Translated by: Minx Calypso

Edited by: cdewsx77

Chapter 48: Twelve Crisp Sounds

Swoosh! Swish!

Both of them suddenly moved at the same time.
Vitality burst out from under Mu Yu’s foot, and a gush of Qi energy whirled in the air.
He darted towards Mu Feng like an arrow and punched him.

“Crushed Stone Punch!”

The punch emitted a yellow light as it was hurled at Mu Feng.

Crushed Stone Punch, a Huang-class Wudo Form of the Earth attribute. 

Mu Feng also threw out a punch.
The Qi Cyclone in his body whirled, and his Vitality was channeled from his nine meta-pulses towards his fist.

Crack! Crack! Crack…!

The sound of his arm bones cracking rang out nine times, and his punch emitted a white light.
His punch flew towards Mu Yu’s punch.

Mu Yu had a scornful expression.
Mu Feng’s punch emitted a white light, and this indicated that his Wudo Form didn’t even have a class nor an attribute.

By listening to the nine cracking sounds, Mu Yu figured out what Wudo Form it was.
It was only a higher-leveled Wudo Form, the Tong Mai Punch.
Although the mastery level of this Wudo Form had reached the Yuan Man level, Mu Yu was still confident that Mu Feng wouldn’t be able to withstand his punch.


There was a loud bang when the two punches collided.
A wave of Vitality burst out, and their long hair swayed in the wind.
Mu Yu’s expression changed slightly.
Both of them received a huge impact, causing them to step back a few steps.

How is that possible?! How could the explosive force of a high level Tong Mai Punch be so powerful?

Mu Yu was shocked.
The force of the punch was not weaker than that of his own.
Furthermore, he was using a Huang-class Wudo Form, and his cultivation had reached Zi Fu Third Sky.
However, Mu Feng was able to withstand it easily!

“Hmph, it must have been a sheer fluke!”

Mu Yu sneered coldly.
He took two steps back, and then dashed forward once more.
He launched a continuous rainfall of punches, surrounding Mu Feng.

Mu Feng agiley dodged the punches by twisting his feet.
Although the speed of Mu Yu’s punches was fast, he wasn’t able to hit Mu Feng.

“This is the Yuan Man level of Swift Wind Steps!”

The crowd below exclaimed.

“Little Lord Feng has already trained his Swift Wind Steps up to the Yuan Man level! Last time, he only appeared to be at the Da Cheng level.”

“This is getting interesting.
However, even though his Wudo Forms have reached the Yuan Man level, I still think that he can’t beat Mu Yu.
The gap between their cultivation level is a two sky gap, and this means that there will be a large difference in their explosive force.”

There was a heated discussion in the crowd below.

Mu Li gritted his teeth as he watched the battle from below.
Previously, this was how Mu Feng fought with him as well.

“Mu Feng, if you have the skills, fight with big brother Mu Yu face-to-face.
Don’t just keep defending.”

Mu Li shouted loudly.

However, many people sneered at his comment.

“Mu Feng’s Vitality isn’t as powerful as Mu Yu’s, so it’s natural for him to let Mu Yu use up his Vitality in order to win.”

A muscular man said softly.

Others thought so too.

However, Mu Feng, who was still busy dodging the attacks, said with a smile: “Ok.
Since you want to have a look, I will satisfy your desire.”

After saying that, Mu Feng twisted his body and concentrated his Vitality on his fists.
He didn’t dodge anymore, but dashed towards Mu Yu head-on instead.

Many people were disappointed when they saw this scene.

“Haih, Little Lord Feng is still young after all.
He’s won’t be a match for Mu Yu if he confronts him head-on.”

“Yeah, exactly.
He would have been able to deplete Mu Yu’s stamina if he kept on dodging with the Swift Wind Steps.
The difference between their explosive force will just be too big if he confronts him head-on.”

The crowd gave a series of comments, but after a while, they were stunned and their mouths gaped open.

Bang! Bang! Bang~!

A series of ‘bangs’ rang out when their fists collided.
Surprisingly, Mu Feng was able to withstand the punches from Mu Yu, even though he was now confronting him head-on.
His explosive force was also not weaker than Mu Yu’s.

Mu Yu was shocked.
Just now, Mu Feng might have punched harder so he could withstand his punches, but after so many punches, it would be hard to say that the previous punch was just a fluke.

“Damn it, Crushed Stone Punch!”

Mu Yu roared loudly.
The three Qi Cyclones in his body exploded, and powerful Vitality was concentrated at his fist.
He punched out fiercely.
The yellowish punch stirred up a gust of wind as it was hurled towards Mu Feng.

The force from the Vitality within this punch was able to crush granite.
Judging by the strength of this punch, Mu Yu had likely cultivated it up to the Da Cheng level.

“Hmph, Tong Mai Punch!”

Unexpectedly, Mu Feng used another Tong Mai Punch.
The Vitality in his Qi Cyclone channeled from his twelve Xue Ling Pulses and concentrated at his fist.

Crack! Crack! Crack…!

Surprisingly, twelve crisp sounds rang out from his arm bone!


A white-colored punch flew towards the yellowish Crushed Stone Punch.


The two punches collided, and a wave of Vitality burst out.
An explosive boom rang out in the arena.

The white-colored punch overpowered the yellow Crushed Stone Punch kept traveling towards Mu Yu.


After getting hit, Mu Yu kept fell backwards and spit out a mouthful of blood.

Here’s my chance!

Mu Feng jumped up and dashed forward towards Mu Yu like an arrow.
Then, he fiercely kicked at Mu Yu.

Mu Yu crossed his arms to block the attack.
The force from the powerful kick made his arms numb.

Meanwhile, Mu Feng twisted his body and fiercely kicked Mu Yu with his other leg.


This kick was powerful enough to crush stones.
Mu Yu howled in pain and was sent flying almost eight meters away.

Mu Feng landed steadily on the ground and blew out a stream of white smoke.

There was complete silence in the arena, followed by an uproar.

“He defeated him! Mu Yu, a cultivator who has reached Zi Fu Third Sky, has lost the match! Furthermore, he was our branch family’s most outstanding young man!”

“Little Lord Feng is really the genius of our family.
He defeated a Huang-class Wudo Form by just using the low-ranked Tong Mai Punch!”

“Just now, twelve cracking sounds came from his arm.
I-Isn’t nine the highest number of sounds that can be produced by a Tong Mai Punch?”

“How is that possible?! Even big brother Mu Yu wasn’t a match for this guy? Im-Imposible!”

There was an uproar from the crowd below.
Mu Li’s eyes were wide open.
He looked at Mu Yu who was lying on the ground and he still couldn’t believe himself.
He looked into Mu Feng’s eyes with a trace of fear and respect.

“Haha, you looked so cool, brother Feng.”

Mu Kuang and Bai Ziyue also jumped about and shouted.

“Little Lord Feng is so powerful, and he’s handsome too! I really envy Xiao Lan.
It’s so great that she gets to live with Little Lord Feng.”

Some 15 or 16-year-old girls looked at Mu Feng’s handsome and determined face and fangirled over him.
Mu Feng had a kind of matured look and an iron spirit that his peers did not have.

Mu Yu covered the area where his waist had been hit and looked at Mu Feng in shock as well.

Cultivators were aware that it wasn’t impossible to win a fight with an opponent who was one sky higher than oneself.
As long as one’s Wudo Forms were a higher class and their weapons were of a better quality, it would be quite possible to win a fight against a higher leveled cultivator.
However, Mu Feng, who was two skies lower than him, actually defeated him with a lower-ranked Wudo Form, which he found hard to accept.

Is this the difference between the main family and the branch family?

Mu Yu was reluctant to accept his loss, and he was disappointed as well.

At this time, Mu Feng came over and stretched out his hand.

Mu Yu was stunned and he didn’t take it.

“Big brother Mu Yu, I, Mu Feng, treat all Mu disciples as my own brothers, and I’ve never thought that there was any superiority among the families.
You can ask Mu Li exactly what happened between me and him.
Since you’re his big brother, I’m sure you know about his temper, don’t you? Since we’re both from the Mu family, I hope that you and I can get along well.”

Mu Feng said sincerely.

Upon hearing his words, Mu Yu remained silent.
However, he still reached out to take his hand, and Mu Feng pulled him up.

Mu Yu clasped hands to Mu Feng and said: “Actually, I’m not doubting your character.
It’s just that I’ve heard about your great for a long time, so I wanted to have a match with you because I felt a bit jealous.
However, as you can see, I’m no match for you.
I acknowledge my defeat.”

After saying that, Mu Yu jumped down from the stage and left without even looking at Mu Li…… 

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