A few moments later, Raj arrived at the Garnet Island. He stops the car in front of a big building, apartment type since there are a lot of windows and far from each other. The building he stopped at also has a lot of parking lots, which got one car in a bad state, with wheels destroyed, window broken and a front door missing. If the building wouldve been an office type where people come and work at a desk for eight hours this wouldn be permitted there.

As Raj got out of the car, and locked it with the key button, he heads to the entrance of the building. He opens the door and heads to the interior. As he got there, Raj goes to the elevator which is for now at first floor. He presses the button and waits for it to come.

When the elevator got to the floor where Raj is, a man leaves the elevator, wearing a hazmat suit.

” Hello, Raj! ”

” Hello, Mr. Dickerson! ” says Raj to the man who leaves the elevator and walks to the door. ” Work again? ”

”Yes. ” says the man in hazmat suit heading to the door, he opens and heads outside.

Raj goes into the elevator, he press the button with number four and waits for the elevator to get him on the fourth floor. As he stays there, and looks at the door of the elevator closing slowly, he takes the phone out, and he looks at the notifications tabs. He sees one message coming from a customer. Raj, curios, opens the notification which is leading him to the message app.

”Hello! ” says the message. ”My name is Sam Greg. And I would like to hire a personal bodyguard for my private party at my birthday. I would pay you fifty dollars per hour. ”

Raj closes the phones, and he put it back to his jeans.

A few seconds later, the elevator arrives at the fourth floor, Raj leaves the elevator and heads straight, until he got at the door with the number ”422 ”. He takes the key, he unlocks the door and enters his house. As he got inside, he closes the door, lock it with the key to be sure nobody will barge into his house and stole something valuable. As he got inside, Raj goes to the couch into his kitchen, and he sits there. He takes the phone out, and he replies to the message he got sent earlier.

”Hello, Sam Greg! I am interested in the offer. ” writes Raj on the message app. ”How many hours are we talking about here? ”

He sends the message, and in just a few seconds, a response has come.

”Six hours. ”

Raj does some quick math. He gets the result quickly, and it says that he would get three hundred dollars which it is not on today world economy since America and other nation decided to add inflation almost everywhere, plus, personal bodyguards is a job in decline since most of the most well known people are either having a big gun at their house, a pistol carrying around them everywhere or a cypher bodyguard (a bodyguard that protects someone digitally and eliminate any treat near them such as robbers, hackers and even ex-wives with a mental problem or Karens).

Raj is just a normal personal bodyguard, he rarely gets a job, and these personal bodyguards are just bought by rich people who wanted to be protected while they are having fun with their multimillion money earned from pollution, selling human organs or any bad method that you can make in todays world enough cash to buy a house or a car and bribe the police who did online scholarship and Academy in 2020 to 2025.

”Sounds great. ” responds Raj to the message. ”Where is the place and hour? ”

”Tonight, 20:00. ” says the message. ”At the Samuel J. Street, Warehouse 43B. ”

”Alright. I will be there. ”

Raj looks at the clock at the phone, he sees it is only 13:23. He gets up from the couch, and he goes to his bedroom. He walks to the closet, he opens and from there he looks at it. That closet has a sniper rifle, two semi-automatic machines and a three ammunition box. He opens the phone, and the press on the missing calls, he calls Roberto.

”Hello, Roberto! ” says Raj after Roberto picked the call.

”Hello, Raj! ” says Roberto who sounds mad. ”Why you didn pick it up earlier? ”

”I had business. ” said Raj with a smirk. ”Now say. Do I have a target to pick it up? ”

”There is a prisoner, who escaped from sapphire Island, and he got into Garnet Island. The prisoner is named Raoul Timmy. He is having long blonde hair, a scar on his left cheek, blue eyes. and a tattoo on his neck with a scorpion. He was seen last time on the school district, seven minutes ago, as the recordings are showing. Catch him alive, deliver him to the closest police section, and you will be getting his reward? ”

”Which is, Roberto? ”

”20000 dollars. ” says Roberto.

”Wow. ” says Raj being overwhelmed by this reward. ”What does this man has committed? ”

”A lot. So, are you doing it or not? ”

”Sure. ” says Raj. ”I am on my way. ” he closes the call, and he takes his sniper rifle, together with a pack from the back that contains twenty tranquilizer syringes.

Raj is not only a personal bodyguard, but he is also a bounty hunter. That is the reason he is able to afford an apartment into a big city such as Garnet Island since he got at least nine districts, and is larger than Victoria Island, which is close to the Arctic Ocean. Raj dissembles the sniper rifle from the closet, he puts it on his backpack, together with the tranquilizer arrow box and with a device that is camouflaging the items from the backpack. As he finished his packing, he gets his backpack on and leaves the room, then the apartment and puts on his earpiece as he got on the elevator, and he turns it on.

”Roberto are you hearing me, right? ”

”Loud and clear. ” says Roberto on the earpiece. ”The man you are looking for it is at the School and Malls District. Probably not very far from here. ”

”I know the place. It is at least three streets away from here. ”

As the elevator got down, Raj leaves it, he heads outside the building, and gets on his car with the backpack, he toss the backpack to the behind seats and drives to the location Roberto told him via earpiece.

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