Chapter 63: The Supremacy of the Temple of Chiselers

“If you really wish to know, improve yourself and be more powerful first.”

After a long moment of silence, Xi Yue finally said.

“Do you really know about my mother?”

Mu Feng was delighted to hear her words.

“She loves you dearly, and you’re right, she has her own problems to deal with, but knowing about it won’t be of any help to you now.
When you’re powerful enough to leave a small place like Nan Ling kingdom, I will tell you then.”

After finishing her sentence, Xi Yue went back into the Asura Jade Pendant and did not answer any further questions from him.

Mu Feng gripped the Asura Jade Pendant tightly in his fist and said with eyes full of determination: “Mother, no matter where you are, no matter what problems you face, Feng Er will definitely find you one day.
I’m sure of it!”

Mu Feng made a promise to himself.
Back then, his father would get drunk sometimes and call out her name.
Mu Feng could never forget his father’s face during that time.
A face full of sadness, longing and helplessness.

Finding his mother was not only his own wish, but it was his father’s wish as well.

No matter how tough the journey would be, he would definitely find her one day.

The Asura Jade Pendant disappeared into Mu Feng’s body after that.
He then swallowed a level two Blood Pill and started cultivating Vitality.

It was not advisable to consume a level three Blood Pill given his current level of cultivation.

A huge amount of pure energy rushed into his Zi Fu dantian right after he gulped down the pill.
The Vitality contained inside the pill was much purer than that contained inside a Pei Yuan Pill.


The white snake, Little Tian, who nestled in Mu Feng’s arms seemed to sense something.
It hissed at Mu Feng with its golden eyes full of desire.

“You want one too?”

Mu Feng was startled and threw a level two Blood Pill to Little Tian.

Little Tian gulped it down and fell sound asleep in Mu Feng’s arms once more.

Mu Feng stroked its scales with a smile on his face.
He then continued his cultivation.

Meanwhile, a group of unexpected visitors showed up at the Mu family mansion.
They were Lord Wang, Wang Yue, Chiseler Zhou and some Wang disciples.

“Brother Wang, what brings you here today?”

Mu Hai went out, clasped hands and greeted them with a smile.

“Hehe, something big happened yesterday, so I’m here to discuss with you about it.
By the way, he’s Master Zhou Wu, a level one chiseler from the Temple of Chiselers.”

Lord Wang clasped hands and said.
He then introduced Master Zhou to them.

“A level one chiseler?!”

Upon hearing the introduction, Mu Hai was slightly startled.
He immediately clasped hands and said: “Master Zhou, I’ve heard about you.
It’s my pleasure to meet you.”

“Well, isn’t the Lord of Mu family polite? I’m here because of a small reason.”

Master Zhou replied with a hint of superiority in his tone.

“Please, come on in.”

With a wave of his hand, Mu Hai led them inside the living hall.

They all sat down at their seats and Mu Hai ordered his servants to serve tea.

“Brother Wang, what would you like to discuss with me?”

Mu Hai asked with a laugh.
“Brother Mu, I’m sure you’ve heard about the Huang family, right?”

Lord Wang, Wang Bin, sipped his tea, asked with a calm expression while secretly glancing at Mu Hai’s reaction.

An almost unnoticeable frown appeared on Mu Hai’s face and he said: “Yes, I’ve heard that their family was wiped out yesterday.
Are you here regarding that matter, Brother Wang?”

“That’s right.
As for who did it, let’s leave that topic aside first.
As you are aware, the Huang family had quite some business and properties in An Nan city.
With all their cultivators being killed, I don’t think that the ordinary Huang family members could protect all of them alone.
I wonder what’s your opinion regarding this matter, Brother Mu?”

Wang Bin asked.

The Huang family was involved in many businesses including weaponry, herbal medicine shops and even hotels.
Of course, the other two upper-class families were also involved in these types of business.
With the fall of the Huang family, these businesses were like pieces of fat meat lying around, waiting for an owner.

“Hehe, I’m not sure about what you’re trying to say here, Brother Wang.
No matter what, those businesses belong to the Huang family.
However, if one wishes to take over, that would have to depend on one’s strength and financial power for sure.”

Mu Hai said with a laugh.
One could see that he obviously knew what Wang Bin intended to do.

“Yeah, well said.
Well, I’m quite sure that the other families would not dare to compete with ours, so, how about this? The Wang family will take 60%, and the Mu family will take the remaining 40%.
What do you say?”

Wang Bin asked.

The Mu elders were furious when they heard his proposal.
Although it hadn’t been announced to the public, it was the Mu family who wiped out the Huang family.

Uncle Fu stood up and said with a smile: “Lord Wang, don’t you think that you’re a bit greedy to ask for 60% of the businesses? Who knows, you might not be capable to guard them all.”

Wang Bin laughed and said: “Well, I’m aware that the party who wiped out the Huang family must have suffered losses, but here’s the thing.
The Temple of Chiselers have their eyes on my son, Wang Yue, so he’s about to leave for his studies soon.
If your family happened to offend my family, it’ll be the same as offending the Temple of Chiselers, you know that right?”

Mu Hai and the others were stunned by what he said.
They all looked at Wang Yue in shock, while Wang Yue returned their gaze with a smug on his face.

Wang Yue was recruited by the Temple of Chiselers.
Doesn’t this mean that the Wang family would have a chiseler in the future?

As long as there was a chiseler in the family, that family would be highly respected by the others, even though it was just a small family.

This was because there was another whole gang of chiselers behind a chiseler.

On top of that, everybody knew about the supremacy of chiselers.
Once, there was a royal family that happened to offend a high-level chiseler.
The family was eventually wiped out by the chiseler and his gang of friends.

If there really would be a chiseler in the Wang family one day, the Mu family would have no choice but to seriously consider their proposal.

“Well, Wang Yue is indeed very talented in rune carving.
His Soul Energy is level seven, so if he trains in the Temple of Chiselers, I’m sure that it’s very possible for him to become a level two or even a level three chiseler in the future.”

At this moment, Zhou Wu also spoke up.

When Mu Hai and the others heard him saying so, their expression darkened.

“Oh, by the way, a young Mu disciple offended my son a few days ago.
Lord Mu, can you call him out for me? All he has to do is kneel down and apologize to my son, and we’re even.”

Wang Bin said with a hint of superiority.

“Oh? Well, who could that be?”

Mu Hai asked calmly.

“His name is Mu Feng.
He sliced my guard’s palm and even punched me.”

Wang Yue immediately got up from his seat and said coldly.

“What?! Who was it you say?! Mu Feng?!”

Mu Hai jumped up from his seat and asked coldly as well.

“Yes, his name is Mu Feng.
Call him out now.
I won’t dwell upon this matter if he kneels down and apologize to me.”

Wang Yue, who now thought that he was more superior than the others, said to Mu Hai rudely.

“How dare you talk to me like that?!”

To everyone’s surprise, Mu Hai flew into a rage and shouted back at Wang Yue.

A gush of Energy Force burst out, pressuring Wang Yue and making him turn white in fear.
He immediately sat back down in his seat.

Wang Bin sneered coldly and released a gush of Energy Force as well, and somehow oppressed Mu Hai’s force, making Wang Yue felt better.

“Brother Mu, what did you mean by that?!”

“Other disciples can apologize to Young Master Wang and admit their mistakes, but not Mu Feng.
Anyone but Mu Feng.”

Mu Hai said coldly.
The Mu elders also stood up with a resolute expression.

A trace of shock flashed across Wang Bin’s eyes, as he didn’t understand why did they stood up for a mere disciple.


At this instant, Zhou Wu slapped on the table, stood up and said with a cold smile on his face: “Well, I suppose that the Mu family is actually trying to go against the Temple of Chiselers?”

Upon hearing his words, Mu Hai and the others were immediately silent.

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