t hear any warning.’

Of course, Siegfried was the principal so he might not have known everything considering how he worked.

So he would have to look into the matter separately.

Ding! Dong! Dang!

The class bell rang.

Jamie got up as he decided to think about it later.

When Ann returned to class, she ran into Lennon at the entrance.

The two stared at each other without a word.



Both snorted at the other.
But Ann felt bad.

Looking back.
Lennon was staring at her terrifyingly.
After a brief night, Lennon snorted and looked away.

‘Just why?’

Ann couldn’t understand why Lennnon who was amazing in magic, was acting like this towards her.
In addition, the Simon family was known to have excellent magicians.

And his father was an elder in the Magic world.
Having such a great father, why did he have to ask Jamie to teach him?

And she thought of something else.

‘I will not lose.’

Although they were quite far away now, she was going to grit her teeth and learn.
And will pass this test and become Jamie’s disciple.

Ann had been diligent with her studies since she was young.

Although she is still young, she thought that there was nothing she couldn’t do.

Ann prepared for class without knowing that Lennon was thinking the same thing.

And looked at Finn next to her.

Finn didn’t look nice.
His eyes were slightly open and he looked weak.

“Finn, are you alright? Are you sick somewhere?”

“I am fine.”

He forced a smile.

“It is because the weather is cold… I have been feeling tired.”

Finn clenched his teeth and lowered his head.

Just yesterday Finn looked fine.
And just a day later he looked like a corpse.

“Are you really alright?”

“I am really fine.
Phew… don’t worry, I will be back to normal once I drink this.”

Finn said, taking out a bottle of Apophis X.

Ann stopped him,

“If you drink nutritional supplements, they won’t help your body.”

“It is okay.
This is good medicine.”

“You drink four to five of this a day.”

“I told you I am fine!”

Finn groaned and shook Ann's hand.

When Ann looked at Finn with a bewildered look, Finn’s face became startled as he recognized what he did.

I am really fine, don't worry.”

“… uh.”

Ann turned away.

Meanwhile, Finn opened the bottle and shoved it into his mouth.

Did he have to do that?

Ann was concerned about his condition, but seeing how he reacted she didn’t want to.

And the bell rang.

Ann looked away reluctantly and opened her textbook.

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