Translated by: Minx Calypso

Edited by: cdewsx77

Chapter 49: Seven Stars of Soul-devouring

Under the spotlight, Mu Feng jumped down from the battle stage and walked towards Mu Li.
Mu Li immediately took a few steps back.
Even Mu Yu, a Zi Fu level cultivator, was not Mu Feng’s opponent, not to mention himself.
He still clearly remembered Mu Feng’s punch that made him lie in bed for half a month.

There was another young man beside him–Mu Cang.
There was an even stronger fear in Mu Cang’s eyes as he had thought about provoking Mu Feng before.
With Mu Feng’s current strength, he won’t be able to stand after even a single punch.

“Wh-what do you plan to do?”

Mu Li stepped back in fear.
Mu Feng walked right up to him, grabbed him by the collar, and said coldly: “This is the last time.
I can’t assure that I will still give any face to Uncle Hai next time.”

There was a flash of scarlet light and a murderous intent in Mu Feng’s eyes when he said that, causing Mu Li to turn pale.
Mu Li said softly: “I-I’m sorry.
I admit that I’m wrong.”


Mu Feng sneered coldly and let go of Mu Li’s collar.
He glanced at the other Mu disciples but no one dared to look him in the eye.

He was indeed a man of iron blood!

“I’m sorry for this whole farce.”

Mu Feng clasped hands to the crowd and left with Bai Ziyue and the others.
The crowd immediately gave way to them.

A middle-aged man and an elderly man were also watching the fight on a loft outside of the battle arena.

“Twelve crisp sounds rang out when he used the Tong Mai Punch just now.
How did he manage to cultivate it up to that stage? Aren’t only nine crisp sounds produced when one trains the Tong Mai Punch up to Yuan Man stage?”

Mu Hai frowned and said.

“The Yuan Man stage of the Tong Mai Punch indicates that one crisp sound would be produced by one Meta-pulse.
Since there were twelve crisp sounds, does that mean that the sound was produced by twelve Meta-pulses? Little Lord Feng has opened up twelve Meta-pulses!”

Uncle Fu exclaimed.

“Twelve Meta-pulses! How is that possible?! I’ve never heard of a cultivation method that could open up twelve meta-pulses before!”

Mu Hai exclaimed.

“This is my own guess, maybe there’s some other reason.
However, one thing is for sure.
Little Lord Feng’s Meta-pulses aren’t damaged, neither is his cultivation.
It seems that the main family spread rumors about this so that his secret could be buried.
They did it to protect Little Lord Feng.”

Uncle Fu said.

“Yeah, it seems so.
By the way, is there any news about our batch of goods yet?”

Mu Hai asked.

“Haih, nope.”

Uncle Fu sighed and shook his head.
He then said: “The crime scene was kept clean.
The people who did it didn’t leave any traces of identification.
Those who were killed died instantly.”

“What should we do now? If we really can’t settle it, we may have to ask the main family for help.”

Mu Hai let out a sigh.

“Currently, the main family is facing an economic crisis as well.
If we ask them for help, I’m afraid that… I’ll send someone else to further investigate it.”

Uncle Fu shook his head and left.

“Haha, Brother Feng, that felt so great.
I really wanted to beat up that kid whenever I saw him.”

Mu Kuang said with a laugh.

“Yeah, me too.
I don’t like Mu Li at all.
He’s weaker than the others and narrow-minded too.”

Bai Ziyue interrupted.

“It would be okay if people like him didn’t exist in our world.
When you meet somebody like him, you can’t settle things by using words, you can only settle it by using your fists.
Okay, you all should go back and cultivate.
By the way, Ziyue, follow me.”

Mu Feng said.
Mu Kuang returned to his courtyard to cultivate whereas Bai Ziyue and Xiao Lan followed Mu Feng.

“With your Tong Mai Punch plus the Meta-pulse advantage of yours, you’re still able to deal with a lower-ranked Huang-class skill.
However, if your opponent uses a higher-ranked Wudo Form at the Yuan Man level, you may not be a match for them.
Now, since your cultivation has reached the Zi Fu level, it’s possible for you to cultivate some Xuan-class Wudo Forms.
There is a high-rank Xuan-class punching skill written in the Asura Jade Pendant called the Nine Flames Punch.
It’s similar to the Tong Mai Punch, so it’s very suitable for you.”

Xi Yue said in his mind.

“Yeah, I’m aware of that.
However, I’m not in a rush to cultivate Wudo Forms right now.
Xi Yue, I want to learn Dao patterns.
Can you teach me?”

Mu Feng asked telepathically.
Currently, his branch family was facing an economic crisis, and he wanted to be of help.

“Of course, but if you want to learn, you’ll need to buy some Beast leather tally paper.
Normal paper can’t withstand the power of Dao patterns and the chisel used.”

Xi Yue said.

Mu Feng nodded when he heard her words.
After that, he returned to his courtyard with Bai Ziyue and entered the penetralia. (EN: The penetralia is the innermost part of a building, usually a secret/hidden place.)

“Brother Feng, what’s the matter?”

Bai Ziyue asked curiously.

“Ziyue, I have a high-class cultivation method that suits you very well, but you must swear that you won’t tell anyone.”

Mu Feng said solemnly.

“Huh? Okay.”

Bai Ziyue didn’t give it a second thought and swore on the spot.

After that, Mu Feng picked up his brush and started to write something down.
About a half an hour later, Mu Feng had finished writing a thick scroll of chants and cultivation methods.

An Earth-class cultivation method, the Seven Stars of Soul-devouring!

When it’s cultivated to perfection, one can drag the stars down!

A simple introductory sentence of the skill made Bai Ziyue gasped in awe.

A Wudo Form was written under the cultivation method.

Mu Feng handed the scroll to Bai Ziyue and said solemnly: “After you’ve memorized everything, destroy it.”

Thank you, brother Feng…”

Bai Ziyue’s eyes were red.
After a lot of studying, he knew exactly what an Earth-class cultivation method was.
It required a huge amount of trust for Mu Feng to teach him this skill.
A simple oath was not enough.

“You’re my brother.
I wouldn’t hide something that would be of use to you.
Go cultivate it.”

Mu Feng gave Bai Ziyue’s shoulder a pat.

Bai Ziyue wiped away his tears and nodded.

Brother Feng, I will repay your kindness with my life…

Bai Ziyue said to himself and left with the scroll.

After that, Mu Feng wrote down another Wudo Form –the Butterfly Shadow Kick, and gave it to Mu Lan.
Then, he left the Mu mansion and went to An Nan city to buy some paper and ink that would be used to learn Dao patterns.

Mu Feng walked on the streets of An Nan city alone.
The city was bustling with people.
He planned to sell some of the things that he got in the An Nan mountains.

Wan Bao Ju!

Wan Bao Ju was the largest shop in An Nan city.
It was an ancient, five-story building that sold and purchased weapons, medicinal pills, and herbs. 

Mu Feng looked around and stepped into the building.
He walked towards the counter, and a woman dressed in yellow greeted him with a professional smile: “Young master, what are you looking for?”

“I want to sell some beast products.
May I see the shopkeeper?”

Mu Feng said with a smile.

“You don’t need to meet our shopkeeper to sell some beast products.
I can assist you instead.
What do you want to sell?”

The woman in yellow didn’t believe that a young man like Mu Feng would be able to sell something worthwhile, so her enthusiasm lessened slightly.

Upon hearing her words, Mu Feng smiled.
A white light shone on his hand and a leather bag appeared in his hand.

“A Qian Kun ring!”

The lady exclaimed.
Her disdainful expression immediately changed into a respectful one.
One who had a Qian Kun ring would be either rich or a noble, and she, as a mere shop assistant, should treat them with great respect.

Mu Feng opened the fist-sized leather bag and took out three crystals.

To the lady’s surprise, they were three Beast Crystals.

After that, Mu Feng took out another big leather bag and poured out two green-colored Beast eggs that emitted strong Vitality.

“Th-these Beast Eggs are… Erm, I’m sorry sir, I’d better ask my shopkeeper to come over.”

The lady apologized with a serious expression on her face.
She left the counter, spoke to another lady in yellow, and hurried to find the shopkeeper.

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