“This is the Magic world…”

“Doesn’t it look cool?”

Jamie looked at the huge tower which seemed to reach the sky.
It was so high that it almost looked like the sun was right on top of it.

With such a tower in the centre, the city was of four cross directions, with small towers erected on all four sides.

The central tower was too high in comparison to the other direction.
And it wasn’t just that.

The entire city seemed to be in perfect symmetry.
The main towers and the four in all directions were the main ones, and the buildings were all connected by lines.

“Like a Magic circle.”

“I knew that you would recognize it.”

Siegfried continued to smile.

“It was said that 500 years back, the first king designed it himself.”

“What kind of magic circle is it?”

“It won’t be interesting if I say it now.”

Jamie smiled bitterly at those words.
He knew that Siegfried wouldn’t tell him.
After being together, he figured this man liked making things tricky.

He was a villain who used everything to his advantage.

“You were never going to say it.”

“Such a no-fun reaction.”

Jamie shook his head and said,

“We need to go.
We are already late.”

“Is that so?”

From Haiss to the Magic World.
They should have arrived in an instant, but they had taken a lot of time.

‘I thought we were going to come here right after Saint-Dermain.’

But they had gone through more cities.
And when asked why, the answer was to broaden his horizons.

And then, ‘it is fun’ was added.

“Let’s go right in.”

As Siegfried snapped his fingers, the space shook and changed.

And when the space became stable,

“How about taking a look?”


Jamie opened his eyes wide.
A strange looking carriage passed at a great speed over a strange looking iron wire which were interlocked in the sky.

A huge airship was flying above it.
A video was streaming from the huge screen on the airship.

[Are you unable to concentrate? Are you not having enough Mana? Then try ‘Apophis X’! clear your mind! Breathe! The best potion produced in these times! Apophis X! You can get it at any local pharmacy!]

“Magic vision?”

“You know that?”

“If one wants to know about the next gen technology they would know this.”

It wasn’t difficult to record and visualize with magic.
Jamie used that a lot when he practiced the sword.
However, turning it into an artifact was quite difficult.

All magic targeted the caster.
Because of that, even when recorded, only the caster could see it.
But now everyone could.

“I don’t know the detailed technique, but it was said that hundreds of very thinly made magic stones were reflected and projected onto the core magic stone containing the record.
I don’t know how it happens, but it is a technology which has been developing rapidly these days.”

Truly magical.”

“There is a lot more to see.
Isn’t this the first time you’ve seen Atrain?”

The carriage which passed overhead seemed to be ‘Atrain’.

As said, that was strange too.

At a speed that was hard to compare with horses, the iron wire covered the entire world, and anyone could go anywhere in here.

It was much more efficient than expensive warp devices.

“I wish it could be installed in Haiss as well.”

“The magic technology of the magic world is growing rapidly.
In fact, some have already been installed in the capital.”

“Not less to magic kingdoms.”

“There is nothing we are inferior in compared to the magic kingdom, except for the number of people.”

The Magic World of Seldam wasn’t far behind the Magic kingdom.

“Anyway, young lord, take a look around and have fun.”


“I have to go and greet people and talk about you, so…”

“Can’t I just tag along?”

“It’ll be over soon, so don’t whine and have this.”

Siegfried handed Jamie ten silvers.

“I will know where you are, so don’t worry and have fun.
And the Magic world has good security so don’t worry.
Ah, I guess you won’t worry about such things.”

A magician who hit 6th class, and with swordsmanship which was amazing, there was no way anyone could threaten Jamie in terms of skills.
With that thought, it felt like the security here was no match for Jamie.


“I’ll see you later.”

Siegfried disappeared with that.
Jamie, who was left alone, looked around and looked at the silvers.
He wasn’t sure where to go and use them.

So Jamie started walking.

“Busy! Busy!”

A young girl with azure hair divided at the centre was running around.

The girl was Ann Myer.
She was 10 years old this year and was currently a student in the Magic World studying magic.

The reason Ann was so busy running around was because today was the day of the entrance ceremony for Phoenix Academy where she was studying.

She was returning to the academy with the needed supplies at the request of a teacher.

“Did Ami come with parents?”

Ami was her younger brother, and was entering the same academy at age 8.

The Myer family was known to produce magicians graduating from the Phoenix Academy from generation to generation.

It wasn’t a great family, but they still had a name.

“When will Elder Siegfried come?”

Siegfried, one of the eight elders of Magic World.

As the dean of Phoenix Academy, Ann wanted him to be her teacher.

Siegfried had no intention of taking in a disciple, but Ann was sure to become one.

It was a dream she had been having since entering this place.

“I hope he comes back soon.”

She was itching to show her new magic.
And it was a wonderful one, and she hoped he would be surprised at her idea.

-Ann, you are a genius.
I like geniuses very much.

-Teacher… I like you too.

-Haha, Ann.
Shall we study magic together?

-I like it.
If it means to be by your side…



With his silky blonde hair fluttering on his handsome face.


Hugging so close that their lips…

It was around the time when Ann was in a strange pose, she was awakened from her delusion, a young boy was walking around mindlessly.

A face she had never seen before with emerald eyes and hair.

‘Looks my age?’

He looked like a lost lamb, as if it was his first time coming here.

And today was the first day of the Phoenix Academy.
And the boy seemed new.

A few puzzles were put together in Ann’s head.

“You there!”

Ann ran to the new boy.
The boy didn’t know she was calling him so he ignored her.


Ann grabbed his wrist and a strange thing happened.

It felt as if someone was blowing on the nape of her neck, like a scary beast was in front of her.
And she had never experienced it, Ann was unable to say anything in that situation, and the boy looked at Ann.

“Is there something you want from me?”


Ann wasn’t sure how to answer it once she got back to her senses.

“Ah! Are you a freshman at Phoenix Academy?”


“Phoenix! Now isn’t the time for it.
There isn’t much time for the entrance ceremony.
And you seem lost so I’ll take you!”

“No, I…”

“Let’s hurry! We are late!”

“Uh? No! Wait!”

Without even listening, Ann started taking him to the academy.
And then she shook her head, remembering the strange sensation she felt.

‘Must be an illusion.’

She must have been exhausted from all the errands she ran in the past few days because of the ceremony.
She was sure a good night’s rest would help her.

Ann thought as she led the boy.

Jamie was perplexed at the situation.
He was just looking around at the place.

However, a girl with light blue hair suddenly came and grabbed him.

It almost caused him to kill her, but the moment he avoided killing the child, the situation became weird.

‘Where is she taking me?’

It seemed like Phoenix Academy was having an entrance ceremony and she was taking him there, but Jamie didn’t know what this place was.

It was clear that the girl was misunderstanding something, but he couldn’t say anything and just followed her.

“Almost there!”

The girl turned with a bright voice.
As she said, not far away was a magnificent building on a large site.

A large gate in the way with strong magic on it.

“Mister Guard! I am here!”

Ann, standing there, spoke to the gate, and a small circle was drawn on the gate, and a voice sounded.

-Oh, Ann.
Did you finish the errands?

“Yes! And I brought in a lost freshman.”

Because Ann knows this place.
I’ll open it.

The girl seemed to be called Ann.

And seeing the guard’s soft voice, it seemed like she was loved quite a lot.

Soon the gate opened, revealing the interior.


“Isn’t it pretty?”

After Jamie’s small exclamation, Anna asked in a proud voice.

A strong sense of belonging.


“Right? Come on.”

Ann took Jamie’s hand again.

This academy was larger than he imagined.
The green lawn, the large brown brick building and the silver bell hanging in an old-fashioned way.

“You need to go to Amel Hall, where the entrance ceremony is held.”

“Amel? Amel Fast?”

A person who served as a court magician during the early times.
He was the first dean and founder of Phoenix Academy.”

“I see.”

“Anyway, keep going.”

“But I…”

“I am busy, bye!”

The girl disappeared without listening to Jamie.
And Jamie just looked around.

Little kids holding their parents' hands, looking anxious or excited in the direction Ann pointed out.

All freshmen.


There was nothing to do, so Jamie just went there.
Amel Hall which was large enough to be recognized at a glance from a distance too.

At the top, there was a large statue of the person called Amel, and while the Magic World seemed futuristic, this place seemed old fashioned.

And when he entered, a large crowd had gathered.
There seemed to be about 200 people, and nearly half of them were freshmen.


It was the first time so many were crowded since the Gehena Auction.
And by the time Jamie looked around.

He heard a voice from behind.
A familiar voice.

And when he turned there was a boy with red hair.

A familiar face too, he pointed to Jamie and shouted.

“J-Jamie Welton! Why are you here?!”

Jamie asked.

“Who are you?”

Familiar, but Jamie couldn’t remember him.

Count Simon’s second son, Lennon Simon, was shocked at those words.

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