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Chapter 54: A Lucrative Job

After that, Mu Feng and Mu Zhong left the family mansion and walked towards Wan Bao Ju.

“Little Lord, just wh-when did you become a chiseler?”

Mu Zhong asked in surprise while walking.

There was a chiseler in the Mu family, but that person was an elder who was hired by the family for a hefty sum.
The elder was a level two chiseler.

“Hehe, that’s a secret.
By the way, Uncle Zhong, your knife is a middle-ranked Yuan Item, right? When I learn how to carve level three Weapon Runes, I’ll gift you an upper-ranked Yuan Item.
It’s a pity that I only know how to carve level one Weapon Runes for the time being.”

Mu Feng smiled and changed the topic.

“Haha, I’ll be sure to wait until that day.
If Little Lord Feng really becomes a level three chiseler in the future, I’m sure that Nan Hao will have to think twice before acting rashly.”

Mu Zhong said with a laugh.

The jobs of a chiseler included weapon refinery, crafting spells, and even creating medicinal pills! A chiseler held a very high social status in the country.
Moreover, there was a very powerful organization in each country known as the Temple of Chiselers!

This organisation held an even higher social status than the royal family.
Why? This was because the pills you eat and the weapons and spells you use must all pass through the hands of a chiseler.

You could become a member of the organization as long as you were a chiseler.
However, the organization only had a branch in the capital, and not in any small cities like An Nan.

There were a few types of runes, namely the Weapons Runes, Medicinal Runes, Spell Runes, Tally Runes, etc.
Most chiselers specialized in one type.

In the midst of talking, both of them had reached Wan Bao Ju.
They stepped inside and were immediately greeted by a servant lady.
Since the last time Mu Feng was here he had sold many valuable goods, all the servant ladies on the first floor made sure to remember him.

“Young master, what brings you here today? Are you here to sell or purchase?”

The servant lady asked him with a sweet smile on her face.

“I’m here to sell.
Is your shop interested in buying this?”

The ring on Mu Feng’s finger lit up, and a stack of tally paper instantly appeared on the counter.
He then gave one to the servant lady.
She frowned and looked at it for a while, then exclaimed: “This is a Tally Rune!”

“That’s right.”

Mu Feng nodded.

Upon hearing his words, the servant lady treated Mu Feng with even more respect and said: “Young master, are you a chiseler?!”

These were carved by my shifu.
I’m just selling them on my shifu’s behalf.”

Mu Feng shook his head and replied.
He didn’t want anybody else to know that he knew how to carve runes yet.

“I will have to ask my shopkeeper about this matter.
Young master, please wait for a short while.
Xiu, escort young master to a private room.”

The servant lady said, ordering another servant lady to serve him.
Soon, both of them were escorted to a private room and where they were served fine tea.

The servant lady dressed in yellow quickly went upstairs into another private room where she found Shopkeeper Lee discussing something with an elder.

The elder was dressed in a long black robe that had two red-colored clouds stitched on both sleeves.
This robe was a chiseler’s robe, and the two red clouds indicated that he was a level two chiseler.

“Shopkeeper Lee, I’m sorry to interrupt, but that young master is here again.
This time, he even brought us this.”

The servant lady said with utmost respect, handing him the piece of tally paper.

“This is a Tally Rune!”

A trace of excitement flashed across their faces when they saw the piece of tally paper.

“Elder Qian, please have a look.”

Shopkeeper Lee passed the tally to the elder, as he didn’t know much about runes.

The elder scrutinized the tally, and his eyes lit up in excitement.
He said: “This is an upper-rank level one Tally Rune.
Who carved this? This type of rune is very complex, and I’ve never seen it before either.
The person who carved this must be at least a level two chiseler, maybe even a level three chiseler.”

He then looked at the rest of the tally papers and said with a frown: “Hmm, this is weird.
Although these are all Tally Runes, why do I feel that this one is slightly different from the others?”

“Where is Young Master Mu? Bring me to him now.”

Shopkeeper Lee said after confirming that the Tally Runes were genuine.

“He’s in the private room downstairs.”

The servant lady dressed in yellow quickly showed them the way.

After a while, Shopkeeper Lee and Elder Qian entered the room.
Shopkeeper Lee clasped hands and said with a laugh: “Young Master Mu, it’s been a few days since our last meeting.”

Mu Feng frowned, stood up, and clasped hands as well: “Shopkeeper Lee, it seems that you’ve sent somebody to check out my background?”

He had never told them that his surname was Mu.
Since Shopkeeper Lee greeted him by his name, it was obvious that they had sent somebody to find out his identity.

However, Shopkeeper Lee only knew that he was from the Mu family, but nothing more detailed.
This was because an order was passed down in the Mu family to not disclose anything about Mu Feng.

“Hehe, well… By the way, are you here to sell all of these Tally Runes?”

Shopkeeper Lee smiled awkwardly.
He picked up a Tally Rune and changed the topic.

“That’s right.
How much are you willing to offer?”

Mu Feng dropped the question and said.

“Young Master Mu, if I may ask another question, were you the one who… carved these Tally Runes?”

Shopkeeper Lee asked.
The elder seemed to be curious about this as well.

“Shopkeeper Lee, I’m afraid you’re asking too many questions.
If you don’t want to buy them, I could go to another shop instead.”

Mu Feng said in a slightly angered tone.

“Oh, please don’t go to another shop.
Please don’t get angry with me, I’m just asking with no specific intent.
Of course we’re willing to buy them from you.
As long as it’s valuable, our shop, Wan Bao Ju, will buy it! Well, let’s see.
Hmm, how about this, I’m willing to offer you 200 gold coins per Tally Rune.
What do you say?”

Shopkeeper Lee asked.

Mu Feng was extremely pleased to hear his offer, as the price offered was way beyond his expectations.
After all, the cost of a piece of tally paper was no more than 20 gold coins.
He didn’t expect to sell them at such a good price after carving runes on them.

However, he remained cool, nodded and said: “That sounds great to me.
Get me another five dozen pieces of tally paper.”

There are 12 Tally Runes here, so it’ll be 2,400 gold coins in total, and five dozen pieces of tally paper cost 1,000 gold coins total.
Please scan your Tong Bao gold card with mine.”

Shopkeeper Lee took out his Tong Bao gold card, and Mu Feng took his out as well.
Then they placed the cards together, and, in just a moment, the transaction was complete.

“Oh, by the way, you can have these 12 tally papers for free.
Young master, if you carve any other Tally Runes in the future, do visit us again.
I guarantee that we will offer you the best price available in the market.”

Shopkeeper Lee chuckled and said.

Mu Feng smiled lightly and said: “You really know how to do business, Shopkeeper Lee.
I’ll be sure to stop by your shop next time.
Well, I’ll take my leave now.”

Mu Feng clasped hands, took the 12 extra pieces of tally paper from the servant lady, and walked out of the shop with Mu Zhong.

“Elder Qian, do you think he’s a chiseler?”

Shopkeeper Lee looked at Mu Feng’s back and asked.

Elder Qian shook his head and said: “There are no visible calluses on his hand.
If he was a chiseler, he would have calluses from gripping a chisel for a long period of time.
However, I’m sure that he is being guided by a talented shifu.
We must establish a good relationship with him and find out who actually carved the runes.
I also suggest that we pay a visit to the Mu family one of these days.”

Shopkeeper Lee nodded with a solemn look on his face, as he was aware of the consequences that he might face if he offended a chiseler.

“Being a chiseler is such a lucrative job.
It’s extremely difficult for a cultivator to earn that much money.”

Mu Zhong exclaimed. 

Mu Feng agreed with him.
Now, he doesn’t have to worry about money anymore.

Meanwhile, the pile of Yuan Items that Mu Feng had carved were delivered to the weapons shop right away.
All of the weapons were sold on the same day they arrived.
The weapon molds needed by Mu Feng were also delivered to his courtyard.
After carving the specific Weapon Runes on the molds, the Mu family was able to deliver all of their customer’s orders on time.
The family’s economic crisis was finally settled.

The news soon spread to the Huang family.

“What?! The Mu family actually managed to deliver all the orders?!”

After hearing the report from a Huang family disciple, Huang Tai stood up and asked in shock.

“Yes, that’s right.
I saw the customers leaving the weapons shop with their Yuan Items with my own eyes.”

The disciple said respectfully.

“Father, what should we do now?”

Huang Yi frowned and asked his father.

Huang Tai narrowed his eyes and said coldly: “Don’t worry, there’s still another way.
This time, I’ll make sure that the Mu family is doomed!”

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