quickened his pace, turned a corner, and saw a huge stone-carved arch.
Behind the arch, there was an empty and bright crypt packed with various stalls and haggling customers, their voices loud.

    These people either wear animal ears, show animal tails, or even bargain directly in the form of beasts.
The goods on the stalls are even more bizarre, although Ruan Shiqing's worldview has long been broken, under this situation, there was still a momentary increase in his heart rate and blood pressure.

    After calming down a little, Ruan Shiqing walked into the crypt.
Everyone was busy and didn't notice a new arrival.

    He pretended to be skilled and wandered in the crypt, but he was actually observing secretly.
Occasionally, the stall owner greeted him, but the language was very unfamiliar, and he could only pass by without squinting.

    The crypt is very large and there are many stalls.
Ruan Shiqing kept walking inside, trying to find a robot like Alex, but unfortunately, after walking for a long time, he did not see anything similar.
Instead, a familiar voice caught his attention.

    In an inconspicuous corner, a person sat cross-legged in front of a stall with few goods, the whole person was covered by a brown cloak, and he could not see his face.

    “Clearance sale, the last few items, the clearance sale is on, don't miss it when you pass by…” This man is like a repeating machine with Tai Mode's feelings as he tirelessly shouts and repeats words.
Occasionally, a language that Ruan Shiqing did not understand was interspersed, but based on the similar frequency, it was estimated to be the interstellar version of the “clearance sale”.

    Ruan Shiqing stopped and observed for a while, then walked towards the man's booth.
The other party saw him approaching and asked in Mandarin, “What does the guest want?”

    Ruan Shiqing glanced at the goods on the booth and asked casually, “Do you have a translation robot here?”

    He didn't have much hope at first, he just wanted to use this pretext to get close to the stall owner, and then asked if he knew where to buy a cheap translation robot, but the other party was excited.
“Yes, yes, yes.” He then picked up a tattered little robot from the booth and enthusiastically marketed it, “This is a type IV life-assisting robot produced by Naxi Company, loaded with 260 interstellar languages, and it only costs 998, absolutely worth the money!”

    As if afraid of Ruan Shiqing's disbelief, he bowed his head and fiddled around, turned on the tattered robot, and was greeted in influent Mandarin: “Mr.
Xianxian, you, hello, number 09…
, for, for you, to serve.”

    Ruan Shiqing: ?? Oh, I've run into a killer.

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    He looked indifferent: “Don't try to lie to me, I have seen a Naxi IV robot, and this one in your hand, let alone an IV robot, doesn't look like a robot.
It can't be more than 200 star coins.” A small pile of tattered pieces was placed on the booth, and it was impossible to find out that this was still a robot.


    Unexpectedly, he knows the goods.
The stall owner smiled slyly, “I think the little brother has a good face.
If you really want it, it can't be less than 400.”


    Ruan Shiqing was well versed in the routine of bargaining and was ready to go.

    The stall owner really insisted, “210 is too little, I can't even earn back the cost, 203, do you see 230 lines?”

    “Deal.” Ruan Shiqing turned around, picked up the tattered little robot, and studied, “Is it not broken?”

    The little robot is quite good at self-promoting, and immediately responded, “No, no broken! I, I know two hundred and eighty one…
interstellar, language.” Twenty-one more than type IV Kind of!

    “That's it.”

    After all, it only cost 230 Star Coins, and he also knew that the state of the little robot would not be very good.
However, he doesn't need the little robot to do anything else, as long as it can act as a translator temporarily, and he will slowly learn the Interstellar Common Language himself, and after he learns it, he won't need a robot translation.

    “Thank you for your patronage.” The stall owner took out a small bottle of motor oil and handed it to him.
“This is a gift, the joints of the robot often need some oil.”

    After he finished speaking, he opened his hand to Ruan Shiqing, waiting to receive the money.

    Ruan Shiqing lowered his head calmly and discussed with the dog.
“Where are the star coins that Dad gave you to keep?”

    “…” Rong Heng removed his claws expressionlessly.
His temporary master is poorer than he imagined.

    Ruan Shiqing rubbed his little head with a smile and put a hundred star coins into the hand of the stall owner.
“This is the deposit, the remaining balance will be paid after I sell the goods in my hand.”

    Stall owner: ???

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    Ruan Shiqing took the little robot into the crowd before he could react.

    As he walked along the way, he observed carefully.
There were several booths with similar goods that were in his hands.
Now that he has a small robot, he can just ask about the situation.

    Fortunately, the demand for the three parts he removed was relatively large, and the condition was relatively new.
After the price was compared with the three, Ruan Shiqing sold it to the second one for 1,330 star coins.

    After paying the balance of the little robot, there are still one thousand and two left.
After spending another 400 star coins to buy four tubes of nutritional supplements and two tubes of trauma medicine, Ruan Shiqing happily left the market with the dog in his arms.

    He didn't notice the two figures sneaking behind him.

    Ruan Shiqing had a puppy in his coat and a small robot in his hand.
Compared to when he came down, his footsteps were much lighter, and even the shadow behind him seemed to be excited.

    The two brothers who followed him by hiding in the dark were not far nor near, but there was a small dispute in the corner.

    “Really? He looks poorer than us.”

    “I saw that he sold the aircraft parts to Endor, bought nutritional supplements and medicines, and still carried eight hundred star coins in his pocket.
Although it is not much, it is enough for us to buy nutritional liquid It's been a few days.”

    “But we stole his money, what should he do?”

    The question made them both silent at the same time.
After a while, the boss said, “Then leave the nutritional supplements and medicines to him.
The big deal is that we will pay him back when we get the money back.”

    The whispers in the dark did not escape Rong Heng's ears.
He shook his ears and snorted unhappily.
He was hesitating whether to take action to remind the teenager when I felt the top of my head being rubbed.

    Looking up, he saw the boy's body clinging to the wall, just hiding in a shadow.
The tattered little robot he just bought was cherished by his feet, so as not to break it later.
After doing all this, he lowered his eyes, rubbed his head again, and whispered in a voice, “Don't be afraid, and don't make noise, you know?”

    This look doesn't seem so vigilant, but the courage is not small.

    Rather, he is nosy.
Rong Heng snorted lightly and leaned back lazily.

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