In the basement of such a place, a ‘secret auction’ was being held, in an infinitely close area.

“There are so many people.
Is this really a Secret auction?”

“Few people come to the Redum museum.”

“Is that so?”

“A place like this usually has a mobile warp machine.”

At the mention of mobile warp, Jamie smiled.

Warp magic was one of the top Space magics.
It needs an astronomical amount just to put power into an artifact, so he couldn’t imagine how such an expensive thing could be made portable.

“That is how secret this is.”

Siegfried put his thumb and index finger together in the shape of a coin.

After all, secret auctions deal with everything from illegal to rare.
Moreover, the commissions of such auctions were huge, so the profit alone would be huge.

A few portable warps wouldn’t be that difficult to obtain.

“Waste of money.”

“A kid shouldn’t say that.”

“But can kill people?”

“That is, fine.”

Siegfried smiled.
Seeing this handsome man made Jamie angry so he looked around.
There were many people and everyone had bizarre masks on.

There were thousands of people who wanted to stand out.

As he was walking along with Siegfried, two men and a woman passed by.

The calming scent of the forest lingered on the tip of his nose.


“What is it?”

“Just now…”

Jamie looked back but the people had disappeared.

The smell of the forest.

There was no way such a perfume existed, and Jamie knew there was only one race which smelled like it.


As he said that, he shook his head.
What nonsense.

Why would elves come here?

In other words, unless an elf was caught by a slave trader, there were no elves who could set foot in such dirty places.

“Must have been a mistake.”

“Come on, let’s go.
Entry time is up.”

A space too large to be said to be under the museum.

Mana could be felt everywhere, it seemed like space expansion magic was used.

It could have cost a lot to expand on this scale, but the place holds secret auctions which meant they had a lot of money.

Siegfried, who was looking at the seating ticket, looked at the number on the chairs.

“Over there.”

Pretty far ahead.

It must have been difficult to get the front seats, which meant Kiriel had used all her influence.

As they went, people who were participating started to take their seats.

In the seat next to Jamie, was a thick man who made the chair feel cramped.


The man apologized yet, Jamie felt like he was a nuisance.

Jamie clicked his tongue and sat.

And found two people, a man and a woman sitting diagonally.

‘Are they the same people?’

It was clear that they had a large body and the scent of the forest.

But now there was no smell.
As if it was erased.

He wondered if they were real elves, but no matter how much he thought, why would elves come here?

Since they were the race which pursued goodness, they hated secret auctions.

“Why are you being like this?”

Please stop worrying about me.
I can't even see anything ahead.”

Seeing this, I feel like you were given many privileges when growing up.”

Instead of an attendant, Jamie promised to follow the advice and words of Siegfried.

He didn’t intend to follow everything, but not following everything would be a violation of his promise, so he would follow one or two things.

The lights went out.

All the lights were directed to the stage.
It was where the auction items were displayed and the red curtain opened as a man walked out.

“Wow! Today is such a good day! Precious people have visited the Gehena Auction House!”

The host had on a red tuxedo and a funny clown mask.

With exaggerated gestures he greeted.

“Nice to meet you all!”

But no one said anything.
Yet, he continued despite the cold reaction from the audience.

“People who have been to this place know very well that we all lack patience, so I would like to introduce the first auction piece.
Are you all looking forward to it?”

No response this time either.

The host just shrugged seeing that.

“What no fun people you are.
Well! It doesn’t matter because customers are kings, right? Come on, bring it in.”

The host was a pro.
Although it was difficult to not feel flustered in such situations, he moved on smoothly.

With a rattling sound behind the stage, a large wooden crate appeared.

Large enough for one or two people to fit in.

“The first prize is a slave!”

Gehena Auction house was a secret auction house.
It dealt with illegal stuff too.
Which meant slave trading.

“Everyone will be shocked since these ones are hard to find.”

Unlike before, the host was speaking in a serious tone.

“Open it.”

And when he said it, the men who brought the box moved the sealed top on it.

Jamie narrowed eyes at the content.

Siegfried, who was next to him mumbled in a startled voice.


What was in the box was an elf man and woman who couldn’t move with restraint devices.

A hard hit from the start.

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