145: Teacher vs Teacher (3)

The class was over.

The teachers had gone out and the students settled down as they talked about the class.

“It was great.

“I never saw a magic circle like that before.”

“I know some things about Magic circles, but such a theory doesn’t exist.
Jamie made it himself!”

“At the same time, even Mr.
Keniac too… I thought he was some scary person, but as soon as he saw the new one, he separated it to a three dimensional one on the spot!”

“Keniac is a pretty twisted person, but his skills are the real deal.
My father did say that.”

“Ann, what about you?”

A student turned and asked her.

But Ann was staring at the blackboard with her chin clenched lost in thought.

“Ann is doing that again.”

“Then, she won’t hear a thing we say.”

“Ann is like that.”

“She does it when she is amazed.”

They nodded, roughly understanding it.

Lennon sat in his seat and looked at Ann.

Ann’s eyes were running in his mind, the way she looked at Jamie and Keniac who were making a fuss on the podium.

‘It was like seeing my father.’

Of course, the difference in skill between Count Simon and Ann was more than the distance between the sky and earth, but they looked the same when they were immersed in something.

Not just Count Simon.
Usually, famous scholars tended to focus in that way when they were immersed in something.

However, there was something more surprising than the concentration, which was that she ‘understood’ the magic circle unfolding of the two teachers.

‘I barely understood a piece of it…’

Layers, multiples and such things.

Magic circle wasn’t a picture game.
If a person who is good at drawing can handle magic circles, wouldn’t the best painter be the best magician?

It was like a formula.
Follow it by looking at it.
but just drawing it wasn’t everything.
One had to figure out how to find the symmetry and what symbols to put in and how to distribute.

Lennon was smart.
Smart enough to be called a genius.

And even he had a tough time understanding what happened in class.

‘Even she must not have understood it, which is why she is thinking about it so seriously.’

At that moment, some students approached Lennon.

Lennon looked at them and sighed.

Won't go to the store? I’ll get you something.”

“This is a nutritional supplement that our family processes, and I am giving this as a present.”

“If you don’t know anything, ask me! This older brother will tell you everything!”

When they learned that Lennon was from the Simon family, they were all trying to get close to him.

‘Their parents must be huge snobs to make them do this.’

There were many nobles in Seldam, and they wanted to be recognized by Count Simon, one of the representatives of the nobles of the east.

In such a situation, the second son came over to study in an academy, so it must have been a situation where everyone had their eyes on him.

And it was obvious to it.

Lennon shook his head, got up from the seat and passed by them.


“Yah, Simon’s second son?”

“Come on, take the present here!”

The students looked at Lennon’s eyes.

Lennon ignored them and stood next to Ann.


Ann stared at the blackboard, not being able to hear the call.

“Ann is like that when she thinks, she won’t be able to hear any time soon.
She won’t hear even if you call.”

The boy sitting next to Ann said.

He looked like he was 15, but seeing that he was in here, it seemed like he was quite incompetent.

“I am Finn.”

“I didn’t ask for your name.”

“You should at least know the name of your classmates.”

“So, when will she come back to her senses? If I hit her in the back, won’t she come back to her senses?”

“I don’t know because I never did it.”

“Then try it.”

The only thing which interested him was Ann in this class.

He wanted to talk to her about the class.

Lennon raised his hand and Finn’s eyes widened.
Was he really going to hit her on the head?


“That is it!”

Just as he was about to hit her, Ann jumped up.
And hurriedly left the classroom.

Lennon wiggled his hand and then lowered it again.

“Is she ignoring me like this?”

Lennon smiled and followed Ann.

Finn, looking in the direction the two had disappeared, shook his head and opened the textbook.

“It wasn’t false.”

Keniac remembered Jamie’s presentation in the class.

He heard that Jamie was the best talent.
In fact, it was hard to believe that he was in 6th class at such a young age.

It was the same this time, he was envious of them from the very beginning.
In particular, it was considered even pitiful because a young man was teaching him things.

And to this day, his inferiority towards Jamie Welton remained.

‘To catch up even in my field.’

The magic circle was Keniac’s speciality.

Several papers were published with this, and the papers were actually recognized too.

However, an 8 year old genius had destroyed the original formula.
In a completely new way, but not difficult.

‘He even took advantage of me.’

He realized the three dimensional magic circle by looking at the layer method.

After that, he too learned of the magic circle being a symbol.
At that time, Keniac was no different from a student.


As Keniac looked outside and was pensive, Javelin approached.

The one in charge of Alpha class, he could be said as the direct supervisor of Jamie.

“How was Mr.

A person who usually talks without barriers.

Keniac was uncomfortable with this man.
It was because he couldn’t understand what he was thinking with all that laughing.

He could be a good person because he never talked behind anyone’s back.

A thorough human being.
Which was why he didn’t like him.

There are no words to describe him other than that.”


“The class was pretty good.
And I was impressed with the way he built his authority, which was weird for his age.”

“Haha… he’s a young kkondae.”

“Young, yet grumpy.
A strange one.”

Keniac chuckled.

He indeed was a weird kid.

‘Isn’t he a luckless one?’

“I need to go now because I need to organize the realization I gained today.”


“You will find out later.”

Javelin tilted his head as he looked at Keniac moving away.

“That guy, he prepared the class very meticulously.”

Jamie was looking at the textbook Keniac had given him.

For the next month, Jamie had to teach the classes.
The teaching materials he see now were things that Keniac taught before and what could be taught in the future.

There were comments here and there which would shock people because of the level of information which was being used for the kids.

‘It doesn’t suit him.’

Jamie considered Keniac to be a person who felt inferior to him and other people, but seeing this, he seemed like the hard working kind.

‘He isn’t obsessed with his complex.’

A person who is jealous of someone is constantly in that world and would never escape from it.

But those who develop their inferiority as a driving force grow faster than expected.

And Keniac seemed like such a person.

Better than the 3rd elder.

‘Good sense.’

He never dreamed that the three dimensional magic circle would strike up to him right away.

Today, Keniac would develop at a rapid speed.
He was in 5th class and would soon be in 6th class.

“It is lunch time, so let’s get something to eat.”

He noticed earlier that the canteen was quite luxurious, and that they paid attention to the children’s diets.

Normally, Jamie would like to eat his lunch without being noticed, but now Jamie only wanted to eat.

“The afternoon class is late, so I should eat and go to the 7th elder’s office to rest.”

If Siegfried heard that, he would say that this place wasn’t a playground, but his nagging wasn’t a huge deal as Jamie turned immune to it.

But then,


Because someone ran up to him.

“Ann Myers?”

It was Ann and a boy running behind.


The second son of Count Simon.

“Huh, huh, huh! Quite, huh, fast!”

Lennon seemed exhausted as he fell to the ground and took in deep breaths.

Looking back, Ann was shocked.

“W-what is with you?”

Ann didn’t even realize that she was being followed.

“Lennon? Why are you here? Did you also have a question for the teacher?”

“Kua… don’t talk to me now…”

“Pathetic child.”

Jamie looked at Lennon with a frowning face and shook his head, and asked Ann.

“What is it, Ann Myers? Today isn’t the entrance ceremony day.”

“D-don’t make fun of me.”

“Why are you here?”

“I have a question for you about the magic circle you showed me earlier.”

So she was here with a doubt.


“From the magic circle, you showed me earlier, this part…”

Jamie grinned at that, the old memories came to him.

The disciples were sitting around in the grass as they passionately asked him questions.

Someone who learned something while the others still didn’t understand, and they would ask the question again.

Ann was the only one to ask here, but it still brought back his memories.

‘Not a good feeling.’

Beautiful memories, but the end wasn’t so beautiful.

Jamie was quick to answer the question because he didn’t want to think of the past.

“This is a formula.
It will still be difficult.
Don’t be in a hurry, once you have more information, you’ll be able to understand it,”

The multi dimensional magic circle is difficult for elementary kids to understand.

Ann was brilliant with her analytical skills, but it wasn’t something she could understand in one class.

“I think it will take…”

“A-I understand to some extent.
It is like this.”

Ann clasped her hands and explained with a bright face.

A magic circle was created.

The magic circle constructed in a layered manner turned to a three dimensional one, and a few ordinary magic circles took up the symbols place and made up the entire space.

Jamie’s eyes lit up in shock.

“Ha! How is that?”

It was daunting to maintain a complex magic circle because of the lack of mana.

But Ann, who did it at once, smiled.

Jamie didn’t say anything.

‘This child…’

He smiled.

Ann Myers, the 10 years old magician from a small magician family.

But her head wasn’t small.

‘She is the possessor of such absurd intelligence?’

She saw it just once, but Ann did it, despite not being perfect.

She was a genius.

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