“Energy exhausted, are you ready to make a forced landing?”

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    “Energy exhausted, are you ready to make a forced landing?”

    “Energy exhausted, are you ready to…”

    Red light flashes in the cockpit, and a mechanical sound warns again and again.

    The man in the driver's seat crossed his legs and leaned back in the driver's seat.
Even in such a critical situation, there was not much panic.
He stared for a long time at the slowly spinning grey planet within view from the driver's window.

    After a long time, it seems that he finally made some kind of difficult decision.
The man brushed the short hair in front of his forehead with one hand, leaned forward slightly, and slowly covered the eye-catching light with his well-defined palm.
The red button is pressed.

    A deep voice echoed in the cockpit: “Crash landing!”

    “The emergency landing procedure is starting, please fasten your seat belt…”

    The high-speed shuttle ignited the last fuel, the thrusters roared, and rushed towards the gray planet at full speed—

    A meteor streaks across the long night on Junk Star B3024.
Then, from the depths of the mountain-like garbage dump, there was a loud explosion.

    The residents at the edge looked up and looked back as if nothing had happened.
Such sights are no longer surprising on this planet.

    Junk Star B3024, as its name suggests, is the waste disposal center of Capital Star.
These piles of waste, transported from the capital, are always disposed of in the middle of the night, often making noises that disturb the residents.
They have become used to it.

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    Only one person was attracted by the explosion, hesitated for a while, and searched for the source of the sound.

    Ruan Shiqing trudged through piles of the waste foot by foot.
When he was tired, he stopped to rest for a while and then continued to move forward.

    He is severely malnourished, and there are large and small skin injuries on his body.
Ruan Shiqing has only been through it for three days, so he cannot adapt well to this strange feeling of weakness.

    After 40 minutes of trekking, his quick-beating heart began to tighten and throb in protest, and he had to stop again to rest.
Fortunately, not far away was the source of the explosion that he was looking for – a crashed aircraft.

    There was no one on the seat, and there was a burning smell from the explosion and a strong smell of blood in the air.
A clear blood trail snaked to the right as if someone had left the cockpit.

    Unexpectedly, under such a violent impact, there are still people who can survive.
After thinking for a while, Ruan Shiqing decided to go and have a look.

    In the huge waste disposal site, the abandoned aircraft shells are stacked into towers, casting sharp shadows in the deserted moonlight.
In the shadows intertwined with light and dark, a figure lay reclining with its head lowered, and its face was blurred by the shadows as if falling into a coma.

    Ruan Shiqing approached, the faint light of the homemade flashlight dispelled the darkness around him, and only then did he see the person in front of him clearly.
There is a fist-sized blood hole in the man's waist and abdomen.
The flesh is rolled up, and the edges are faintly charred and black.
It is very likely that some kind of weapon penetrated the abdomen, and the curled flesh is caused by the high temperature attached to the weapon.

    This should be a very disciplined soldier, but he just fell here without knowing what happened.

    The closeness and trust toward soldiers made Ruan Shiqing get closer.
He squatted down to feel the other party’s breath.

    He was caught off guard by this man's eyes, Ruan Shiqing's eyes moved from his dark golden eyes, which were different from ordinary people, to the black horns of his forehead, and the long white hair neatly bundled at the back of his head.
It was only later that he realized that the person in front of him was not of the same species as him—even if he was a soldier, the other person might not be a good person.

    The wrist was grabbed in pain, and the language the other party spoke was completely incomprehensible.
Ruan Shiqing pursed his lips and could only shake his head, trying to look harmless to show that he was not malicious.

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    Dark golden eyes narrowed, and Rong Heng scrutinized the person in front of him.

    The movement was attracted, and it had nothing to do with the group of people who attacked him.

    He snorted, let go of the person, and made a gesture to let him leave: “Go away.”

    Although he couldn't understand the other party's language, he could understand the movements.

    Seeing that he let him leave, Ruan Shiqing didn't want to provoke this person of unknown origin, so he got up and left quickly, lest the other party suddenly regret it.

    Rong Heng kept staring at his back until he was sure that the other party had left, then frowned and looked at the ferocious wound on his waist and abdomen.
He thought for a moment, then stumbled to his feet and made his way towards the shuttle. 


    After returning from the depths of the garbage mountain, Ruan Shiqing kept thinking about the crashed aircraft.

    Although the damage is very serious, for such a large aircraft, some useful parts can still be disassembled.
If the valuable parts on the aircraft were disassembled before being discovered by others and sold for resale, they should be able to exchange for some coins or food.

    His original world is highly technologically advanced, and human beings have broken through the limitations of the earth to explore the universe.
He is a researcher at the Military Weapons Research Institute, and he knows the structure of various high-tech weapons and vehicles.
Although the level of technological development in this world is still unclear for the time being, the so-called one-stop-shop, these basic operations are not difficult for him.
    The only problem now is the language barrier, he cannot communicate with the aborigines here and get the information he wants.

    And the original owner of this body is very poor, not only has no shelter, but even the food stored is only enough for three days.

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    From now on, he will have to figure out how to make a living.

    After thinking about it, he couldn't help but find the aircraft again.

    Yesterday, the person was so badly injured that he might not be able to last a night; In short, no matter the possibility, the crashed aircraft is likely to be discarded.

    Thinking of this, Ruan Shiqing ate the little food left, avoided the crowd, and went to the depths of the garbage mountain again along the route last night.

    He deliberately kept his movements light, first glanced at the place where the man was hiding last night, and seeing that there was only a pool of oxidized and blackened blood, he breathed a sigh of relief and walked briskly walk in the direction of the aircraft.

    The aircraft landed on its head when it landed, because the head was the most damaged, and the middle and tail parts were relatively well preserved.
Occupational disease caused trouble, Ruan Shiqing did not rush to disassemble it, but firstly inspected the entire aircraft.
He is like a child who just got a new toy, but whenever he finds new parts, he will study it with a great interest for a long time.

    It's a pity that the technology here is very different from the technology in his original world.

    After spending most of the day studying the general structure of the aircraft, he began to disassemble it.

    The core components of an aircraft are the drive and the engine.
The drive ensures the sailing speed and the engine generates propulsive power.
These two are naturally the most valuable parts of the entire aircraft.

    He removed the drive and engine and carefully hid them before proceeding to dismantle the remaining bits and pieces.
This aircraft had been overloaded for a long time.
Although the damage to the middle and tail is not very serious, many parts inside are damaged due to the overload.
Ruan Shiqing couldn't repair it, and couldn't move so much, so he could only reluctantly give up.

    As if reminding him all the time that this is not the familiar world.

    Sighing softly, Ruan Shiqing rubbed his belly, which was constantly protesting, and rummaged around in the aircraft, trying to find some food to feed his stomach.
As a result, the food was not found, and the fingers did not know where they touched.
The smooth bottom of the aircraft suddenly separated to both sides, and an elliptical sealed cabin was raised.

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    The capsule has no apparent purpose, and there is only one button, Ruan Shiqing pressed it with the desire and expectation for food.

    The three-meter-long oval sealed cabin slowly opened from the middle, revealing the empty interior.

    In fact, it wasn't cleared, and a white military uniform stained with blood was thrown into it at will.
But, it makes no difference whether it is or not.

    Ruan Shiqing:…

    White is happy.

(T/N- No clue what this means and why they included it)
    He was about to close the cabin but suddenly noticed the end further away from him.
There was a small, fluffy, white ball curled up.
The snow-white fur almost integrated with the snow-white bulkhead.

    Ruan Shiqing walked to the other end, leaned over to check, and was surprised to find that it was a weak animal cub.

    The cub's fur was white and fluffy, the small head hidden under the belly, and the fluffy tail wrapped around the whole body; wrapping itself tightly into a ball.
Only the top of the head showed a pair of triangular ears with rounded and blunt tips that looked soft to the touch, much like Snowball, the pet dog he once kept.

    Snowball was a Samoyed, and it was a white and fluffy ball when it was a pup.

    The familiar feeling made Ruan Shiqing feel soft.
He carefully picked up the dog, only to find that he was not asleep, but injured.
The puppy's tightly curled abdomen had a fist-sized bloody hole, the flesh was curled, and the oxidized blood coagulated into black clots on the fur around the wound.
Such a terrible injury occupied almost the entire abdomen of the puppy.
If not for the warm body temperature and the imperceptible heaving of his abdomen, it almost made one think he was dead.

    Ruan Shiqing thought of the man he saw last night.
The other side had also suffered a very serious injury to his abdomen, but at this time the other side may have been treated by his companions, and this poor little brat could only be abandoned on the aircraft, struggling alone, and finally dying.

    As if he was struggling alone in this different world where no future in sight, Ruan Shiqing's heart was sour, he held the puppy in his arms, and said softly, “Since no one wants you, just come home with me.”

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