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Chapter 58: Vicious Little Tian

On the other side of the battle, Mu Hai and Huang Tai were engaged in vicious battle right at the center of the inn.
Their Meta-power could burst out anywhere in a 10-meters radius, and nobody dared to go near them.
Both of them were Ning Gang Ninth Sky cultivators.

Mu Hai was wielding a blue-colored sword, which was a middle-ranked Yuan Item, and Huang Tai was wielding a snow-white sword that was of the same rank.

Mu Hai gave a swing of his sword, and countless beams of Sword Qi struck down at Huang Tai like a wave of meteors, making swishing sounds in the air.

Remaining calm, Huang Tai wielded his sword as fast as lightning and blocked almost all the attacks.
The other attacks struck down continuously, leaving countless dents on the stone floor.

“Water Moon Strike!”

Mu Hai channeled his Meta-power into his sword, shouted, and dashed furiously towards Huang Tai.

A blue-colored strike that had the shape of a crescent moon instantly struck towards Huang Tai.
The strike was about three meters wide.

Water Moon Strike–a Huang-class middle-ranked Wudo Form.
Judging by the power of the strike, one could see that Mu Hai had already cultivated it up to the Yuan Man level.

Huang Tai’s expression changed drastically.
He immediately hurled a nearby table towards the strike in an attempt to block it.


The blue-colored crescent moon instantly split the table in half, as though the table was just a piece of tofu.
It then continued to fly towards Huang Tai at full force.

Huang Tai raised his sword to block the attack, but the force was too powerful, causing him to fall back a few steps.
The Sword Qi was even powerful enough to slice through his Gang Qi Defense Shield, leaving several gashes on his body.

Even if a Zi Fu level cultivator managed to block the strike head-on, he would still be sliced up by the residual Sword Qi.

While Mu Hai prepared to strike at Huang Tai once more, Huang Tai gave a wave of his hand.
To everybody’s surprise, three sleeve arrows that were dipped in poison shot out from under his robe.

Mu Hai immediately pulled his sword back to block the attacks.
However, at the same time, Huang Tai turned around and dashed towards Mu Feng!

He had had his eyes on Mu Feng for a long time.
As long as he took Mu Feng hostage, the other Mu family members would not dare to approach him at all.

“Little Lord!”

Everybody’s expression changed drastically.

“Quick, protect the Little Lord!”

Mu Hai shouted furiously.
One of the Mu disciples immediately dashed in front of Mu Feng and charged at Huang Tai with a knife.

“Those who stand in my way shall die!”

Huang Tai shouted furiously, swinging his sword at the Mu disciple in his path.
A golden beam of Sword Qi pierced through the Mu disciple’s skull, killing him instantly.
A gush of Meta-power swirled around Huang Tai’s fist, and he reached out to grab Mu Feng.

Mu Feng was slightly stunned, but he remained calm and struck down at Huang Tai with his knife.



His knife was aimed at Huang Tai’s arm, but his strike was bounced back because the defence from the Gang Qi Defense Shield was far too strong for him penetrate.

Mu Feng immediately stepped back a few steps, but Huang Tai slapped at Mu Feng’s body with his Meta-power infused palm.
Mu Feng spat out a mouthful of blood when he was slammed against a wall.

Huang Tai’s strength was overwhelming.
After all, Huang Tai was a Ning Gang Ninth Sky cultivator, so it was obvious that Mu Feng wasn’t a match for him.
Mu Feng couldn’t even lay a finger on Huang Tai.

“Kiddo, why don’t you just surrender?”

Huang Tai grinned evilly and struck down at Mu Feng with his sword.
Mu Zhong and the others couldn’t make it over quick enough to save him.

A trace of hatred flashed across Mu Feng’s eyes.
All of a sudden, a blue-colored tally paper appeared in his hand, immediately shooting right towards Huang Tai.

Seven or eight Tally Runes exploded one after another.


A wave of blue-colored energy burst out and exploded in front of Huang Tai.
Although seven or eight Tally Runes couldn’t deal much damage, they still served their purpose by blocking the strike just now.
Huang Tai also had to fall back a few steps due to the explosion.

At the same time, a beam of white-colored light shot out from Mu Feng’s body and bit Huang Tai.



“What on earth?!”

In the midst of the explosion, a beam of white-colored light pierced through his Gang Qi Defense Shield and bit his eye.


Huang Tai screamed in pain.
A three-foot-long, white-colored snake was biting him and ripping his left eye apart.

Huang Tai grabbed hold of the white snake and threw it far away while covering his left eye with the other hand.
He then swung his sword around randomly.

Meanwhile, the deadly venom that was released into Huang Tai’s left eye started spreading to his head.
All of a sudden, Huang Tai felt dizzy, and his face turned purplish.
After a short while, he started to convulse, and soon collapsed onto the ground.
A black, poisonous liquid spewed from his left eye.

The others were shocked when they saw this scene.
It happened too fast, maybe even as fast as the blink of an eye.

Mu Feng stared at the white snake in horror as well.
The snake then slithered back up his body.
Nobody expected it to break through a Gang Qi Defense Shield and release such a potent venom!

Little Tian’s golden eyes gleamed with murderous intent, and it kept hissing viciously.
The others just continued to stare blankly at the white snake and Huang Tai, who was still convulsing.

“My Lord!”

The other two Ning Gang level Huang elders screamed and wanted to take advantage of the lull to kill Mu Feng instantly, but Mu Zhong and Mu Hai were already beside Mu Feng.

“Kill them all!”

Mu Hai said coldly.
He then entered the battle and attacked the remaining Huang disciples.

“Little Lord, are you alright?”

Mu Zhong asked guiltily.

“Nothing too serious.
Just a slight internal injury from the Meta-power slap just now.”

Mu Feng shook his head and said.
Meanwhile, Little Tian was slithering towards Huang Tai’s body.
It was about two meters long now.

Huang Tai squirmed about on the ground as he felt numbness spread all over his body.
Although he had been poisoned by Little Tian, he wasn’t dead yet.
He could still be saved if he was immediately sent to a doctor.

The white snake slithered right up to Huang Tai’s chest, opened its mouth, and bit down exactly where his heart was.



Huang Tai screamed in pain ,and his convulsions started to get more serious.

To everybody’s surprise, Little Tian actually bit his whole heart out from his chest! The heart was still beating.

Under the stares of Mu Feng and Mu Zhong, Little Tian devoured the heart, and then, Huang Tai was dead.
His remaining Meta-power burst out, and a beam of hazy light shot towards Mu Feng, which was then absorbed by Xi Yue from inside the Asura Jade Pendant.



After devouring the heart, Little Tian let out a burp.
It then curled up into a ball, its golden eyes still gleaming with murderous intent.

“Little Lord, wh-where did you get this little guy? It’s so cruel…”

Mu Zhong gulped down his saliva and asked.
A trace of fear flashed across his heart, as he knew that he would face the same consequences if the snake attacked him one day.

Mu Feng snapped back into the present and said: “Erm, I hatched it from a Jiao Python egg that I got in the Nan Ling mountains.
Little Tian, come back to me.”


Little Tian slithered back towards Mu Feng and curled its two-meter-long body around Mu Feng’s arm.
It then fell asleep while absorbing the energy it obtained from the heart.

A Ning Gang Ninth Sky cultivator had nine Blood Seeds.
They were tasty treats for a beast, and that was why beasts loved to attack humans.

Mu Feng stroked Little Tian’s scales and felt grateful.
If it hadn’t been for this little fellow, he would’ve been dead.
Although it was cruel and dangerous, Mu Feng had already treated it as his companion.

After the death of Huang Tai, the remaining Huang disciples were besieged by a group of Ning Gang level Mu disciples.
Soon, all the remaining Huang disciples were killed.
The inn was stained red with blood, and countless bodies laid lifelessly on the floor…

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