09 took a few minutes to adjust to the new body.
Ruan Shiqing lubricated his joints, and the originally stiff joints became more flexible.
With his right leg back, his knee slightly bent, one hand in front of his chest and the other behind his back, he bowed his head to Ruan Shiqing, “Thank you for giving me a new life, sir.”

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    “You're welcome, just take it as a thank you for teaching me Interstellar Common Language.” He tapped his finger on the smart brain’s virtual screen.
Ruan Shiqing connected to the smart brain network with 09.
“Most of your functional partitions are broken, and it will take some time to repair.
But I have reconnected the network for you, so you can learn by yourself.” 

    Robots in the interstellar era have strong self-learning abilities.
Although the damage cannot be repaired for a while, it does not prevent 09 from becoming his new assistant.
A large amount of information is entered into the robot's storage area via the holographic network.

    09 sighed contentedly, “It feels so good to be filled with knowledge.”

    He quickly browsed the information in the holographic network, and set words such as “housekeeper”, “housekeeping”, and “nanny” as filter keywords.
He screened out a large number of related books and stored them separately.

    The gradually filled partition makes him feel at ease.
He will study hard for the whole housekeeping knowledge in the storage area and never let himself be unemployed!

    09 moved freely while Ruan Shiqing began to repair the functional partition of 09.

    The structure of the functional zoning plates is very delicate, and they have been violently damaged.
Ruan Shiqing still has very limited knowledge about the structure and principle of such delicate electronic components. 

    09, who was allowed to move freely, circled around him. First, clean up the workbench, sort the remaining materials, and clean up the useless waste…

    After tidying up the entire workshop, he mused over the wreckage removed from himself.
After a while, he held the wreckage and asked Ruan Shiqing, “Sir, can I bury this wreckage under the vines in the yard?”

    On the display, two yellow lights that simulated human eyes flashed. He remembered that before the shutdown, sir said he could bury himself.

    Ruan Shiqing glanced at the little robot that seemed to have a sense of ritual, smiled, and nodded, “This is your body, you can handle it yourself.”

    He chose a corner where the falling star vines were particularly lush, dug a hole, and buried the old body in it very solemnly.
It is autumn now, and soon, the ripe falling-star fruits will fall in large clusters.
Like stars thrown into the arms of the Milky Way.

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    After burying the old body, 09 felt like he had accomplished a great thing.
He carefully cleaned the dirt off his new body, and when he was about to go back to the house, he found a figure loitering at the door.

    09 vigilantly straightened up and walked towards the door.
“Sir, you have been wandering in front of my master's shop five times, may I help you?

    Luther was startled by him and breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that it was a robot only about waist high.
He was a little embarrassed and pointed to the sign hanging on the door, “Is this a repair shop?”

    In fact, he has been looking for more than ten repair shops in a row, but after the shop owner heard what he said, the prices quoted were very high.
So, he had no choice but to come to this new shop to try his luck.

(T/N OMG, our very first customer!)

    This repair shop is actually very prominent, but the style seems too out of place compared with other repair shops on this street.
The repair shops on this street are very rough in style.
The shops are full of various materials and items to be repaired, and the owners are also rude.

    But the shop looks so…clean and tidy, with even plants in the yard, it doesn't look like a repair shop, but like the well-kept homes of rich people.
So much so that he hovered at the door, four or five times, but did not dare to enter the door to ask.

    “Yes, sir, you really found the right place here, my master's repair skills are very good.” 09 heard that he was a guest and immediately began to market.
He reconnected to the internet so his vocabulary was richer than before, and he sold harder, “Look at me, ten minutes ago, I was just a pile of rubbish, thanks to the new life my master gave me, I can stand here.

    He even made a 360-degree rotation in front of the guest, showing off his brand new body in all directions.
This little golden robot did look very delicate, and Luther was a little impressed.
After all, there are not many repair shops that could repair such delicate objects as robots.
Most of them could only repair some simple household objects and transportation vehicles.

    He followed 09 into the door. The little robot took small and fast steps, entered the room in front of him, and said with a cheery voice, “Sir, there are guests.”

    When Ruan Shiqing heard the sound, he saw a young man standing in the middle of the room with some restraint.

    He was tall, wearing old clothes, his skin was slightly dark, but his eyes are very bright, like some kind of wild beast with tenacious vitality.

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    “What do you need to fix?” Ruan Shiqing asked.

    Looking at such a young and neatly dressed shop owner, Luther's heart was first cooled; He didn't look like a repairman.

    But, he had gone to all others.
He hesitated for a while, but still said, “I bought a second-hand shuttle racing car a few days ago, but it can't start now, I need your help to see where it came from.”

    The previous repair shops, after hearing about the general situation, said that most of the engine was broken, and the price quoted was very high.

    The shuttle car race was approaching, he spent most of his savings just buying this second-hand shuttle car, and there was not that much money left to replace the new engine.

    “Where is the shuttle now?” Ruan Shiqing asked.

    “At my house.
It's too bulky and can't start now, so I have to go home and fix it.”

    “Then wait a moment, I'll bring the tools to see you.” After Ruan Shiqing finished speaking, he asked 09 to pack his toolbox.
He went upstairs to inform the puppy and the little mermaid that he was going out.

    The little mermaid nodded sensibly, indicating that he would be optimistic about staying at home.

    The mermaid was so troublesome, once on dry land, he can't even go out.
No wonder those mermaids stayed in Skarn Star all year round, never going anywhere.

    Rong Heng glanced at him and followed Ruan Shiqing.

    “You also have to stay at home.” Ruan Shiqing noticed that the little cub was following him step by step, pinched his armpit, picked him up, and swayed him.

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    Rong Heng: ?? Why can't I go too? I'm not like a mermaid, I have legs and can walk.

    However, Ruan Shiqing just carried him back and put him on the cushion on the windowsill.
“Dad needs to go out to work and can't take you.” He used to be homeless, and the little brat was seriously injured, so he was really worried.
The situation was better now, so naturally, he couldn't carry the cub everywhere.

    “…” Rong Heng patted his hand away. If I can’t go, I won't go, I didn't really want to go anyway. He got down on the mat and turned to look out the window.

    After Ruan Shiqing went downstairs, he turned around and looked at the stairs with boredom.
The little mermaid floated to the surface, glanced at him secretly, and spit bubbles happily in the water.

    On the way to Luther's house, Ruan Shiqing checked the information about the racing shuttle on the Internet.
Only then did he know that the B3024 star's annual high-speed shuttle race is about to start.

    High-speed shuttle racing was a very primitive sport that has been passed down for thousands of years.
The racing shuttle was composed of an anti-gravity cabin and two independent jet engines.
The maximum speed could reach up to 1,500 kilometers per hour.
The racing process is full of dangers and accidents occur frequently, because the risk factor is too high.
It has long been banned by imperial law, but on remote planets, the sport remains popular.

    B3024 Star not only holds a high-speed shuttle race every autumn but also a gambling industry that rises along with the race.
Both had formed a complete and mature system and industrial chain on this planet.

    Autumn had arrived, and now the registration stage of the competition was approaching.
Many players who wanted to participate have already started to prepare their own chariots.
Luther was obviously one of them.

    Ruan Shiqing didn't say much about this dangerous game.
After arriving at Luther's house, he first conducted a comprehensive inspection of the shuttle car.

    This shuttle car is obviously very old, and when it reached Luther, he don't know how many hands had been turned.
Not only was the exterior paint mottled, but even the control cables had exposed metal wires inside.

    He sat back and started the shuttle.
The jet engine ignited and burned, and the shuttle cabin vibrated violently, making a deafening hum, but it never moved.

    After several inspections and tests, Ruan Shiqing jumped out of the car and said, “The control cables and the engine are both seriously aged, and they can barely run.
The problem is the anti-gravity generator.”

    “After replacing the new anti-gravity generator, the car can drive normally, but I do not recommend you to use it to participate in the race.
It is not enough to support the high speed of the race.” 

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    Luther originally had no hope for this young repairman, but he didn't expect to find the problem within ten minutes of his arrival.
Jet engines can be much more expensive than antigravity generators, which is much better than he expected.

    He said happily, “Then please replace a new anti-gravity generator.
How much does it cost?”

    Ruan Shiqing thought he didn't understand what he meant, and emphasized again, “This shuttle is very old, if it participates in the competition, it may cause an accident.” The speed of the shuttle car can reach hundreds of kilometers per hour, and in the event of an accident, it will be life-threatening.

    “But there are a lot of accidents in the competition every year.
Participating in the high-speed shuttle racing is a gamble.” Luther shrugged and smiled nonchalantly.
“You are also an ancient human, right? You should be able to understand my feelings.
People like us, who don’t want to live humbly, can only gamble with their lives.”

    Compared to the powerful evolutionary people and the Bis people, ancient human beings are the weakest.
So much so that ancient humans are excluded from many jobs now, and if they want to get the same pay as Bis and evolved humans, they must work harder.

    Even though the empire has repeatedly emphasized racial equality, only the ancients themselves are most aware of the exclusion and oppression suffered by ancient humans in practice.

    Luther patted the old shuttle racing car and said softly, “Actually, ancient humans are not allowed to participate in high-speed shuttle racing, because ancient humans are weak in physical strength, endurance, and sensory perception.
Physiological aspects such as range are very weak, and the speed of the shuttle car is so fast that they think it is difficult for ancient humans to control.”

    “But anyway, I won't register my race when I sign up.” Luther laughed, “If you don't try it, how do you know that the ancient humans must be the worst?”


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