Young lady, what did you do?! An average-looking man with a mustache angrily burst through the double golden door to the Late Duchesss garden.

His action was discourteous, and it seemed he had done it many times.

Raine ignored his outburst as she admired the beautiful flowers.

I didn know the late duchess loved flowers, She learned.

The only words about the late duchess in the novel were her death and the deep love between the ducal couple. Also, the resemblance between the villainess and her.

The Average-looking man was humiliated by the behavior of the Grand dukes daughter, but he did not speak and angrily swallowed his words. His eyes shifted to both sides as he noticed something different about the Grand dukes castle.

There were no maids in the garden apart from the new and unknown maid standing beside the Grand dukes daughter.

He realized the atmosphere of the Grand dukes castle was not like before.

Normally, the emperors spies would be watching the young lady, He thought as he watched the Young lady who had been ignoring his presence.

He is a close vassal with the Grand duke, and other vassals respect him even when the Grand duke is not around because of the favor.

The emperor wants me to find out why the heir to the North is still alive.

I didn know a mere Viscount could talk so casually to the firstborn child of the Grand duke, A soft childish voice disturbed his deep thoughts.

Angry for the disturbance, the average-looking man fiercely snapped his eyes to the Grand dukes daughter. He wanted to teach her a lesson for her previous rude behaviour, but he did not expect to see a pair of blood-red eyes.

Is that the Young lady? He gulped in fear at the intimidation he felt just from her gaze.

The only thought he had about the young lady is an innocent child who had no chance of surviving in the social world.

But now…

The intense oppression, just from a mere gaze, he recalled a familiar person who gave him that similar gaze, but hers is terrifying.

The Grand duke and him… the Archduke.

It seems my fathers frequent absence from the north has made you arrogant, Raine uttered after she sipped tea.

She didn say anything as she placed her teacup.

The Viscount didn say a counterattack as he felt fear unconsciously at her behavior.

I hope you are not having second thoughts, Viscount Cleirigh? The same blood-red eyes faced him again.

He did not answer.

Why am I fearing a child? The Viscount Cleirigh realized as he could feel his back sweating because of a mere child.

Calm down… He told himself. The emperor would soon get rid of the Grand dukes family, and she won be arrogant anymore.

It wasn a secret to the nobles that the Grand dukes family had power equal to the royal family, and if they wanted to rebel, it was possible for the Langston family.

It won be strange to the nobles if the emperor is wary of the family.

Y-Young Lady, why would you say that? Your father and I are like family. The Viscount Cleirigh smiled as he got his courage and pushed down his fear to stare at the blood-red-eyed young lady.

Raine stared at the smiling Viscount and thought about his role in the novel.

When the Grand duke goes to the forest of Monsters under the emperors order, this Viscount would be the guardian of the Grand dukes children.

And this exact Viscount was one of the emperors spies in the north.

His role was to change the innocent villainess into a selfish, hot-tempered, and arrogant brat.

Maybe thats why the villainess forgot her brother so quickly and clung to the crown prince, She speculated as she unconsciously sharpened her gaze at the Viscounts words.

The Specialist doctor mentioned that people look for love in different ways.

Some people try to get it from their family.

Another tries from their friends if they don have a family or are distant from them.

Others try from their spouse, fiance, or boyfriends.

In the villainesss case, she tried to get that love from the crown prince, the wrong person.

And the one who encouraged her behavior was the Viscount cleirigh, Raine observed, suddenly experiencing another emotion in her blank heart.

An emotion to understand or sympathize.

She learned another emotion thanks to the Viscount.

I see, She continued staring at the Viscount.

Did she find out anything? The Viscount Cleirigh wondered as he tried to keep his courage and smile at the Raines gaze.

He didn know what the Raine figured out, but she suddenly sharpened her gaze at him.

The emperors plan was for the young heir of the Grand duke to die, and the crown prince could come to comfort the young lady.

A young, innocent girl, whose father is not always around, and her brother that suddenly dies, would be very vulnerable.

She could trust someone easily. If the crown prince had an advantage at that moment, the young lady would be under the royal familys control.

His role in the plan was to train the child under the emperors influence.

An innocent child is like a white and blank canvas, so what happens when the canvas is painted black?

The childs attitude would turn black.

Everything had been working well for the emperor these years.

But what did one mistake have to do with the children of the Grand duke?

For the young heir of the Grand duke to be alive, either the Grand duke placed a powerful hidden guard with his children, or it might have to do with his children themselves.

Especially the young lady, He contemplated as he couldn decide what happened to Raines behavioral change.

Or am I thinking too much? He stared at the young lady sipping her tea elegantly.

Raine dropped her teacup on the saucer, making a -clank sound and he jumped a little unconsciously at the sound.

She stood up from her seat and slightly brushed her simple wine dress with her white hand.

The exclusive maid followed behind her master.

I hope the viscounts words are true, Raine passed the viscount without looking at him.

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