owing the master's rainbow fart. My master's skills are so awesome, you will come to find him soon!

    It's a pity that no one can hear his inner cry.

    09 glanced around and felt the loneliness of the treasure hidden in the box that no one appreciated.

    Ruan Shiqing didn't pay much attention to these discussions.
His attention was attracted by a group of soldiers.
In recent days, soldiers on patrol can often be seen everywhere in the outer city. This has never happened before.

    When he arrived at the underground market, he casually mentioned the sudden appearance of a patrol of soldiers using the pretext of selecting parts.

    “You saw those guards?” The stall owner excitedly said, “Do you know the auction a while ago?”

    Ruan Shiqing nodded calmly, “Yes, it seems that something was lost at the auction.”

    “That's right! The finale of the auction was a nine-tailed fox cub.” After that, the cub was lost! It is said that the buyer was a big man in the inner city, and he was very angry.
He suspected that someone had sneaked into the warehouse of the auction and stolen the cub of the nine-tailed fox clan.
The patrol team in the inner city had been sent to search everywhere for a few days.”

    He spread out his hands gloatingly, “But I didn't even find a single fox fur.”

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    It turned out to be this.
Thinking of the little fox that looked like a ball of fire, Ruan Shiqing didn't know for a while whether he wanted it to be found or not.

      After a while, he felt amused again.
No matter if he can find it or not, he can't do anything about it. Shaking his head, Ruan Shiqing handed over the newly purchased anti-gravity thruster to 09, and then returned to Luther’s home to replace new parts for the shuttle racing car.


    On the other side, at home, Rong Heng lay on the windowsill to bask in the sun.

    Although it was artificial sunlight, the warm feeling was not fake, he squinted his eyes comfortably, and the tail swinging slightly behind him showed his good mood.

    As the heir of the empire, His Royal Highness seldom had such leisure time. When he was a puppy, his mother had begun to teach him strictly, and his life was filled with various lessons; after his mother died, his relationship with his father became more and more alienated.
In addition to entering the growing season, he was sent to the Yanjisi region to be stationed, fighting against the Zerg day and night.

    In the past 26 years, there were only a handful of warm times.
Instead, he accidentally landed on this remote planet, which made him feel at ease.
Without the shackles of the imperial crown prince, he can freely show his emotions.
He could also stay away from political struggles and conspiracies, temporarily unload the burden on his shoulders, and gain short-term peace.

    There was a faint sound of water splashing from his side.
Rong Heng squinted to look and see that the mermaid was holding his tail to examine it carefully. After a period of treatment, the wounds on his tail have begun to heal, and even thin, soft scales have grown in some places.
The newly-born scales reflected tiny blue shimmers in the sunlight, which made the ugly, uneven fishtail a little more pleasing to the eye.

Rong Heng snorted softly. Thinking of the calculating ministers in Sikkim, he felt that this artificial mermaid is not so annoying.

    On the contrary, the little mermaid noticed his gaze, and after finding that he was staring at his fish tail, he hurriedly hid it under the water, his ear fins opened nervously, and his eyes widened and stared at him. The water swayed and the waves cast light and shadow.
The two rubber ducks rose and fell with the water, revealing the little mermaid's uneasy mood.

    Rong Heng noticed that he tried to roll his tail back, trying to hide it.
He jumped off the windowsill with a light snort, left the second floor, and went to the first floor.

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    Seeing him leave, the little mermaid breathed a sigh of relief, his ear fins drooped listlessly, and the fishtail, which had not yet grown full scales, swayed gently underwater.

    Rong Heng was going to visit the workshop of the ancient human boy.

    He originally thought that the other party was a smart young man, but he did not expect that he would be able to repair the PL-3.
Although many parts have been simplified, it is also very shocking on such a remote planet. What's more, he knew that the boy didn't even speak Interstellar at the beginning and even the first books were found by him. No one knows better than him the rapid growth of this young man.
He was rarely curious.

    He walked to the door of the workshop, and was about to go in, but heard the sound of the other side. The house was being burglarized?

    Rong Heng took a step, turned the direction lightly, and checked the source of the sound.
The place where the sound is made in the kitchen.

    In this place, the kitchen is mostly useless, but just a decoration, but, he knew that Ruan Shiqing had purchased a batch of nutrients and stored them in the refrigerator.

    He restrained his breath and hid at the door of the kitchen.
The little thief in the kitchen didn't notice his presence. Next to the door of the refrigerator, a few crimson fox tails swayed, then, a thin body emerged holding several tubes of nutritional supplements in his arms. 

    It was a 5- or 6-year-old human-like little girl.
The fox ears on top of her head and the fox tails behind her were not retracted.
A pair of cold silver eyes hid the familiar rebelliousness and agility.

    The author has something to say: 

    Rong cub: It is useless to hide, I have seen it all |ω·)

    Fish cub: ! ! (Yuyu is angry)

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