Translated by: Minx Calypso

Edited by: cdewsx77

Chapter 50: Selling Beast Eggs

While waiting for the lady to get the shopkeeper, Mu Feng browsed through the goods that were sold on this floor.
The shelves on this floor were mostly filled with various herbs.
Mu Feng started looking for the Hu Gu Grass that he needed for the cultivation of the Concentric Fingering Technique.

“Get me some Hu Gu Grass.”

Mu Feng pointed at a shelf and said.

The other lady hurried over and took out a wooden box.
In the box, there were three stalks of yellow-spotted herbs–Hu Gu Grass.

At the same time, three men walked into the shop.
Among them, a young man who was around 17 or 18 years old walked right up to the counter and said: “Get me three stalks of Hu Gu Grass.”

“Little Lord Wang, I’m so sorry, but the last three stalks of Hu Gu Grass were sold to this young man over here.”

As soon as the lady saw the young man, a trace of fear flashed across her eyes and she apologized immediately.

Upon hearing her words, the young man looked towards Mu Feng and saw the wooden box with three stalks of Hu Gu Grass in it. 

The young man walked towards him, gave Mu Feng’s shoulder a light pat, and said: “Kiddo, I’ll pay twice the price of these Hu Gu Grass.
Give it to me instead.”

Mu Feng glanced at this young man.
He was normal-looking, with a squarish nose, triangular eyes, and was dressed in white robes.
One could even say that he looked ugly.
However, there was a hint of superiority around him.  

Mu Feng shot him a look and said: “Sorry, but I need them too.”

Upon hearing his reply, a trace of anger flashed across the young man’s eyes.
He then said: “Hey, I already told you that I’m willing to pay twice the price.
Do you even know who I am?”

“I don’t care who you are.
First come first serve.”

Mu Feng said coldly.

“Young master, why don’t you give it to Little Lord Wang? He’s the Little Lord of the Wang family…”

The lady tried to persuade Mu Feng as well.
She then said: “Our shop stocks-up on Hu Gu Grass every half a month.
We can save some for you when you drop by our shop next time.”

Upon hearing her words, Mu Feng laughed and said coldly: “Wow, it seems that Wan Bao Ju isn’t a shop that abides by that saying as well.
I’ve never heard of the Wang family before, and I need the Hu Gu Grass right now.”

Mu Feng obviously didn’t back down, as he wasn’t someone who would be afraid of bullies.

“Hey, kiddo, are you even aware of the situation right now?!”

The young man dressed in white robes flew into a rage and tried to grab Mu Feng by the collar.
However, Mu Feng grabbed hold of his arm and twisted it instead.

“O-ouch! That hurts! Let me go!”

The young man howled in pain while Mu Feng twisted his arm.

Just as his two men were about to attack Mu Feng, a middle-aged man walked out slowly and shouted: “Stop it this instant!”

Both sides stopped attacking immediately when they heard the loud voice.
Mu Feng let go of the young man, and the two men stopped abruptly in their tracks as well.

The guy who shouted was a middle-aged man dressed in blue.
He had a kind face, but his eyes gleamed with a trace of Vitality.
One could see that he was a cultivator, maybe even one of the powerful ones.

“Shopkeeper Lee!”

The servants around him immediately greeted him and bowed on sight.

Shopkeeper Lee looked around, clasped hands and said with a smile: “I’m sorry, but fighting is prohibited in our shop.”

“What took you so long, Shopkeeper Lee? I want this box of Hu Gu Grass.”

The young man said furiously.

“Oh, it’s Little Lord Wang Yue! Xiu, why are you standing there? Hurry up and give him the Hu Gu Grass!”

Shopkeeper Lee shouted at one of the servant ladies.

“Shopkeeper, this young man wants the Hu Gu Grass too! He doesn’t want to give in.”


The servant lady said helplessly.

Only then did Shopkeeper Lee looked at Mu Feng.
He had never seen him before, so he clasped hands and said with a frown: “Young master, can you please give Little Lord Wang this box of Hu Gu Grass? There will be another batch of stock half a month later.
If you’re willing to give this batch to him, I’ll save up some for you and sell it to you at half the price.
What do you think?”

“Huh, I didn’t know that Wan Bao Ju is a shop that bends for the powerful.
Never mind, I don’t want it anymore.”

Mu Feng laughed coldly and returned the box to the servant lady.
He then kept his two Beast Eggs and Beast Crystals back into his Qian Kun ring and was about to leave.

“Hmph, how dare a poor kid like you defy me.”

Wang Yue sneered coldly.

However, when Shopkeeper Lee got a glimpse of his Beast Eggs, he immediately said: “Wait!”


Mu Feng stopped without turning over to face him.
He then asked calmly: “Is there anything else?”

Shopkeeper Lee walked right up to him, clasped his hands, and said: “Young master, were you planning to sell your Beast Eggs?”

“That’s right.
However, because of your shoddy service, I’ve decided not to sell it anymore.
Besides, I’m sure that there’s another shop in An Nan city that would be happy to buy them from me.”

Mu Feng said with a cold laugh.

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry! I-I didn’t know that young master actually wanted to sell those Beast Eggs.
Xiu, hurry up and give this young master the box of Hu Gu Grass!”

Upon hearing his words, there was a 180-degree change in Shopkeeper Lee’s attitude.
He immediately ordered the servant lady to bring over the Hu Gu Grass and the servant lady did exactly as she was told.

Meanwhile, a hint of displeasure flashed across Wang Yue and he said: “Shopkeeper Lee, what do you mean by this?”

“Little Lord Wang, I’m so sorry, but you’ll have to take the next batch of Hu Gu Grass.
I’ll deliver it to you directly when it arrives.”

Shopkeeper Lee said apologetically.


Wang Yue was furious, but he gave it some more thought.
By waiting another half a month, he would only have to pay half the price.
Since he didn’t lose anything, he nodded and sat down in the waiting area with his men.
He glared at Mu Feng again.

He didn’t want to let Mu Feng off the hook that easily.

“Young master, they’re all yours.
About the Beast Eggs…”

Shopkeeper Lee said with a laugh.


Mu Feng remained silent.
A glow lit up on his Qian Kun ring, and all of a sudden, two Beast Eggs and three Beast Crystals appeared on the counter.

Shopkeeper Lee’s eyes immediately gleamed in excitement.
He picked up a Beast Egg and channeled his Meta-power into it.
After a short while, a wide smile appeared on his face and he said in delight: “It’s a Ning Gang level Jiao Python egg!”

“So, what do you think? How much are you willing to offer for these Beast Eggs?”

Mu Feng asked calmly.

“Well, these two Jiao Python eggs are indeed very rare.
How about this, young master, I’m willing to offer you 5,000 gold coins per egg.
What do you say?”

Shopkeeper Lee asked cautiously.

“5,000 gold coins?!”

Upon hearing the shopkeeper’s words, a trace of greediness flashed across Wang Yue’s eyes and he stared at the two Beast Eggs greedily.


I didn’t expect a kid like him to have such valuable things!

Upon hearing the shopkeeper’s words, Mu Feng directly started keeping his Beast Eggs back into his Qian Kun ring.
Shopkeeper Lee panicked and immediately said: “6,000! Young master, this is the highest price that I could possibly offer.
We won’t get any profit if I offer you a price higher than this.”

“This sounds more like it.
I would like to sell these three Beast Crystals as well.”

Mu Feng was pleased with his reply.

“Hmm, these Beast Crystals are only normal Zi Fu level Beast Crystals.
How about this, I’ll pay you 1,000 gold coins for one.”

Shopkeeper Lee said.

Deal! As for the price of the Hu Gu Grass, let’s just deduct it from here.”

Mu Feng nodded and said: “Give me another 5 dozen of Beast leather tally papers and a bottle of ink as well.
The price for those shall be deducted from here as well.”

Young master, are you a chiseler as well?”

Shopkeeper Lee said in surprise.
The items that Mu Feng wanted were only used by a chiseler, or someone who was planning to become a chiseler.

Mu Feng didn’t reply to him.
Shopkeeper Lee dropped the question and ordered his servants to take out five wooden boxes and a jade bottle.
Each box contained 12 sheets of Beast leather tally paper.

The jade bottle contained sanguine ink.
This type of ink was also known as Jing Ink, which was produced from the cultivation of Blood Seeds in beasts.
The ink contained a special type of energy that was very useful for chiseling.

“Two Beast Eggs and three Beat Crystals cost 15,000 gold coins in total.
After deducting the cost of tally papers, Jing Ink, and Hu Gu Grass, the final sum is 13,500 gold coins.
Do you have a Tong Bao gold card?”

“Yeah, I have one.
Oh yeah, get me another four bottles of Pei Yuan Pills.”

Mu Feng said.
After deducting the cost of the Pei Yuan Pills, the final sum was 12,000 gold coins.

Mu Feng paid the remaining amount with his Tong Bao gold card and left the shop with his goods.
Wang Yue and his men followed him out of the shop.

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