Magic World (2)

[Magic World- Highest Magic Tower.]

[Conference Room]

A round table in the center of the room.

A hologram made of magic was floating in the center and it was a three dimensionally reduced map of the Seldam Kingdom.

A total of seven magicians were seated.

1st to 8th elders.

Only the 7th elder Siegfried was absent.

The first to open his mouth was an old man with long gray hair reminiscent of silver, the 1st elder Offen Ginger.

As the king’s mentor, he opened his mouth with a characteristic face.

“Everyone must have received the report for the 7th elder?”


The answer came from a woman wearing a robe of dull color, unlike Offen.

An impressive beauty with pale skin and long dark circles under her eyes.

The 6th elder, Avelhart Veven.

“My heart is shuddering at the thought of actually seeing the talent which the world looks up to.

A middle-aged man with a bountiful body and good looks, Luke Pretzel the 5th elder.
One of the leaders of the three factions.

He spoke confidently.

“Wouldn’t everyone be expecting to see him like us?”

“I am sure there must be a lot of exaggeration about him.”

The 3rd elder, Serpent Gerol replied.
Like the 1st elder, he was a royalist.

“Are you sure? How wonderful does a child have to be, to be called great? Wouldn’t he be around 4th class?”

“It sounds like you are saying Count Simon and I lied, Gerol.”

Marquis Linmel stared at Serpent coldly.

Serpent gulped at it.
And then looked at the 8th elder, Richeter Simon sitting opposite him.

He seemed uninterested in it.

“I-I didn’t mean that!”

“Then be quiet.
And don’t make others seem like liars.”


The voice of the 2nd elder, Marquis Linmel, was strong.

Offen came to his defense.

“Come now, it wasn’t like the 3rd elder had bad intentions, so calm down 2nd elder.”

“Calm down? What I said was the truth.”

I believe that.”

His tone sounded like he didn’t.

Linmel rolled his eyes and looked at Offen who smiled at him.

They two were official 8th class magicians in the Seldam Kingdom.

One in charge of the royal faction and the other in charge of the noble faction, which meant the two didn’t have a good relationship.

And it was the same now.

No harsh words were spoken, yet sparks flew between the two.

It is a day when we hear such good news, but isn’t it too suffocating with such a gloomy atmosphere?”

It was Luke, who set the mood.

He looked at Raymon Floris Shan, the 4th elder and asked.

“Aren't you looking forward to it?”

“It is always a pleasure to see a talented young man.”

“I feel so too.”

“In my eyes you are young too,”

“Is that so? Hahaha!”

Luke’s strength was that he didn’t have a hard time getting along with others.

Thanks to that, he was able to stand shoulder to shoulder with the leaders of the other factions in no time.

“So when is he coming?”

6th elder Adelhart asked, leaning back on the chair.

Serpent who looked at that.

“How is a woman acting like…”

“Being a bitch again.”

“What did you say?”

“You come on to me, I do the same.”

Adelhart raised her finger towards Serpent.

A gesture to come at her anytime.

Serpent who was ashamed of the woman's actions, yelled.

“You woman who isn’t much different from a dark magician…”

“But I am not a dark magician, right?”

Adelhart responded with a shrug.

Serpent had nothing more to say.

Offen sighed and said,

“Enough, Serpent.”


“You stop it too.
Today is an important day.”

Adelhart was back to leaning again as if she wasn’t interested in it.

“Hold yourself back.”

In the meantime, Luke whispered to her softly.

“Shut up, you rat stinking bastard.”

“You are being too much.”

Despite being yelled at, Luke smiled.


Like what he wanted to say regarding the new scouting

Marquis Linmel focused on his intentions as he lightly stroked the table with his palm.

“Since the 7th elder is in charge.
I think they will arrive later than we expect, so each of us have time to organize ourselves and our thoughts.”

“Thoughts huh? And what thoughts could the 2nd elder have?”

Offen asked, looking at him with a smile.

Linmel thought of this man like a snake.
Greed glistening in the eyes.

“He was a 9th class would-be.
We should do everything we can to help the magic world.”

“Magic World, this place?”

“Did the 1st elder have different thoughts?”

“Haha! What is this? We just welcome him.
Like any grandchild.”

At those words, Linmel almost puked.

What would the kind of man who never married and had kids know about a grandson?

“Well it is good.
The choice is up to the kid.”

It was Raymon, the 4th elder who spoke up.

As he took a sip, he recalled what Marquis Linmel said.

-Jamie doesn’t need a teacher.
He will grow up on his own.
That too at a tremendous speed.
What do you think will happen if that happens?

‘Now, no one will ever think of making him their disciple.’

In the past, Jamie was known to be a 4th class, so everyone wanted to make him their disciple.

However, now rumors are that he is a 6th class.
There were those who didn’t believe it but Raymon had a different idea.

A talent which Marquis Linmel guaranteed.

Can such a child be controlled?

‘I would feel lucky if I wasn’t eaten by him.’

Others see Jamie as a kid.
But not him.

Count Simon had a cold expression

And then his eyes met with Count Simon’s, the usual cold expression was on his face.

Count Simon bowed to Floris and then stood up.

“If we are going to have such a conversation, I’ll just get up.”

Saying that, the Count was ready to leave.

Offen looked at Count Simon and asked.

“So what do you plan to do?”

Count Simon stopped walking and turned his head as he answered.

“I will leave it for the child to choose.”

And he left.

Marquis Linmel smiled at that.
The same answer as Floris.

Marquis Linmel had the same thoughts, but if there was anything… it was the other elders.

‘The old men here won’t leave him alone.’

And that was sure.

Jamie’s life in this place would be quite turbulent.

“M-magic world?”

[What is a Magic world?]

Venna was surprised and Philion just tilted his head.

“You are going there?”

You too will come.”

“Me, why me…?”

Venna took a step back.

Jamie looked at her with pitiful eyes.


“Of course I am scared.
It is the holy land of magic.
And I am a dark magician…”

“You aren’t that great of a dark magician.”

“Still, I am 2nd class!”

She couldn't even perform anything, she could barely be called a 2nd class.

Let’s say she is class 1.5.
and she was going to call herself a dark magician which was embarrassing.

“Anyway, you are coming with me.
Or would you like to stay and be loved by Sarah?”

“… I will come.”

Sarah was more terrifying than anything else.

Just what happened between them that she was scared of a 3 year old kid?

Jamie felt a little bad at that, but he didn’t show it.
If he showed it and Venna noticed, she would exploit it.

“How long will it take to be back?”

“I don't know.
No information.”

“… then I won’t be able to see Sarah for a long time?”

“Feeling sorry?”

“A-as if.”

Venna always received love which was on the border of being bullying.
It was hard to hate Sarah.

She even said something like this about Sarah.

-Sarah is quite radical but when again would I receive such love?

She was tormented by dark magicians all her life.
Compared to that, Sarah’s actions were cute.
And the time they spent together was nice.

“We will come back sometimes.
And even meet Sarah.”


Don’t worry.
You have a lot to do.”

“What will I do…”

“The best magic institution in the Seldam Kingdom.
Even if it isn’t like Gremia, there will be a lot to do, right?”


A gloomy smile formed on Jamie’s face.

And Venna stepped back gulping in fear.

“Can I just not come along…?”

With a bright face Jamie answered, “No.”

The departure date was set.

Naturally, when Sears learned the truth, she cried while grabbing Jamie.

“To be away from my son for so long! I can’t do it, honey!”

The period of staying there was at least 3 years.

It wasn’t a long term, but that would mean Jamie would turn 10.

Jamie smiled and patted her back.

“I will come back sometime.
And write letters to you too.”

“Hic, my son, I can’t let you go…”

Come to think of it, his father would do fine, but Sears had never stayed away from Jamie.

Maybe 3 days max.

However, now they would be separated for almost 2 whole years or more.
It wasn’t like they wouldn’t meet again, but she wouldn’t be able to see him everyday like now.

“How can I let go of my child who is just 8 years old?”

“Calm down.”

“You are the worst of all! How, how could you do this without consulting me?!”

“I apologize for that, but wouldn’t you have snatched Jamie away?”

“Even so…”

Sears looked at her son.

How could a newborn kid who was as tall as her forearm, have such a reliable face?

She hugged him and cried again.
However, unlike before, she said nothing.

“Hic, brother, hic, don’t go!”

Instead, this time it was Sarah.

It wasn’t certain what was told to Sarah, but she knew that Jamie was leaving.

“I will come visit.
And I will write a lot of letters.”


Jamie wiped the sweat off his face after finally comforting his sister for an hour.

He knew it would be like this, but going through it was really daunting.

The Count has to go through this every day for a while.
And thinking about it, Jamie sighed.

On the other hand, he felt strange.

‘Tomorrow I won’t be here.’

He wouldn’t be seeing his family everyday.

‘A strange feeling.’

He knew he would be sad.

Jamie hugged his crying sister and stroked her hair.

The next time he would see her, she would have grown a lot.

Because kids grow up.

‘… I should write often.’

Jamie thought something he wouldn’t have thought a couple years back.

And the day of departure came.

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