140: Elder (4)

“… what are you saying?”

“It doesn’t make sense to ask someone to prove himself with skills after the level they reached.
The new school year is about to start.”

“Are you serious?”

“It is going to take a period of time to adapt there.
I don't think it's too late to listen to the student's evaluation and decide what to do later… everyone?”

“Don’t sound bad.”

The one who answered first was Serpent.

“I also think it sounds good.
There is no place better than an academy to adapt here.
Haha! I have been wanting to teach in an academy too!”

Luke too said it, and Adelhart sent her a sign.

Linmel and Raymon said it wasn't a bad thought.

Siegfried was the only one left.

“… young lord.
It looks like you will have to spend a month or so under me.”

‘Academy? Like a teacher??’

If it was the Phoenix Academy, then it made sense.
Sending an 8 year old as a teacher.
While he thought it was an insane thing to do, he also wondered about it.

So Jamie said,


A bit troublesome but not difficult.

‘I think it might be fun.’

Normally Jamie was old enough to attend an academy.
Although his role was different now, this too would serve as experience for him.

“We have something to talk about, so we can leave.
Ah, 7th elder stay back.”

Jamie looked at Siegfried who nodded.

“Wait outside.
There is a decent café downstairs, so have a chocolate latte.”

“I don’t like that.”

“Kid without a cute taste.”

“Anyway, thank you.”

Jamie nodded to the others and walked out.

And once he felt, Siegfried asked Offen.

“Do you really have to do that? He is 6th class, there is no need to verify.”

“Right it doesn’t matter.
The evaluation was just words.
Either way, Jamie will be a member of this place.”

“Then why?”

“It takes about 3 weeks for the lab to be completed, we can’t just leave him alone all that time, right?”

Siegfried frowned at Offen’s words.

“Those who don’t work, don’t get to play.
Isn’t that our iron rule?”

Regardless of age, there were things a magician who stayed in the Magic World has to do, and what Offen said was the most important thing.

With no lab, he can’t develop magic and we can’t let him have fun for a month.”

Two old people were getting along.
Siegfried decided that he wouldn’t win against them and agreed.

I will watch him till the end.”

“Then we should all take leave.
Everyone is busy, right?”

At those words, the elders left one after another.

All who were left were Offen, Linmel and Raymon.

Raymon, who never spoke, did that now.

“You people are taking sides, but I don’t understand.
Why a student teacher? Don’t give me shit.
It isn’t like I am meeting you for the first time.”

Wait and see, you will know.”

“I don’t know what you are planning, but…”

After Raymon, Linmel stood up and said,

“I hope it isn’t a threat to Jamie.
If it turns out like a threat…”

As if there was no need to explain, Linmel’s eyes shone bright at ‘Fear’ which was used.
To which Offen smiled.

“Don’t worry.
Nothing bad will happen.”

The two people who didn’t hide their true selves were Linmel and Raymon.
The two clicked their tongues and walked out.

Offen, who was left alone, closed his eyes.

“Jamie Welton.
Show your skills.”

A wind blew around him, making the room empty.

“Young lord.”

Siegfried waved as he found Jamie drinking coffee.

“All done?”

Just a short conversation.”

“I see.”

“And young lord?”

He didn’t ask much, but Jamie understood what it meant.

“It was like a marketplace.”

“Quite decent choice of words.”

Siegfried smiled looking at Jamie.

“A lot of people look up to me because I am an elder in the Magic World, but in reality it is made up of crazy people.”

“They are great too.”

“It is a problem because they swapped out their personality for magic.”

This time Jamie smiled.
Because it felt right.

When Jamie arrived here, he expected how the elders would be.
It was somewhat expected.
Although they didn’t outright show their displeasure, they were childish.

“Is it always like that?”

“Today was a little different.
Probably because of the young lord.
On their own, they have to calculate how far your existence is positive for their power.”

And he continued.

“Usually, it is messy in a weird way compared to today.
Rather, it was pretty clean today.
At least there were no bloody fights.”

If today itself was too much for Jamie, he couldn’t imagine anything more worse.

The public should know of this, but unfortunately, it was difficult for the public to know.

“Well, it is fun while it lasts.
After all, crazy people are full of personality too, right?”

“If we stay in the Magic World, one would get involved even if they don’t want to.
Personally, I want to be friendly with elders.”

“A joke?”


The elders, the pillars of the Magic World.

And their skills were confirmed.
1st Elder Offen and 2nd Elder Linmel too, the rest were good too.

‘Except for the 3rd one, Serpent Gerol’.

Not just the personality, but his growth plates were closed.

And it was a problem if he was caught up in inferiority at that age, and if he couldn't break out of It, he would never break down the wall of 7th class.

Like Nebro, the 6th class dark magician, now a Lich.

“Besides, are you alright?”


“Student teacher.
Teaching isn’t easy.
And you are the same age as the students who will enter.”

“What about it?”

“There must be quite a few who don’t like the young lord.”

One enters the academy at 8 and graduates at 20, but not all stay till 20.

Due to the nature of magicians, there are a lot who skip and some graduate early too.
Those who graduate at 20 are those with normal skills, but Jamie knew that such ones suffer from inferiority and ruin their lives.

And what would the reaction be if an 8 year old was teaching them?

‘I can’t comfort the kid.’

No matter how young he was, Jamie was a 6th class magician.

And kids wouldn’t be able to overpower Jamie because of their difference in skills.
But Siegfried knew that bullying isn't just about crushing people with force.

Because he experienced it himself.

‘Still, maybe he can.’

Compared to his own childhood, Jamie was a monster in many ways.

It was likely that his worries would be meaningless.
But there was one thing.

“If anything happens let me know.
I am the head of the academy who will be teaching.”

“The head who doesn’t even know the date of his academy’s entrance ceremony?”


Siegfried coughed at that.

“Anyway, you have one month, if anything happens, come to me right away.”

Don’t worry.”

Jamie knew what Siegfried was worried about.

Magicians were narcissistic and were humans who enjoyed hurting others.
And he knew what it meant to teach at the age of 8.

‘This is the magic of it all.’

A teacher in an academy.

He raised disciples in his previous life.
And thought no one lived, he wasn’t lacking in his teaching skills.

-Teacher… sorry.
I couldn’t let it go.

-Teacher, please do not forgive us.

When he thought of the past, his mouth turned bitter.

‘After that, I swore to never take in any disciples.’

Only a month, so they couldn’t be called as disciples, but he would have to teach.

‘Teach magic…’

He had no intention of teaching anyone.

And the past only strengthened his belief.
Jamie got up silently.

“Young lord?”

“I am tired.
Where am I going to stay?”

“… follow me.”

Siegfried didn’t ask anymore.
And Jamie just followed him appreciating the consideration.


Ann sighed as she lay on her bunk bed.
What happened still haunted her.

‘That boy was Jamie Welton… what should I do?!’

She mistook him for a freshman and took him to the academy too.

People couldn’t not know Jamie Welton even if they wanted to.
The greatest talent, the Saint of Pyro, and the heir to the Welton family.
They weren't unusual titles.

In addition, the emerald hair and eyes which were the family’s hallmark!

It was rude to not recognize it.


What did he think when she did that?

And why didn’t he tell her? Obviously because of how she didn’t give him time.

‘… I talk so much!’

Now that she thought, she cut in each time Jamie tried to speak.

It was weird that she noticed it only now.
Covering her eyes, Ann sighed.

“What happened? Why are you sighing?”

It was Becky, her roommate who was studying.

I was noisy.”

“Forget the noise.
What is with you? If you have concerns, tell me.”

Becky proudly tapped her chest.
They were the same age.

Ann sighed as she looked up.


She told what happened, and Becky who heard it shouted.

Jamie came here?”

“… what is with the Mr.?”

“Oh my.

Becky didn’t listen and kept saying his name.

“Yah! You said you would listen to my concerns.”

Ann threw her pillow.
And the situation calmed.

“So it was like that.
Not only did you not recognize him, but also mistook him for a freshman and dragged him here.”


“If it was me, I would be hiding in a hole somewhere.”

“Unfortunately, there are no holes here.”

Becky clicked her tongue.

“What to do? Next time you come across Mr.
Jamie, just apologize.”

“You think so?”


“But why are you calling him Mr.?”

“You don’t know? He is a star.

“… star?”

“I see.
You study each day and watch only Mr.
Siegfried so you don’t know the trend.”

“W-what about T-teacher Siegfried?!”

“He doesn’t accept disciples, so enough with the teacher! But by the way, do you know about Apophis X?”

Ann frowned at the change in topic.

“What now?”

“Do you know it or not?”

“It is a nutritional supplement advertised these days.”

“That works.”

“So it isn’t a supplement?”

“I thought so too, you know Ivan in the next class?”

Isn’t he the one who gets depressed every day but doesn't get results?”

If one looked at the amount of time one studied, then he would get first place.

“He studied while drinking it from the beginning of winter and his grades jumped up.”


“So I bought two bottles of it~”

Becky held out the two bottles and shook them.

“Want one?”

Becky held out one bottle but Ann shook her head.

“I don’t need such thing~”

This is why I hate such people.”

“I am hungry.
Should we go out?”


The two left their dorms without telling anyone.

And so, the new semester had begun.

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