It was a little strange that Ruan Shiqing did not get a warm response from the cub.
He habitually turned over his belly to check the wound but was startled by the hideous wound.
The wound that had been bandaged and treated unexpectedly burst open again.
The oozing blood glued the surrounding fur together.

    No wonder the little brat has no energy, he was in pain. Ruan Shiqing couldn't think about why the bandaged wound suddenly burst.
He carefully put the cub back into the nest, scrambling to find disinfectant and medicine, frowning while treating the wound for him.

    He moved very lightly while cleaning the sticky fur, he gently blew at the wound, and his expression seemed to be more solemn and sad than the injured person himself.
Rong Heng, who didn't take it seriously, actually felt a little guilty at this time.
Don't be sad, I don't hurt.

    “From now on, you must not move.”

    Ruan Shiqing blamed himself a little.
He felt that the reason why the cub's wound was cracked must be that the pup touched it accidentally when he was sleeping at night.
If he had thought of this sooner, he would have slept with the little brat in his arms and prevented him from moving around, it would not have been in vain again.

    Rong Heng, who still had a guilty conscience, did not dare to move anymore when he heard the words, and pretended to be obedient and lay back in the nest.

    Seeing that the teenager was still full of sorrow, he glanced at the book that had never been found, and simply stretched out his paw and patted it.
Look, gift.

    “This is…?” Ruan Shiqing's attention was really attracted to the past, his eyes widened, he picked up the book on the ground and read it in disbelief, although he could not understand the text, the picture above clearly told him that this was the book he needed.

    “Where did this come from?” Ruan Shiqing wondered one after another, but he couldn't hold back his excitement and curiosity.
He brought the little robot and asked eagerly, “Can you translate these books? “

    “Sure, sir.”

    Although the little robot is tattered, it is still polite, like a qualified gentleman.
The red light of the scanner swept across the book and reported the title of the book: “Your First Interstellar Language Learning Book”, “General History of Science and Technology of the Galactic Empire”, “Teach You to Become a Mechanic Master in 100 Days”, ” Mechanic Master Cultivation Manual”…”

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    A total of eight books, all of which Ruan Shiqing currently needs.

    He thought it was the Xiong brothers who found it for him at first, but then he thought that the other party said yesterday that he couldn't get it, so it couldn't be them.

    He could only look at the little cub in the nest and shook the book.”Did you see who sent it?”

    I sent it.
Rong Heng glanced at him, and gradually became more confident.

    He looked at Ruan Shiqing with his paws on his head but did not respond.
No one would suspect an injured cub.

    Seeing the little brat that doesn't understand what he said, Ruan Shiqing knew that it would be useless to ask, so he simply let it go.

    No matter who sent the book and what the purpose was, at least the other party's current behavior did not show malicious intent.
Assuming that the other party wants something from him in the future, then he will remember today's kindness, and he will pay it back when someone comes to him in the future.

    After thinking about it, Ruan Shiqing accepted the books with peace of mind. In an excited mood, he took the nutritional supplement hastily and hugged the little robot.
With its help, he looked at the “Common Language Learning Book” slowly and arduously. 

    He was immersed in the book for the whole day, and he didn't even move his position except for getting tubes of nutritional supplements for himself and the little one. If it hadn't been for the auction the next morning, Rong Heng suspected that he might have read books all night.

    Ruan Shiqing was really reluctant to put down the book in his hand.
As a scientific researcher, curiosity and the spirit of exploration are almost instinctive.
Before, the conditions could not really allow it, even if he was curious, he could only suppress it.
Now that someone has spread out a corner of the world to him for him to read, this temptation is really hard to resist.

    Fortunately, the only remaining reason stopped him.
He closed the book and carefully placed it in a corner.
Ruan Shiqing lay on his side, hugged the little cub in his arms, closed his eyes, and whispered to himself, “Go to sleep.”

    Rong Heng, who was wrapped in his arms, moved awkwardly, and in the end, he lay still.
Not just sleep.

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    The next day before dawn, Ruan Shiqing was called by the Xiong brothers.
Xiong Yuanyuan took the big cloth bag he found and called him from the door like a thief.

    Ruan Shiqing sat up in a daze, remembering what he was going to do today, he woke up with a jolt, and after tidying up in a hurry, he carried his cub and went out the door in the hazy sky.

    After finding the hidden drive and engine and taking it back, Ruan Shiqing seized the time to read the book for a while.
When it was almost time, he set off to the underground market.

    This time, the Xiong brothers took him another way, and Ruan Shiqing knew that there was not only one passage in the underground market.
It is like a huge underground crypt with countless cobweb-like passages.
What he found that day was just an inconspicuous one.

    A lot of people were participating in the auction, so the underground market was particularly lively today.
The trio plus an unassuming cloth bag did not attract any attention. According to the procedure, the three paid the fees and received the masks, cloaks, and black box.
After they were dressed up, they entered the auction venue.

    Here was another room, bigger and more ornate than the one of the marketplace.
In the main hall, twenty-four stone pillars are neatly arranged, and the momentum was magnificent.
At the very center, there is a circular platform that is a step higher, with the auction table as the center, and stepped seats radiate from low to high in a circular shape.

    The three found a place to sit down and waited for the auction to start.
The first session of the auction is a fixed session, and the auction items have long been set and announced.
The second session is the real free auction, as long as the auction party deems them as valuable items, they can be auctioned on stage.

    Ruan Shiqing came for the second auction.

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    Rongzai: What bad intentions can a puppy hook have?

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