Translated by: Minx Calypso

Edited by: cdewsx77

Chapter 61: Ziyue in Training

When Huang Yi charged forward with his sword, Mu Feng and the others just stood by and observed.
They would not interfere in the fight.

Bai Ziyue was like a good piece of steel; a fine sword that had not been sharpened.

Since this sword was not yet sharp, Bai Ziyue would have to sharpen it himself.

Looking at Huang Yi, who was viciously charging at him, Bai Ziyue gripped his sword and jumped slightly to the side to dodge the attack.
He then struck down at Huang Yi.

Huang Yi raised his sword and blocked the attack, altered his stance once again, and stabbed towards Bai Ziyue’s chest this time.

Although Bai Ziyue had no experience in real battles, Mu Zhong had been training him whenever he was free.
Bai Ziyue also trained in the sword skill that Mu Feng taught him a while ago.
The skill was called Phantom Sword Skill, and it was a Xuan-class lower-ranked sword skill.

Both of them moved about as they engaged in a vicious fight at the center of the courtyard.

Mu Kuang started to worry about Bai Ziyue and asked: “Brother Feng, Ziyue doesn’t have any fighting skill whatsoever.
Isn’t it dangerous for him to fight a death match against Huang Yi like this?”

“April showers bring May flowers.
Only he can change his own life, we can’t help him with that.
Besides, I’m sure you know that the path of cultivation is paved by blood.”

Mu Feng appeared calm, but deep down, he was actually worried about Bai Ziyue as well.
He would only make a move if Bai Ziyue was in real danger.

“Don’t worry.
His cultivation is one Sky higher than Huang Yi’s.
Besides, his comprehension of swordsmanship and observational skills are beyond ordinary.
All he lacks is some real-life experience and training.”

Mu Zhong chuckled and said.


At this moment, one of Huang Yi’s strikes made a long gash on Bai Ziyue’s lower abdomen.
Bai Ziyue howled in pain, covered his wound, and immediately stepped back.
Meanwhile, a grin appeared on Huang Yi’s face as he stabbed forward once again.


Mu Kuang shouted in panic, almost dashing out to help him.

“I can do it myself!”

Bai Ziyue shouted back angrily.
He gritted his teeth and dashed forward, his eyes gleaming with murderous intent.

He struck out with his sword, and three beams of Sword Qi sliced through the air, all aimed at Huang Yi.

Huang Yi’s expression changed drastically, and he immediately raised his sword to block the oncoming attacks.
He somehow managed to block all three strikes, but at the same time, another strike swiftly arrived and went straight for his throat.


The tip of the sword stabbed through his throat.
Huang Yi stared blankly ahead, dropped his sword, and covered his throat with his only hand.


With another push, Bai Ziyue pushed the sword right through his throat, instantly killing Huang Yi.
His lifeless body then fell onto the ground.

Bai Ziyue breathed heavily, but the murderous intent in his eyes haven’t fade away yet.

Just like a demon, Bai Ziyue repeatedly stabbed the body of Huang Yi, and soon, the body was full of holes, like a sieve.

“Ziyue, that’s enough! He’s dead.”

Mu Feng and Mu Kuang immediately rushed over, pulled him back, and shouted loudly.

“Dead… He’s dead…”

Only then did Bai Ziyue return to the present.
He turned, looked at Mu Feng, and started crying uncontrollably: “Brother Feng, I killed him already.
Please don’t send me away, Brother Feng…”

“My good brother, I won’t send you away.
Everything’s fine now.”

Mu Feng patted Bai Ziyue on the shoulder and comforted him.

“Little Feng, all of the Huang cultivators and the remaining two Ning Gang level Huang elders are dead.”

At the same time, Mu Hai and the others walked over and reported.

Mu Feng let go of Bai Ziyue, nodded, and pointed to a nearby courtyard: “Gather all the corpses in that courtyard, search for any valuable items, and retreat.”

Mu Hai nodded and ordered some disciples to do the job.

Soon, over 100 corpses were gathered inside the courtyard, and the Mu disciples were going around the mansion in search of valuables.

They’d wiped out an entire family, so of course they wouldn’t leave without some valuable possessions.

Mu Feng went into the courtyard alone and closed the door.
The Asura Jade Pendant shot out from his body and immediately started absorbing all the Blood Qi and Blood Seeds from the mountain of corpses.
After a brief moment, the corpses completely dried up and mummified.

After that, Mu Feng lit up a match and set the whole courtyard ablaze.

After absorbing a huge amount of Blood Qi and Blood Seeds, the Asura Jade Pendant was overflowing with energy.

Numerous Blood Seeds were floating about inside the sanguine space of the Asura Jade Pendant.
Surprisingly, the large amount of Blood Qi actually condensed into sanguine pills that were about the size of a human thumb!

Some of the pills had a single stripe on them, while others had two.
These sanguine pills were then suspended within the sanguine space, creating quite a strange sight.

It was almost 2am in the morning when the Mu disciples finally finished sweeping through the mansion.
They had even managed to find the batch of stolen goods.
Only then did they left the Huang family mansion, leaving a bunch of innocent Huang people crying and moaning.

The next day.

A middle-aged man dressed in black robes gazed at the aftermath of the bloodbath in the Huang family mansion.
He wore a black hat, and there was a knife strapped to his waist.
There was a group of constables behind him.

“Sir, a total of 123 Huang cultivators were killed, and their bodies were burnt in the courtyard at the back.
All that remained were a few ordinary Huang family members.”

A constable approached him and reported with utmost respect.

The man, who was the head of the constables, nodded and said with a sigh: “It seems that one of the three powerful families, the Huang family has met its end.
Let’s retreat for now.”

“Sir, aren’t you going to look into this matter?”

One of the constables asked.

“In the world of cultivation, there’s an unspoken rule that we shouldn’t meddle in other people’s business.
Besides, they only killed the cultivators, and not the innocents.
What is there to look into? If they could wipe out the Huang family, who says they can’t wipe ours out as well? We should retreat.”

The lead constable sneered coldly and left with his men.

The news soon spread across the whole of An Nan city.

The annihilation of the Huang family, which was an upper-class family, would of course spark a heated discussion in the city.

“Hey, have you heard about the news? More than a hundred Huang cultivators were killed last night.
Don’t you think it’s damn cruel?”

“Uh huh, nobody even knows who did it.
Just how deep was their hatred towards the Huang family? With all their cultivators being slaughtered, the Huang family is doomed for sure!”

“Haih, it wasn’t that long ago that the Mu family’s goods were robbed.
And now the Huang family has been wiped out? Just what is going on in An Nan city?”

A group of Jianghu cultivators were chattering while drinking wine in a pavilion.

In the mansion of another upper-class family–the Wang family.

“What?! The Huang family was wiped out?!”

A middle-aged man jumped up from his seat after listening to a report from a Wang disciple.

The man was dressed in green robes, had a squarish face, and was very tall and muscular.
His eyes gleamed with a hint of superiority.

He was the Lord of the Wang family, Wang Bin!

As horror filled Wang Bin’s eyes, the Wang disciple said: “The news has already spread across the entirety of An Nan city.
We’ve sent some men to verify.
It’s true.”

“I can’t believe that the Huang family was really wiped out… J-just who on earth did such a thing? Could it be that the Huang family messed with the wrong people…”

Wang Bin muttered in fear.

“According to the nearby residents, they heard people screaming last night.
It seems to me that a whole force is behind the assassination, and not just one person… I suspect that…”

The disciple wanted to say something, but he abruptly stopped talking.

“In An Nan city, only our family and the Mu family have the guts to go against the Huang family… You suspect that the Mu family was behind this?”

Wang Bin narrowed his eyes and asked.

“That’s what I thought.
The Mu family was robbed a while ago, and I’m quite sure that it was the Huang family who did it.
The assassination last night was most likely revenge.”

The disciple explained.

Wang Bin’s eyes gleamed and he muttered under his breath: “If it really was the Mu family who did this, then I have to say that they must have a trump card up their sleeves…”

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