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    “Where's the person?”

    “He was still in front of us, why did he disappear after turning a corner?” The lowered voice was filled with anxiety, and the two figures sneakily walked two steps, trying to find the lost person.

    Ruan Shiqing breathed lightly, pressed his body tightly against the stone wall, and observed the shadows projected on the ground sideways.
There were two people on the other side, with strong physiques.

    Assessing the strength of both men, Ruan Shiqing decided to strike first.
His research institute was affiliated with the military, and in his spare time, he would organize instructors from the army to teach him some fighting skills for self-defense.
As it happens, Ruan Shiqing's fighting class is very good.

    He groped for a small stone from the uneven wall and threw it gently in front of him.
The slight sound of the stone falling to the ground really attracted the attention of one of them, and the other party took a few steps to investigate.

    At this moment, Ruan Shiqing suddenly appeared and attacked.

    First hit the opponent's nose with a punch, and then take advantage of the pain in the opponent's moment, and then a flying kick, kicked the person off the stone steps.
The stone steps are steep and narrow, and very slippery, even a normal fall can't bear it, let alone rolling down.

    The other person saw his brother rolling down the stone steps, and panicked to help him, but couldn't stand firm.
His feet slipped and the two brothers hugged and rolled down together. 

    Ruan Shiqing: “…?”

    He himself was surprised, he didn't expect to solve the two strong men so easily.
He picked up the little robot.
Hearing the movement below, he was about to leave when he heard cries coming from the dark passage.

    First a very suppressed sob, then a howling, and finally a howling duo.

I beat people to tears?

    Ruan Shiqing was stunned, hesitated for a while, and in the spirit of humanitarian concern, decided to go down and have a look.
    Don't beat people up randomly…

    Fishing out the homemade flashlight from his pocket, Ruan Shiqing went down a dozen steps and saw two big men sitting on the ground, crying with their heads in their arms.
While crying, the ears of the black bear in the semicircle above his head were shaking.

    There is a trace of humor in the tragedy.

    Ruan Shiqing hurriedly pinched the tip of the dog's ear, he could not hold back his smile. He cleared his throat and motioned to the little robot to translate, “Are you all right?”

    The two big men stopped crying, the elder blew his nose and looked at him, “Are you going to beat us?”

    The second child continued, “It's our fault to rob you, but we can't do anything about it.
We can't get wages, and we haven't eaten for three days.”

    After finishing speaking, the empty and deflated stomach seemed to be unwilling to be lonely, and it made a gurgling sound one after another.
The two brothers held hands and looked at each other with tears in their eyes, and wanted to cry again.

    I'm so hungry and life is so hard.

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    woo woo woo woo QAQ

(T/N – woo is the crying onomatopoeia in the Chinese languages)

    Ruan Shiqing: …How can such a big man be so miserable?

    Since the picture of the two bears hugging in pain is too touching (?), Ruan Shiqing hesitated for a while, but still took out two tubes of nutritional supplements and handed them to them.
Work, stop learning to rob.”

    Otherwise, if I encounter a hard stumbling block again, no one will give it back to me so kindly.
(T/N – Possibly talking about karma?)

    The second child glanced at the nutritional supplements, his eyes were full of desire, but he did not reach out, and muttered, “We have offended people and can't find a job.”

    This also starts with the work of the two brothers.
They started out as apprentices in a repair shop.
According to the rules of the repair shop, to be an apprentice, you need to pay a tuition fee of 5,000 star coins, including teaching and meeting.

    On Junk Star 3024, most ships are all kinds of repair shops.
The living standards of the residents here are not high, and most of the machines and travel vehicles used at home are scraped together from the garbage dump.
Naturally, it is easy to break, so the business of the repair shop is getting better and better.

    Together, the two brothers thought it was a good deal, so they took out all their money to pay the tuition and became an apprentice in a repair shop.

    But half a year later, they will not do anything other than fight.
After leaving the apprenticeship, the owner of the repair shop kept them, and they had to do all the dirty work, but for three months in a row, except for two tubes of nutritional supplements a day, the salary was not even one star.
The brothers felt something wrong and began to ask for wages.

    As a result, the boss, Cadelou, had a connection with the patrol captain in the inner city.
Not only did he not pay the salary, but he also found someone to beat them up and throw them out, spreading that no one else was allowed to hire the brothers. 

    The brothers could not find a job, so they could only try to find some valuable things in the junkyard to sell, but the people who they tried to sell to heard about them and either didn't accept the things or kept prices very low.
The two brothers struggled for a month and a half, and they were really desperate, so they set their sights on Ruan Shiqing, who was alone.

    In the end, they didn't expect Ruan Shiqing, someone, so thin and weak, to be so fierce, that it really hurt to get beaten.

    The elder sobbed as if angered by the past humiliation, and said with a heavy nasal voice, “Let's go to Cadelou, he made it difficult for us, so we make it difficult for him too!”

    “That's right, bare feet are not afraid of losing shoes!” The second child said immediately.

    The two brothers supported each other and stood up, as if they were going to die with Cadelou.


    Ruan Shiqing thought that since the brothers were bullied like this for no reason, they were really stupid.
However, the good thing is that the people are not bad, and can be investigated.

    “I was thinking of hiring you two to run errands for me.” Ruan Shiqing spoke in time to stop them.

    It's not that his sympathy is overflowing, but that he must have a place to stay in this strange place.
The abandoned aircraft shells in the junkyard could be used, but he couldn't move them alone.
These two people are big enough, it's just right.

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    He also plans to sell the hidden drive and engine as soon as possible, if the two brothers can pass the inspection, this matter can be handed over to them.

    Ruan Shiqing made up his mind, and took the initiative to offer a condition, “One person per day given a 100 star coins plus two tubes of nutritional supplements, try it out for a day, if the work is done well, there will be more work later and even a raise.”

    One hundred star coins a day is not much, but for the two brothers who are desperate, it is tantamount to giving coal in the winter.

    The brothers wiped away their tears and snot, if it weren't for the pain in their bodies, they would have wanted to lift Ruan Shiqing up and turn around a few times.

    Looking at the thin and thin young man in front of him, the second child subconsciously touched his nose. Woo, it hurts.

    After the three agreed, they left the underground market together.

    The brothers followed Ruan Shiqing from left to right.
The elder Xiong Fangfang was relatively calm and didn't talk much.
The second child, Xiong Yuanyuan, is a talker, and he never stops once he opens his mouth.
Ruan Shiqing was not bothered but got a lot of useful information from it.

    For example, the place where they were located was only the outer city, and there was an inner city in the east, which is stable and prosperous, but they must have an ID card to enter.
Another example is the snake-faced man he met before was named Hornick.
He is the boss of the southern district of the outer city.
He was insidious, cunning, and vengeful.

    “Even Kadrew wouldn't dare to provoke Hornick easily,” Xiong Yuanyuan said, “Hornick's teeth are highly poisonous, and no one wants to confront him.
Except for Marin, the boss of the North District, Ma Lin's animal form is the giant eagle of Arda…”

    Before he finished speaking, he saw Hornick leading people straight towards them, aggressive.
Speak of the devil and the devil is here.

    The brothers looked nervous, guarding Ruan Shiqing to avoid being accidentally injured.
Ruan Shiqing didn't hide, instead, he gestured to them to step aside.
The two could only hesitantly retreat to the side.

    Hornick naturally came to find Ruan Shiqing.

    The parts on the silver falcon have been removed by him.
They were sent to the shop to show the repairman, but the other party said that the damage is too serious and cannot be repaired.
Even the most precious parts are not worth much if they are broken.

    After a long time, he took back a pile of rubbish and posted notice of a 100 star coins for them.
Hornick was about to explode with anger.
He suspected that the kid who led him also sold the news to others, so the drive and engine of the “Silver Falcon” were taken first.

    Before Ruan Shiqing came back, he had already sent someone to look for him several times, so he could capture him for torture.
As soon as Ruan Shiqing appeared, he received a subpoena from his subordinates and hurried over with him.

    Ruan Shiqing had expected this to happen, he hugged the tattered little robot in his arms, shrugged his shoulders, and looked at Hornick's appearance full of fear, as if he had done something wrong thing.

    Hornick was too lazy to talk nonsense with him, and pulled the boy up by the collar and asked roughly, “Who else did you sell the news of the Silver Falcon to?”

    He didn't feel that the boy in front of him had the guts to hide the drive and engine, just like him, maybe he didn't even know where the drive and engine were.
Mostly before him, he also sold the news to others.

    “No, no one.” Ruan Shiqing's words were translated by the little robot, which made him even more guilty.

    “If you don't tell me, I'll kill you now.” Hornick sneered, sticking out the tip of his forked tongue, and his two fangs were about to move.

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    Ruan Shiqing seemed to be frightened, his body trembled slightly, but he still gritted his teeth and said, “If I say it, I will die too.” 


    He was terrified to the extreme but still clenched his teeth.

    Hornick didn't think he had a backbone, instead, he showed a thoughtful look, and there was only one person who dared to make an idea on his territory in the southern district.
“Is it Marin?”

    Ruan Shiqing's body trembled suddenly, but he still shook his head and whispered, “You, you can't beat him…”

    “Huh?” Hornick laughed angrily at him, and said gloomily, “Then just wait and see, and I'll take care of you after I kill him.”

    After he finished speaking, he pushed the person away and took his men to the north.

    Getting up from the ground, Ruan Shiqing first glanced nervously at the little cub in the coat, seeing that the cub was not frightened at all, but looked at him with wet eyes, and couldn't help pursing his lips smiled.

    Ruan Shiqing: My cub is so cute, so good.

    Rong Heng: Hey, you can continue acting.


    When the crisis was resolved, Ruan Shiqing patted the dust off his body and ushered the confused Xiong brothers to lead the way, “Let's go, let's go to the North District.”


    Xiong Fangfang lead the way and Xiong Yuanyuan stuck to Ruan Shiqing's side.
After looking around, he asked sneakily, “How did you provoke Hornick?”


    “I didn't provoke him,” Ruan Shiqing corrected, ”To be precise, he came to provoke me.”


    So, he just responded reasonably.
Xiong Yuanyuan didn't understand the difference between who provokes the other first, but worried, “Then will Hornick come to trouble you again?”


    “If he is still alive, probably.” Ruan Shiqing is not worried about this.


    A South District boss, a North District boss; a snake, an eagle.
This sounds like the nemesis of ten lifetimes.
Now he had set another fire in the middle, so when they're finished, it's still a question of whether they can remember him.
Moreover, even if he really came to the door, when he was familiar with this world, he would not be afraid.


    So he followed the brothers to the North District in a good mood and then sent the two to find the aircraft shell that met the requirements.


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    In the same junk dump, the environment in the north is not much better than that in the south.
The only difference is that the North District looks more diverse.
In addition to the Bis, there are also ancient humans like him, as well as evolutionary humans who are stronger than the ancient humans.


    The Bis people are races with beast characteristics like the Bear brothers and Hornick.
In fact, they all have their own sub-races, but for the convenience of distinction and name, they are collectively referred to as the Bis people


    He learned from Xiong Yuanyuan that the planet they were on belonged to the Galactic Empire.
The Galactic Empire is huge, with nine administrative regions spanning 24 galaxies and more than 300 planets under its jurisdiction.
There are more than a thousand races.


    Among these races, the ancient humans he belongs to are the weakest races.
In the long history of the development of the universe, both the Bis and the evolutionary people have become more adapted to interstellar life.
Only the ancient human beings did not think ahead and were still weak.


    When he listened to Xiong Yuanyuan’s remarks, he only felt that the ancient human and the evolutionary man did not sound very different, and even the evolutionary man evolved from the ancient man.
Why did they differentiate into two races?


    But, after seeing it for real, he understood what Xiong Yuanyuan meant by saying that ancient humans were too weak.
On the edge of the garbage dump, there are evolutionary people working.
The male evolutionary man is more than two meters tall, and can lift the damaged aircraft shell four or five times its size with his bare hands.
Female evolutionary people are slightly shorter, but they are all over 1.8 meters, and their strength does not seem to be much smaller than that of males.


    In such a comparison, he does look weak.
It is probably due to malnutrition caused by the long-term lack of food.
His current body is only 1.75 meters, and his skeleton is thin, making him weaker looking.
Not to mention lifting a heavy object four or five times its size, it is difficult to even drag it on the ground.


    However, Ruan Shiqing is not discouraged at all.
In his original world and the long history of the universe, there are too many races that are stronger than humans, but in the end, they passed the test of survival of the fittest.
The only intelligent species that survived were Humanity.


    The human body may not be strong enough, but the intelligent mind is the best weapon.
This principle is the same even in the present world.


Ruan Shiqing was not at all timid because of his thin physique.
He chose the location of his new home indifferently, ignoring the seemingly innocent or even malicious gazes around him. When he chose the place, the Xiong brothers had just come back with a huge aircraft cabin.




The author has something to say:


Rong Zai: He is not big, but he has a lot of heart.


Xiao Ruan:? I shouldn't have said that

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