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Chapter 59: A Cultivator of Asura

“Little Feng, we’ve killed all of the remaining Huang disciples.
In addition to Huang Tai, we’ve killed a total of five Ning Gang level cultivators and 27 Zi Fu level cultivators, which were half of the elites in the Huang family.”

Mu Hai approached him and said while glancing at the white snake that was wrapped around Mu Feng’s arm.

“How many men have we lost?”

Mu Feng asked.

“Two of our disciples died, while others suffered minor injuries.”

Mu Hai replied.
Upon hearing his reply, Mu Feng walked towards one of the dead Mu disciples and stood in front of him.

This Mu disciple was the one who died protecting Mu Feng.
His body had been pierced by the Sword Qi, and he had died in an instant.

With a solemn expression, Mu Feng closed the disciple’s eyes, carried him in his arms, and said softly: “Rest in peace, my brother.
I will avenge your death by killing the remaining Huang family members.”

Mu Feng said with a resolute expression full of murderous intent.

He then handed the body to another Mu disciple and said: “You all go out first.”

The others exchanged a glance and left the inn, leaving Mu Feng standing alone in the aftermath of the bloodshed.

All of a sudden, a powerful suction force exploded from the Asura Jade Pendant, and it began to absorb the blood from the corpses.

Soon, all the blood was absorbed by the Asura Jade Pendant, leaving more than 30 mummified bodies on the ground.
The scene was horrifying.

Mu Feng looked at the bodies and said: “Don’t blame me for being ruthless because I didn’t bother to bury your bodies.
You can’t blame anybody but yourself, as you chose this path on your own free will.
You should’ve known that this is the consequence for going against me.
Everybody has the right to choose.
As for all of you, you’ve chosen incorrectly.”

A white-colored, Meta-power infused flame lit up in Mu Feng’s palm, which he then threw towards one of the bodies.
The bodies were set ablaze in an instant.

Sins, killing, and years of cultivation were nothing but a particle of dust in the end…

In this life, I chose to become a cultivator of Asura.
It was inevitable that there would be blood on my hands.

After that, Mu Feng walked out of the inn.
A crowd was waiting for him outside, including a middle-aged man, a waiter, and a chef.

As for the inn, it had already been set ablaze by the fire.

A light shone from Mu Feng’s finger, and a big bag of gold coins appeared in his hand.
He tossed the bag to the middle-aged man and said: “This is for you to rebuild your inn.
I assume that you guys are well aware of what should be said and what shouldn’t be.”

“O-of course, young master.
We know nothing about what happened today.”

The middle-aged man said respectfully as he accepted the bag of coins.
This bag of money was enough for him to build an even better inn.

“Little Feng, what’s our next move?”

Mu Hai asked.
Since the robbery incident, Mu Hai would first ask Mu Feng for advice before taking any actions.
He had never treated Mu Feng like a child.

“We should go back and gather our men.
Tonight, we will wipe the Huang family off the map!”

Mu Feng said calmly, but his tone was filled with murderous intent.

Mu Hai nodded.
Since Huang Tai was now dead, their family could no longer be on friendly terms with the Huang family.
Invading the Huang family before somebody found out about Huang Tai’s death would indeed be the best option.

The group of people then started heading back to An Nan city.
As for the three carriages, they had only contained rocks, not weapons.

When they reached the Mu family mansion, it was already around 11pm at night.

A total of more than 60 Zi Fu level cultivators, over 200 Tong Mai Ninth Sky cultivators, seven Ning Gang level Mu elders, Mu Hai, and Mu Zhong gathered in the main living hall.
Mu Feng stood in front and gazed at the hundreds of Mu disciples.

These people were the backbone of this branch of the Mu family in An Nan city.
It was they who pushed the Mu family to be one of the top three upper-class families in the city.

If a mere branch family had such power, one could easily imagine just how powerful the main Mu family was in its prime.
The 200,000 Mu soldiers made up a quarter of the total Mu disciples.
Their power in Nan Ling kingdom was obviously not a joke.

Some of the Mu disciples who were not aware of the current situation looked at Mu Hai and Mu Feng in confusion.

“A few days ago, our Mu family goods were robbed, and more than 10 of our Mu brothers died in vain.
I’m sure that many of you knew about the incident, but I’m guessing that not many of you knew who the mastermind behind it was, right?”

Mu Hai said while gazing at the crowd.

“Who did it? Did you guys find out?”

“Yeah, tell us who did it! My brother was one of the people who died during that escort.
I will avenge his death if I find out who did it!”

The crowd was in an uproar when they heard Mu Hai’s words.
Most of them were furious at what happened.

“Regarding this matter, our Little Lord Feng has done a thorough investigation and found out that it was the Huang family who did it.
Just now, earlier in the afternoon, we set up a trap where the Huang family planned to rob our goods once more.
We’ve killed all the robbers, but the Huang family still remains.
My fellow brothers, what do you think we should do?”

“What?! It was the Huang family who did it?!”

“That’s right! It was indeed the Huang family! Just now, under the lead of Little Lord Feng, we’ve already killed four Huang elders and even Huang Tai.”

“We should kill them all! We have to avenge our brothers’ deaths!”

The crowd flew into a rage and shouted angrily.

“We should kill them all!”

The others started to shout furiously as well.

“My dear brothers, please listen to me.”

At this moment, Mu Feng stood out from the crowd and said.
The crowd instantly quieted down, and all of them fixed their gazes on their Little Lord.

“I agree that we should wipe out the Huang family, but we mustn’t kill the innocent Huang family members.
We must only kill all Huang cultivators and avenge our brothers’ deaths.”

Mu Feng said.
Mu Feng didn’t want to kill innocent people on his path of cultivation.
Killing innocent people would go against his sense of integrity.

The crowd nodded and agreed in silence.

Suit up, and gather back here when you are ready! Dismissed!”

With a wave of his hand, Mu Hai ordered the crowd to get ready for battle.
This type of massacre could not be done openly, as, in the end, this city was still ruled by a state government.

In the middle of the night, a cold winter breeze blew, and the sky was clear and starless.
An Nan city was alive with colorful lights, and soon, snow began to fall steadily from the pitch-black sky, covering the ground with a thick blanket of white.

The Huang mansion was spread out over tens of acres of land.
Four guards dressed in thick winter clothes stood in front of the main gates, chattering between themselves.

“It’s really f*cking cold out here.
Urgh, there’s still another half an hour before our shift ends.
After our shift, I’ll definitely go to Spring Flower pavilion and warm myself up beside a beauty.”

A slightly thin man rubbed his hands and cursed.

Out of all four seasons, I hate my winter shifts the most.”

The other guy said, as he blew some warm air on his hands in an attempt to warm them.



At the same time, a sound rang out in the dark, breaking the silence.


A sharp arrow pierced through the skull of the thin man.
He then fell down and stared blankly ahead into the darkness.

Before the other guards could even react, a few more arrows shot out.
Soon, all four guards were dead, and their blood dripped on the stairs, staining the snow red.

After a while, a large group of men dressed like assassins dashed out from the darkness.
Their faces were covered with masks.
A few of them moved the bodies to the side, and they then entered the Huang family mansion directly through the main gates.

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