Miju, the host of the auction house, was wandering restlessly.

Darius still hadn’t returned.
With that skill, even if the thieves were caught, he could have caught them right away.

“Why isn’t he coming back?!”

Within hours his eyes were turning red and the flaky skin was making him old.
If he couldn’t get the auction items back, he was dead.
Death wasn’t sure, but he would be tortured.

Considering the cruelty of Gehenna’s owner, it was quite possible.

Why was he feeling a cold sensation in his throat?


One of the attendants called him.
MIju bit his nails and looked at the caller.


Darius is coming back.”

“Oh! Really?”

The man who was a champion for over 10 years in the arena, had returned.

He must have returned with his hands full of auction items.
There was no need to worry now.
Darius wasn’t a nasty man, but was one of the strongest in the world.
Since he went out, the auction items had to have been retrieved.


He felt bad for worrying a moment back.
However, at the next words of the attendant, Miju bit back his smile.

“… said he missed them.”

“Huh? Haha? What was that? I was so excited that I couldn’t hear it.”

“Missed them… they were quick people.”

Miju scratched his forehead and smiled.
He didn’t understand what was being told.
Darius missed the opponent? Even a kid wouldn’t find it acceptable.

How many people were faster than Darius?

A Magician who teleports will also be slower than Darius.
It was clear that this attendant was making a bad joke.

“Look at this man.
Did you think that I would laugh at that joke? I am not that kind of a person.
Bring Mr.


The attendant looked and gulped.

Miju smiled.
And then he shouted on top of his voice.

“Go ahead and get him!!!!”

“No need to shout.
I am already here.”

Seeing the shadow falling, Miju looked back.
Darius, the blind man with huge muscles, stood with his arms crossed.

Normally, he should have been intimidated, but Miju was losing it.

“Y-You! You fucking bastard was that true?”

“I am sorry.
They were so fast that I missed them.”

“Now… now… what nonsense was that!!”

“I’ll give back the payment given.
If you need more you can ask.
Because this time it was my mistake.”

“That, that is….”

Miju’s back felt stiff.
His blood pressure rose and his vision was turning hazy.
The urge to stick a sword in Darius’ heart was raging.

“Simply? You simply missed them and you think this matter will be resolved?”

Miju was losing it.
He kept taking deep breaths to calm himself.

Although he couldn’t see, Darius was feeling the state of Miju.

Right now.
Do you realize just how much we must have lost? What the hell did you think we hired you for?”

“Which is why I am saying sorry.
And that I will return the money given.
And I will give you additional pay as a penalty for what I did.”

“Is talking all you…”

“What should we do if you don’t get to finish those words?”

Miju flinched at Darius’ words.
He knew what it meant.

“Isn’t Gehenna scary?”

I feel bad for the boss.”

“Bad? If you are feeling so bad, do you think the boss will say something like- ‘Oh, is that so?’ when we say his items are gone?”

Gehenna Bernstein, a vicious person who returned anything he got a thousand times worse.

Not one or two people had fallen in his hands.
It was the same for even the people who reached Master class.

But Darius chuckled.

“Why? Why are you laughing?”

“I am sorry.
I shouldn’t be laughing.”


“I want to ask too.”

Darius smiled and wiped the tears from his eyes.

“Am I supposed to be afraid?”

Miju closed his eyes at the question.
Gehenna Bernstein was one of the world's leading back alley tycoons, and was known to be the ‘Hand of darkness’, a being who ruled the back alleys of the northern continent.

No matter how strong Darius was, he was just one person.

“Gehenna's boss is a scary person.
He pays back the grudges several times more and is the most cruel person.
But before that…”

Miju looked at Darius and said.

“He is a businessman.
He is a person who hates losing money…”

He tried to smile and said.

“You will have to pay ten times the price of today’s auction.
Will you be able to do that?”

Miju couldn’t do anything.

Darius patted Miju’s shoulder and left the auction house without a word.
Miju, whose legs felt weak, looked into the air as he wiped his neck.

The day he would die was coming soon.

Jamie didn’t know how to take it.

Not just small.
Small enough to be a little larger than an 8 year old’s palm.

The voice was cute and the two horns were even cuter.

The three round eyes were so bright that if Sarah watched it, she would want to cuddle it.

Jamie, who wasn’t interested in cute things, could see it, but what about other people seeing it?

“What are you looking at?!”

Behemoth huffed and shouted.

The Behemoth was a huge fire breathing beast which Diablo Volfir worked hard to create.
It wasn’t a little bull like it was now.

“… small.”

While everyone was silent, Han said it which only made the Behemoth angry.

“What did you say right now?!”


Could this little creature be the culprit who destroyed Kelton Mountain?

Han couldn’t believe it.

Same with the others.
Behemoth snorted and then a small fire erupted.

“Huh! This body was originally very, very, huge!”

“Then why are you small now?”

“Everything has a story.
But don’t ask.
And who the hell are you?”

Behemoth was asleep.
However, the sealed place vibrated loudly and cracks formed.
And when he woke up, the seals were lifted and these new people were standing.

The first people he saw.

“How many years have I been asleep?”

His last memory was the contract with an elf.

Behemoth recalled the conversation he had.

-Someday, those who will wake you up might appear.

-Probably what?

-It doesn’t have to be that.
Because I don’t want you to be woken up.

Such blatant honesty isn’t good.

But when you wake up again, it means the world is in danger.

Whatever happens is good.
I am tired of waiting, I can’t wait any longer and I’d rather not wake up.

-66,666 years.
I hope that day doesn't come.

-I hate that honesty.

That was it, and he was sealed.

“Are you the ones the elf spoke of?”

“Seeing you remember that, you must remember the promise too.”

Han asked with a smile.

Izaya took a short step ahead and spoke.

“Firstly, you have been asleep for a thousand years.”

“Thousand years.
It isn’t a short period.”

“Anyway, we are here to fulfil the promise the great magician elf, Shiora made.”

That was the name.”

The behemoth nodded his head.
And told Izaya,

“But the promise was conditional.”


Izaya looked at Han, who didn't seem to know it.

Behemoth frowned with his three eyes.

“Do you not know of the Day of Revelation?”

“Day of Revelation?”

“Day of… revelation?”

Han and Izaya were hearing it for the first time.
Not to mention Jamie and Siegfried.

“It wasn't mentioned to us.”

We were only told to wake you up and you’d help achieve the Frontier’s purpose.”

“Then you people don’t know the revelation that HE would be back to the world after 66,666 years!!”

Jamie’s eyes widened at it.

He never expected the time coming out of Behemoth’s mouth would be this.

66,666 years.

The time it took Diablo Volfir to reincarnate as Jamie Welton.
To pinpoint the time.
The Day of Revelation hinted at Diablo’s return.

“… I didn’t hear of it.”

“The year 66,666? What are those words? Did the world exist before that?”

When Han spoke with a tone of disbelief, Siegfried felt the same.

“If humans existed 60,000 years ago, wouldn’t mankind have already gone to space?”

Haha! Thinking of it makes me laugh! Who would come up with such a number?”

“That was what Shiora said.”

Han stopped laughing at Behemoth’s words.
If he continued to laugh that would be a disrespect to the honor of the founder.

Han felt grateful that Braha wasn’t present then.

“Tch tch.
Pathetic people.
I thought you were good people since you were descendants of that elf, but you people aren’t worth it! Why the hell did you wake me up?! Waiting for him is already hard enough, so I am going to sleep for the rest of my life!”

Behemoth looked at them with a dissatisfied face until he looked at someone.

Jamie Welton was standing there.


And then titled his head.
Jamie gulped at those actions.

‘Did he find it out?’

Unlike Black, Behemoth wasn’t entirely connected to him.

Behemoth couldn’t have known Jamie right away.
Unless it was from black mana.

However, Behemoth started moving towards Jamie.

“Yah, little cow! What is it?”

Han asked why Behemoth was acting like that, but he didn’t answer.

Behemoth stopped right in front of Jamie’s face.
Behemoth’s eyes began to tremble as he looked at Jamie.

“N-No way…”

He didn’t know it at first.

He was distracted as the people appeared out of the blue.
And then he felt angry that the kids didn’t know of the Day of Revelation.

And then looking around this child who caught his attention.

The familiar yet unfamiliar feeling.

Behemoth came closer to check the person and…


The shape of Jamie’s mouth is almost in the shape of sorrow which accumulated over tens of thousands of years.

‘It has been a long time, Behemoth.
I am back…’

Jamie mouthed the words to Behemoth.

‘In this body.’

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