When he first stood in front of the class, Jamie had several thoughts.

The first was ‘what kind of children would they be’ and then ‘what will they think of me’.

‘Miss Sophia said that girls liked… even though this body is a good looking one, it is burdensome.’

He thought about looking down on them, but then he was worried about the girls who would flock to him.

He wasn’t nervous because there was no reason to be.
He was just standing in front of kids, but he wasn’t immature enough to be nervous.

He looked at the class name.
A group of the best students in elementary level.

And the energy inside was nice.

Seriously, it was funny to expect anything from elementary level.
All he had to do was look at them and find the ones who were jewels.

“Student teacher, please come in.”

At that moment, he heard the voice.
Jamie patted his collar and went in.

He could feel all the eyes falling on the door.
A familiar feeling he hadn’t had in a long time.

With his lips slightly raised, Jamie looked in the direction the cry came from.

“Wh-why are you here?!”

It was Lennon Simon.

Jamie’s eyes widened a little.
He didn’t expect this one here.

This one had the skills to be at the high school level…

He wasn’t sure why, but a familiar face was nice to see.
So, he waved his hand, which only distorted the face of Lennon.

“Ah, we have a student.
I had work in the morning so I forgot about it.”

Javelin looked at Lennon and smiled.

“Let’s introduce the student teacher first, and then you.”

At that, Lennon looked at Jamie and nodded.

And Javelin looked at Jamie.
A signal to introduce.

Nice to meet you all.”

Jamie looked at the students.

“I am Jamie Welton, who will be teaching you for a month starting from today.
I am embarrassed to take on a position I didn’t expect, but now that I have been given this, I will work hard during this time.
I hope the students will follow along as well.”

Not too long, or a short introduction.

Everyone looked at Jamie with blank expressions on their faces.
And at that time, Javelin spoke up.

“Kids, you should greet…”

It was when he was trying to urge the students to greet Jamie.

“Wow! Jamie!”

“I-is it really Mr.

“O-Oh my gosh! So cute!”

“Auto-autograph please!”

The students, especially the female ones, jumped up and started shouting.

It wasn’t just the girls.

The boys started babbling amongst themselves.

“Is that really Jamie Welton?”

“The magical genius from the Welton family?”

“Seems real considering the hair color.”

“From today on, will he teach us? He is 5 years younger than me.”

“Wow… in person?”

Unlike the girls, the boys didn’t seem to like Jamie.

The important thing was, Jamie’s appearance shook the class.

“Ch-Children! Calm down!”

Ann tried to stop them, but then people passed by her.

Lennon, who was at the back of the room, was startled by this commotion.

‘What is all of this now?’

He was confined to training so he didn’t know what was happening out in the world.
He couldn’t understand why the girls were running towards Jamie Welton.

In the meantime, Ann, who was trying to stop them, fell to the floor.

The moment when Lennon clicked his tongue.

“Everyone sit down!”

Along with Jamie’s words, the bodies of students who were running towards him all returned to their original positions.

Silence took over in an instant.
A faint wave of mana could be felt from Jamie’s body which made them nervous.

Jamie spoke,

“What the hell are you trying to do by coming over to a teacher’s spot? Act like a student and don't think about standing beside the teacher.
Teachers are like the sky and you students just need to look up to them.”

Jamie looked at the darkened faces of the students with satisfaction, and opened his mouth.

“Do you understand?”

Jamie the Kkondae had come.

When Javelin saw Jamie overpower the students at once, it made him think a lot.

The thing he thought the most was,

‘Young… Kkondae?’

It was quite shocking for such words to come out of an 8 year old boy, these were the words which suited an old man.

There were sayings about Young KKondae, but it was his first time seeing such a young one, could a child and a grumpy attitude actually exist in one?

The next was about his magic skills.

‘He took over the entire space.’

It was like watching Siegfried in action.

Comparing Jamie to him would be an exaggeration, but it was fairly nice considering that Jamie was going to 7th class any time soon.

It was truly an amazing skill.

Whatever Javelin thought or not, Jamie spoke,

“A month isn’t long.
It is a short, fleeting period to learn magic.”

Again, not the words which should come out of an 8 year old boy.
But the skills were so good that no one spoke.

“So you will have to follow along with everything even if it is hard.
If the thing which happened now happens again, I will consider you all to be hopeless.”


“Answer me.”

“Yes, yes…”

The students were confused.

Because the cute looking boy of their age was like a scary teacher.

And, not all of you seem horrible.”

Jamie glanced at the students who seemed better than he expected.

Even if it was an Alpha class, since it was of elementary level he didn’t expect much, but now that he met them, they were pretty well grown.

‘And the older ones look fine.’

More than half of them were the same as him and in 2nd class.

And he saw another child who was around 3rd class.

And the fact that so many unpolished gems were there, made Jamie happy.

And he looked at a girl who had blue hair.
The girl who mistook him for a student and brought Jamie here.

‘Ann was it?’

Ann was looking at Jamie, narrowing her eyes.

‘That one is an Alpha too?’

Compared to others, her magic skills didn’t seem high.
The amount of mana she had was just fine.

A girl who was nothing special.
Considering the average of the class, she had a long way to go.

He didn’t understand why she was in Alpha, but if she was here then there had to be a reason for it.

And he could check it over the month.

“More than that, what subject do you think I am in charge of?”

The students blinked their eyes at the random question.

Javelin smiled silently as he crossed his arms beside him.
It was because he remembered what subject was chosen.

“A present to those who guess it right.”

At Jamie’s words, the students' eyes lit up, and they started raising their hands here and there.


“I’ll guess!”

“I think I know!”

Kids kept shaking their hands.
And showing them candy to involve them in the classes was Jamie’s plan.

What is your name?”


“A cat-like name.
what subject will I be in charge of?”

Chemical science?”


Cheshire sat down.

And so the next student said it was ‘Understanding and Analyzing the History of Magic’, which shocked Jamie because he would never pick a boring topic.

A few more were wrong, and most of them failed.

And then, the girl sitting in the third seat from the front raised her hand.

It was Ann.


Ann Myers.”

Our broad minded Ann, please guess.”


Ann thought for a moment and then opened her mouth.

“Magic circles… right?”

“Why did you think that?”

“No huge reason.
I heard that the level of teacher is 6th class.
The Magic circle class is known to be very difficult, so it even troubles the most highly educated teachers.”

Like she said, there was one teacher in charge of Magic circle in Phoenix Academy in elementary, middle and high school.

But if someone like Jamie came in, there was no way he would choose a mediocre class.

This was a subject which wouldn’t be allowed to be taught unless the teacher was of high level, ‘Magic Circle’ and ‘Variation Attributes Understanding’ were such high level subjects.

However, since ‘Variation Attributes Understanding’ was taught from middle school, only the Magic circle was left.

“… so it was Magic Circle.”

At Ann’s words, Jamie nodded his head.

He understood why she was in Alpha class.

‘She has great analytical power.’

Instead of saying random stuff, she tried to understand and reason it.

And the reason was right.

After class, come to the office, I’ll give you a present.”


Ann was excited at the correct answer.
Then she looked at Jamie and slowly adjusted herself.

The time is done, so should we end it here?”


At Jamie’s answer, Javelin looked at the students.

“The new schooling year has started.
You kids should work as hard as ever and don’t sleep during classes.
Do well.”


The children answered.

Javelin beckoned Jamie to say something.

See you later.
Because we have a Magic circle class.”

“… yes.”

The students answered without much strength.

“Answer loudly.”


Javelin chuckled.

It was only a month, but it felt like the classes would be fun.

“… I didn’t think that Mr.
Jamie could be so scary.”

When they left, the students gathered and sighed.

The kingdom’s greatest star at the moment was Jamie Welton.
When he first entered, it was a festive mood.

“He is more horrible than my dad.”

“My illusion broke…”

“But cute though.”

And he’s handsome.”

Disappointment and happiness, and the boy named Jamie was cooler than they thought.

Only 8 years old, but he seemed like he was in his early teens.

Being from the Welton family, which was known to be famous for their swordsmanship, was born with a great body.
And that fact set fire in the hearts of little girls.

“A man has to act manly!”

That dignified appearance when he pushed us back.”

“So cool.”

While saying that he was a grumpy kid, they all thought nice of him.
Aren’t these girls in their early teens?

“Damn it.
Why are you smiling so much?”


“Ugh, enough.”

Male students hated him though.

They were the same age, but that kid was cute, handsome, great at magic and a student teacher.

It was unfair.
The world seemed unfair to them.

“Damn the world! How can such a person exist?”

“The Welton family is famous for their swordsmen.
Why is he a magician?”

“Damn it.
I envy him.
I also want to be liked by girls.”

Lennon who heard that clicked his tongue.

Whether it was a boy or girl, he didn’t like either of them.

More importantly, he was going to be taught by Jamie Welton for a month.

‘I should learn from the crazy kid? Damn it…’

Why did his father put him in this class?

He should have just sent him to high school.

Lennon tightly shut his eyes, resenting his father who was somewhere in the magic world.
And saw Ann sitting away.

‘That one isn’t normal.’

He thought this child was wild.

Very little mana could be felt from her, and she was far below him.

However, he learned that magic wasn’t everything from his father.

‘I won’t be bored.’

But when he thought of Jamie, he thought being bored was enough.

As Lennon sighed deeply from behind, Finn sitting next to him asked.

“But Ann, do you know Mr.
Jamie? It seemed like you knew him.”

“… You don’t need to know.”

It was something Ann didn’t want to remember.

‘If Betty hears, she’ll die of laughter.’

One more thing to speak to her roommate about.

“Being mean for nothing,”

Finn mumbled and then rummaged through his bag as he pulled out something.

Anna glanced at it!

“You are drinking that too?”

“Apophis X?”


“I bought it yesterday because a friend said it was effective.
Do you want one? I have two bottles.”

Betty bought it, so I asked.”

“I’ll drink it and give you a review.”

Finn opened the cap and drank the bottle down in one sip.

How good would it be? She was curious.

‘Betty and Finn too.’

She had been hearing a lot about it.
That children were able to see some good effects.

Ann wasn’t too interested in it, but seeing it so often poked her curiosity.

Studying is my strength.’

With the money to buy this tonic, it was better to buy another magic book and read it.

Ann thought so and started studying it.

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