A few moments later, Raj got on the front of the building he will be performing the attack of his dangerous job. He enters the building without breaking a sweat, and gets on the stairs, goes to the last floor, with his ordinary backpack which has a sniper rifle in pieces which will be assembled on the rooftop.

Raj got on the last floor in almost three minutes, and as he got there, he locks the door behind by using a gadget. Something like an EMP device, but that can lock the door as he got installed. When the device was installed on the door that leads to the rooftop, Raj puts installs an anti-hacking device on the rooftop which will be not hacking this area, and not his equipment. When he got done, he puts the backpack down and installs the sniper rifle piece by piece.

He finished it in almost five minutes, then he loads the sniper rifle with three tranquilizer shoots and walks closely at the edge of the rooftop, he crouches and looks via visor to his target. Raj sees the target standing at a bus station, with a briefcase in his left hand and dressed as a normal person. He puts his glasses on, then he presses on the small button on it, and a digital picture it is getting made and sent it to the hacker he is speaking with.

”That is the guy, Raj. ” says the Hacker on the microphone at the glasses. ”Take the shoot. The guys are on position to take his body. ”

Raj didn think much about it, and he pulls the trigger as soon as the visor got at the neck of the wanted man. A tranquilizer arrow flies from the sniper rifle, and it hits the wanted man on the neck of the man at the bus station. The shot got him at an extremely fast speed, and as he got hit, he jumped from his seat, looks around in pain, then he falls on the ground.

People started to gather around it. Some saw he had a needle on it, but before one person was about to take the needle, while a man was taking the phone to record the video, another man took a TikTok phone and dance a retard dance, and a girl was doing a selfie with the corpse, an ambulance comes (not exactly an ambulance since it is called by the hacker). two people dressed as medics, takes him with their stretcher, and drives him on the back. As soon as they got the man, they look the doors and the ambulance leaves the area, letting all of the people over there in disbelief.

Raj takes the sniper rifle down in pieces, puts in on the backpack, and he opens the phone to contact the hacker.

”The target has been taken. ”

”Very good, Raj. ” responds the Hacker. ”I will send the money on the credit card as usual. Good job. ”

”Thank you. ” says Raj. ”Here tomorrow. ”

”Sure. ”

The hacker close the call.

Raj closes the phone, and he puts it in his pants pocket. He gets the backpack on, takes the devices off, puts them in the backpack, and leaves the building like nothing happened.

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