Ruan Shiqing didn't plan to raise another cub, but now that he saw it, he couldn’t ignore it.

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    The little mermaid looks only five or six years old.
His facial features were exquisite and beautiful, but the ferocious wound from the left forehead to the right lower jaw destroys this beauty, let alone the neck.
There is a laceration, he doesn't know if it had hurt the throat.
The cub has not made a sound so far, only had a pair of blue eyes, big tears gathered, but they did not roll down.
They were full of panic and helplessness.


    “With such a serious injury, I don't know what happened.” Ruan Shiqing sighed and approached the little mermaid.
Seeing his frightened eyes, he repeated in common language, “Don't be afraid, I don’t mean to hurt you.
I just want to help you.” His voice was soft and his expression gentle.


    The fear in the little mermaid's eyes gradually diminished, and his mouth opened as if she wanted to say something, but he could only make a broken “ahh” sound.


     “Your throat is injured, don’t speak for the time being.” Ruan Shiqing came closer, inspecting the wound.
The wound was deep, and it could be seen that the person who had attacked had murderous intentions, but the little mermaid's vitality was more tenacious.
Unexpectedly, it managed to survive.


    “You need to see a doctor,” Ruan Shiqing explained to him, “I have to pick you up, I may touch your wound and it will hurt a little.”


    The little mermaid looked at him, tears rolling down his face. Ruan Shiqing wiped away his tears with his fingers.
“Don't be afraid, you won't die.”


    He took off his coat, gave the cub in his arms to Xiong Yuanyuan to hold, and wrapped the little mermaid with his coat.


    When he touched the bloody tail of the little mermaid, Ruan Shiqing obviously felt that he wanted to struggle, but he endured it, but his body trembled slightly uncontrollably, which may be pain or fear.


     Ruan Shiqing tried to carry him as lightly as possible.
Light, like holding a ball of cotton.
Holding the little mermaid firmly, he said to the Xiong brothers, “I'm afraid we’ll have to go to the hospital in the inner city.”


    “He can't go to the hospital like this, right?” Xiong Fangfang thought more thoroughly, “If he goes to the hospital, the doctor must report it, and then we may be in trouble.”


    Mermaid cubs are as precious as nine-tailed fox cubs.
It wasn’t easy for the ancient races to reproduce, and they have always taken care of the cubs in their clan, not released to see people until adulthood.
Now, the remote B3024 junk star had a badly injured mermaid cub that has been abused, which is obviously unreasonable.


    Either it was stolen, or, like the nine-tailed fox cub, it was abandoned by the clan for some reason.
Xiong Fangfang vaguely felt that the latter possibility would be great.
After all, no one would risk angering the entire mermaid race just to steal a precious cub and abuse it.


    “Then we can't go to the hospital.
We will find a way to invite the doctor to the home.” Ruan Shiqing figured out what was at stake, and turned decisively to go north, preparing to go home.


    Xiong Yuanyuan tremblingly carried the puppy and followed behind, and said with hindsight, “Am I in trouble?”


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    Xiong Fangfang glared at him: “Stop picking things up in the future.
Tell me in advance if you pick them up.”


    Xiong's round ears drooped down, “Oh.”


    Rong Heng glanced at him, and whispered, silly dog.


    Ruan Shiqing brought the little mermaid home.


    There are disinfectants and external medicines prepared for the puppy at home, but the little mermaid's injury is too serious, and the wound is also large, he dared not deal with it indiscriminately.
He can only put him on a makeshift cot and then hurried to the inner city, ready to go to the doctor.


    At this time, the disadvantage of no means of transportation was revealed.


    After running back and forth twice, Ruan Shiqing's stamina was cleared, and he was out of breath as soon as he went out.


    Seeing this, Xiong Yuanyuan immediately stood up and wanted to make up for his fault.
“I'll carry you!”


    Ruan Shiqing hesitated, “No need.” He thought about the picture, and it was not very good.


    Xiong Yuanyuan sold himself very hard, “I can run stably and fast!” He changed back to the animal state, stood up, and patted his chest to assure, “It's more comfortable than a shuttle! “


    It turned out to be a bear to carry him.


    Ruan Shiqing shook off the ghosts and animals in his mind, and this time he did not refuse.


    Xiong Yuanyuan bent down and asked him to sit on his back, then ran out like the wind.


    In the house, Xiong Fangfang stayed to watch the house, and Rong Heng naturally stayed too.


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    He glanced at Xiong Fangfang, who was sitting at the door with his back to the room and paced close to the little mermaid.


    Seeing him approaching, the little mermaid couldn't dodge or ask for help, he could only try his best to open his eyes and stare at him.
His ear fins spread to the extreme, and his expression was alert and frightened.


    Rong Heng unceremoniously tore off the coat that wrapped the little mermaid, squinted to distinguish the breath, and then pulled the little mermaid's tail, as if looking for something.


    How could it not be…


    Rong Heng's eyes flashed with doubts, and he searched more and more carefully.
There was nothing on the tail of the fish, so he looked elsewhere.
After a while, he looked at “047” behind the little mermaid's ear with deep eyes.


    The little mermaid's ear fins folded and unfolded as if trying to hide this string of numbers, but it was doomed to be in vain.


    Rong Heng lowered his eyes, watching him move his body with all his might, desperately trying to get away from him, his bloody tail curled up hard, trying to support his body to move, but because of the pain, he trembled and slackened.
Like a fish under a knife.
He looked pitiful.


    No wonder he was treated like this, it turned out to be an artificial mermaid. A few years ago, he had vaguely heard rumors that the mermaid clan was researching artificial mermaids, but there was no evidence for this, so let it go.


    In the interstellar age where technology was so advanced, cloning technology and genetic modification technology were still taboos that cannot be touched, and imperial laws had always banned them.
However, it was not easy for several ancient races to reproduce, and seeing the bloodline becoming more and more scarce, it’s difficult to guarantee that no one will take the risk.


    And this little mermaid with a number printed behind its ear is the best proof.
The mermaid clan was obviously carrying out some illegal experiments in private, and this little mermaid was just a failure, or, just one of the failures.


    Rong Heng looked gloomy and fell into contemplation.


    When Ruan Shiqing led the elderly doctor into the room, he saw the pup occupying most of the bed alone, with his coat hanging at the end of the bed, and the little mermaid with tears in his eyes, shrinking pitifully beside the bed.
If he moved a little further to the side, it will fall off.


    “…” Ruan Shiqing was silent, picked up the little brat, gently tugged at his ears, and said 

helplessly, “How did you learn to bully people?”


    Rong Heng:?

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    He frowned. Whom am I bullying?


    When he saw the merman, he was very annoyed.
The matter in Sikkim had not been resolved, and the mermaid clan was restless again.
It seemed that he couldn't wait any longer and had to find a way to contact the old department as soon as possible.


    Rong Heng jumped from Ruan Shiqing's arms and found a quiet corner to think about 



    The doctor has set aside the instrument, Ruan Shiqing had no choice but to appease the troubled brat.


    The little mermaid was a little flustered when he saw the doctor in the white coat, his tail bounced violently a few times.
He subconsciously looked at Ruan Shiqing, as if asking for help.


    “Just to check you.” Ruan Shiqing held his hand to reassure him, “don't be afraid.” The comfort worked.
Although the little mermaid was still a little flustered, he obediently stopped struggling.
His eyes were glued to Ruan Shiqing, and clenched his fingers tightly.


    The doctor began to examine him.


    “There were no internal injuries, but the external injuries were severe.
The injuries on the tail were the most minor, and the scales would grow back as the wounds healed.
However, the cuts on the cheeks and neck were deep and appeared to be covered in some special kind of agent.” The doctor paused for a while, and looked at the little mermaid with regret, “Even if the injury heals, it will leave scars in the future.”


    In the interstellar age, cosmetic surgery technology is very mature, and few people will 

leave scars.


    The strength of his fingers became stronger, Ruan Shiqing looked at the little mermaid subconsciously and found that he pursed his lips tightly, obviously understanding the doctor's words. The mermaid clan really values beauty.


    “You're very lucky to survive.” Ruan Shiqing removed the hair on his forehead for him, and the mermaid cub has long blue hair that is similar to the color of his eyes.
“Not all scars are ugly, it's your badge of bravery and luck.”


    The little mermaid blinked and looked at him intently. Blue eyes sparkled like jewels.


    Ruan Shiqing stretched out his finger, tapped the tip of his nose lightly, and said sincerely, “You're beautiful even now.”

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    The little mermaid's eyes brightened a little, and it seemed that he liked to be praised by others.


    When the doctor finished treating his wound, he prescribed the medicine.
Ruan Shiqing put on his coat again and sent the doctor out in person.


    After confirming that the little mermaid would not hear the conversation, he confirmed with the doctor again, “Would the wound on the face really leave a scar?”


    “There is a high probability.
With the medical level of the B3024 star, he cannot completely heal his wounds unless he goes to Sikkim.
The medical level on the capital star is at least ten times higher than here, and the equipment is more advanced.
But his identity… is not suitable to appear in Sikkim.” The doctor lowered his voice and reminded vaguely: “It is better to have a ruined face than to lose a life.
Good luck.”


    With how much the mermaid clan cherishes the cubs, if the cubs are lost, they will definitely search within the empire.
He usually pays attention to the news of Sikkim and Scarlett, but he has never seen the news of the loss of the mermaid cubs.
This is probably an unidentified merman cub.
On the remote star 3024, it may be safer for him.


    Ruan Shiqing understood what he meant.
In addition to the treatment fee, he transferred an extra thousand stars to express his gratitude.
“Thank you.”


    The old Bis doctor waved his hand and smiled brightly.
“If you have any questions, you can contact me.”


    Xiong Yuanyuan was still responsible for sending the doctor back, while Ruan Shiqing went back to the house and fed the oral medicine to the little mermaid.
The little mermaid cooperated very well.
He held the potion by himself, and swallowing it hard, even if his throat was sore and the medicine bitter, he was not at all reluctant.
He worked hard to survive.


    Seeing that he was so good, Ruan Shiqing turned his attention to the puppy in the corner. The little one kept staring at the door, not knowing what he was thinking.
Ruan Shiqing picked him up and opened another tube of medicine to feed him, “It's time for you to take medicine too.”


    Being caught off guard, Rong Heng gagged and spit it out as a reflex. He looked at Ruan Shiqing dissatisfiedly. What did you feed me?



    The author has something to say: 

    #The whole world is against me#

    Xiong Yuanyuan: I am a bear, and you are the dog.

    Rong Cub: Dare to talk back?

    Little Mermaid: I will take my own medicine.

    Rong Cub: ? ? ?

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