It is the year 2028, on June 14th, on a simple store at Ruby City, a man leaves the building after he bought a pack of cigarettes. The man who bought it is a guy in his young adult age, looking like a normal looking Indian, with dark long hair, a small mustache and a pair of glasses to help him see. He is dressed in normal looking clothes, with a hoodie who is having a band emblem, and a pair of clean jeans.

That man walks toward his bike, he is jumping on it and proceed to step on the acceleration. He is pedaling in a fast speed to a street which is leading to the Beach zone of Ruby city, who was built recently, because of the mayor who was too lazy to go to a normal beach.

A few moments later, the Indian man got at the beach. He parks his bike, lock it up with a lock who cannot be broken easily, and he goes to the sands of the beach. He walks toward the ocean. As he walked closer to the part where the ocean is hitting the sand of the beach, the Indian man takes from his pocket a small bottle. He opens the bottle and from there he threw some looking ashes into the ocean. Then, he takes a cigarette from his pack, and he smokes it as he is looking at the ocean.

”Youve always liked the ocean, Papa… And I hope you are happy. Wherever you are right now. ”

The man stood there, looking at the ocean for a few minutes, and then, as his cigarette got finished he toss it to the closest trash bin, and he goes to the parking lot. but as he got there, he sees a homeless man harassing a woman. The man runs to that scene, he got close to the homeless man and yelled at him.

”Back off! ”

”Screw you, **er! ” yelled the homeless man as he retreat his dirty hands from the swimsuit the girl was wearing.

”Please! Help me! ” yelled the woman.

”Let her go! ”

”Or else? ”

”This! ”

The Indian man punches the homeless man stomach, he made him fall on his knees, and then he grabs him (he was so skinny since he hasn eaten in almost four days), and threw him at the beach sand. As the homeless man hits the sand, he gets up on his feet and runs away, trembling and looking frequently back to be sure the man will not follow him.

The lady in the swimsuit approaches the Indian man, and she tells him.

”T-Thank you very much! ”

”No problem. ” responds the man in a serious manner. ”Are you okay, though? ”

”Yes. I am alright. ” says the lady, she looks at the beach, and she look at the Indian man. ”Would you like to spend our time to the beach? ”

”Sorry. I can . ” says the Indian man. ”I have business in Garnet Island to attend. ”

”Oh… I understand. ” she said that feeling sad.

”But here. ” says the Indian man, and hands a card to the lady. ”This is my phone number. Call me when you are going there. ” and he heads to his car.

The woman in a swimsuit is looking at the card the Indian man showed to her. The card is having written: Raj A. – Personal Bodyguard. Call: 0543xxx. Get protection 24/7 at an affordable price! ”. She looks at the man whose name is Raj, she smiles as she looks at the car who is driving away from the beach. She puts the card on her boobies to be kept safe to later call him. The woman goes on the beach, to enjoy this great beach day.


A few moments later, Raj, the personal bodyguard who helped the woman from the beach earlier, stops in front of a red light at Ruby City. Raj is on his car, waiting for the red light to be turned into a green one, which it will take a few more seconds. He looks at the street, h sees a hot dog vendor selling a hot dog to a fat man, he also sees a hooker staying on the street and showing her butt to the upcoming cars. Raj, is looking at the lights, he starts to sigh as there is fifty more seconds until green light.

Then, his phone starts ringing. Raj picks it up, he looks to see who is the person calling him, and it is someone named ”Roberto ”. He cancels the calls, and he looks at the traffic light without any care in the world.

As the light turned green, Raj stepped on the gas and drive his car to the highway that connects Ruby City to Garnet Island. He drives his car at the regular speed as he listens at his USB with music he downloaded for free from YouTube since it has decided to give free download because nobody bought it.

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