or commerce.”

Jamie remembered Count Simon, whom he saw earlier.

The Simon family was prestigious, but the current Count had grown the estate tremendously ever since he turned into the head of the house.

Humans are endowed with so many talents, but utilizing those talents to the peak is a rare thing.

In that sense, the Count deserved to be called a monster.
There was a great possibility that one day he would become a being that would exceed the limits of humans.

“I look forward to talking with him.”

“Talk with whom?”

A voice suddenly came from behind.

Jamie reflexively turned, made a spear out of Mana and aimed for his opponent.


Standing there was a cute girl with ponytailed blonde hair.
The girl looked at the spear with a shocked expression.

Looking at the girl, he put down the spear.


The girl let out the breath she held back.

And then, with an angry step ahead, she talked to Jamie.

“How can you aim something like that at others!”

“Who asked you to suddenly come up from behind?”

Jamie didn’t back down and responded to her.

As what he said wasn’t wrong, the girl made an ’ugh’ sound.

She shook her head and tried to find something to say back.
And as if she found it, she shouted with twinkling eyes.

“It is rude to point something like that at a lady!”

“You should be glad that I didn’t stab the lady.”


This time, she literally had nothing to say.

Jamie grinned as he looked at the girl.

Retracting Mana, he crossed his arms and asked the girl.

“So? Why did you suddenly pop from behind me?”

Jamie asked nonchalantly, but he was actually perplexed.

He couldn’t feel anything.

Even if someone was hiding, it was impossible for Jamie not to know it.

It didn’t make sense that this girl could do that.

And it wasn’t like he was distracted enough to not feel that.

He wasn’t weak enough to not know about a single child.


At that question, the girl pointed to herself with an innocent face.

With an expression like ‘should I tell him? Should I?’, but she chose the wrong person to play with.

“I am not in the mood to joke around.”

Mana fluttered.

It wasn’t that he took the girl as his enemy, but he knew that she wasn’t an ordinary girl.

So, if necessary, he didn’t mind threatening her.

Like this.


The girl flinched and looked at the ground next to her.

A round hole was drilled one the green grass.
And white smoke flew out.

Brushing his index finger, Jamie said.

“That is a 2nd class air bullet.
If you don’t have enough magic resistance, it will pierce through the skin.
If it is a child, then it is instant death.”


“Who are you?”

Jamie pointed his finger at the girl again.

Air condensed on the tip.

If he shot it, then definitely a bright red hole would appear on the skin.

“I-I am Ash Balle! Ash Balle!”

“Ash Balle? The Viscount?”

“Yes! I am the second daughter of Viscount Balle!”

If it was the Viscount, then Jamie knew.

It was then that he realized how his girl was able to stand behind him without him noticing.

“Are you a spiritualist?”

That’s why you couldn’t know.”

Ash shouted, and Jamie withdrew his hand.

The little girl was a spiritualist.

Spiritualist was a term used to refer to a magician who can contract with mysterious beings called ‘spirits’ born in nature.

The number of spiritualists wasn’t that huge on the continent, and they were treated like outstanding talents, and just their existence was enough for them to be given the title of Baron.

Balle Viscount was one of the three families who had a spiritualist in the Seldam kingdom.
They were known to be nature friendly, and Jamie heard that they mainly made contracts with the ‘wind’ spirits.

“The wind spirits.
That is why you were able to come behind me without a sound.”

Spirits are familiar with magic, but the difference is that they are the real powers of nature.

Therefore, if the spirits made up their mind, erasing the presence of a human wasn’t a big deal.

‘If I was in my actual form, then even a spiritualist wouldn’t do much to me.’

If he reached his supreme state, let it be natural or artificial powers, all would be meaningless in front of him.

‘But I am shocked! She doesn’t seem to be that older.
And already a spiritualist.’

To sign a contract with a spirit needed high affinity with them.

Nature friendliness is innate, but one would have to spend a long time in nature to raise it.

As the period was known to be 10 years at most, most spirit families didn’t start the training in nature-friendliness until they were 10 years or older.

So, the girl called Ash.

‘She is a genius born with great affinity with nature.’

If Ash trained in earnest, then maybe she could even make a contract with the spirit ‘king’.

Of course, that is a long way off.

As Jamie thought, he fell silent when Ash called out to him.

“Why aren’t you saying anything?”




At her shout, Jamie looked at her.

“Who are you? How can a child know how to use such dangerous magic?”

As her identity was discovered, she was now asking for Jamie’s.

Was she the kind who felt like give and take had to be done?

If she was a little stronger, Jamie thought that she could attack with a spirit.

It was meaningless to think of ‘if’.

“My name is Jamie Welton.
The Heir to Count Welton.”

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“… eh?”

“Nice to meet you, Ash Balle.”


Another piece of information that her father gave her.

Viscount Balle was a subordinate of Count Welton.

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