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Chapter 47: Not Guilty if Not Wronged

Mu Yu’s word attracted quite a crowd.
The people who were on their way to the shower room gathered around them, including some middle-aged men.

“Eh? It’s big brother Mu Yu.
Big brother Mu Yu came back?”

“The last time Mu Yu came back was a year ago.
At that time, he had already reached the Zi Fu level.
Now that he has spent another year at the Cang Ling Wudo Academy, no one knows how much he has progressed.”

“Mu Yu has always been close to Mu Li.
Mu Li was beaten up by Little Lord Feng a few months ago, so it seems that Mu Yu is seeking revenge.
This’ll be a good show.”

It was obvious that the Mu family members knew Mu Yu quite well.

Mu Feng frowned.
He didn’t really want to have a conflict with his own family members, but since they bullied him first, he wasn’t going to stand down either.

“Sure, I accept your challenge.
We’ll fight tomorrow.”

Mu Feng said.
He he had just run all the way back with Mu Kuang, so he was physically worn out.
It would not be a fair battle for him if he were to fight now.

I’ll wait for you at our family’s battle arena tomorrow afternoon.
Although you are the young master of our family, I will not go easy on you.
Don’t blame me if you get hurt tomorrow.”

Mu Yu sneered coldly.

“Mu Feng, this time, you’ll have a taste of what I went through.”

Mu Li sneered by the side too.

“That is exactly what I wanted to tell you.”

Mu Feng said as he glanced at Mu Yu, completely ignoring Mu Li.
He then walked away with Bai Ziyue, Mu Kuang, and Mu Zhong.

“Hehe, kiddo, when the time comes, you’ll have a taste of despair.”

Mu Kuang grinned at Mu Li when he walked past.

“Hmph, how can you still brag without feeling ashamed? Big brother Mu Yu has already reached Zi Fu Third Sky whereas Mu Feng has reached Zi Fu at most.
You’re not a match for big brother Mu Yu.
Mu Feng, be prepared to become bedridden!”

Mu Li snorted coldly and didn’t take his words seriously.

“Brother Feng, that guy is such a nuisance.”

Bai Ziyue sneered coldly.

“He’s just a kid who hasn’t experienced any hardship.
Ignore him.”

Mu Feng said softly.
He looked like an old man when he said this, but he was actually only 15 or 16 years old.

Meanwhile, news about Mu Yu challenging Mu Feng soon spread throughout the Mu family, and this caught the attention of many people.

After returning to his courtyard, Mu Feng took out the Pei Yuan pills that he should have received two months ago.

The Pei Yuan pill was a first-class medicinal pill that contained Vitality.
It was used in cultivation.
Mu disciples receive one every month, and each was worth tens of gold coins.

Mu Feng received special treatment from the family, so he got three pills each month, which meant that he received six pills to make up for the past two months when he was absent.


Mu Feng gulped down a Pei Yuan pill and started cultivating to replenish the Vitality that he lost during his run.

The Asura cultivation method immediately began as soon as the pill entered his stomach.
Within a few seconds, the pill was cultivated into a stream of white gas that poured into his stomach.
His cultivation speed was simply astonishing.

It would take half an hour for an ordinary person to cultivate a Pei Yuan pill, but for Mu Feng, it only took him a few breaths!

The quality of a cultivation method determined the speed of cultivation whereas the level of Yuan Gu determined the amount of Vitality that one could absorb.

About 80 percent of the Vitality was cultivated and absorbed.
It was then channeled into the Qi Cyclone.
The white-colored Qi Cyclone, which had most of its Vitality used up during the run, had become much denser.
The peak state of the Qi Cyclone was fully restored only after consuming two Pei Yuan pills.

Mu Feng gulped down two more of the remaining four Pei Yuan pills.
He cultivated his Vitality and tried to condense a new Qi Cyclone.
If he had two Qi Cyclones, he would be able to reach Zi Fu Second Sky.

Time passed slowly.
Soon, one night had passed.
The next morning, Mu Feng opened his eyes and blew out a long stream of white smoke that was about one foot long.
The smoke was then absorbed back into his body.

He stood up and cracked his joints.
He felt very energetic after doing a stretch.

He went to his courtyard and did some warming-up with the dummies there.
After that, he thought about the Concentric Fingering Technique.

He channeled his Vitality into his fingers and concentrated the Vitality on his fingertips according to a special meridian pathway.
He threw his arms out and jabbed at a dummy.

Bang! Bang!

His two fingers jabbed strongly at the dummy.
Two shallow marks were made on the steel-like dummy, and he felt a sharp pain from his fingertips.

Mu Feng gritted his teeth and continued to jab the dummy with his fingers.
In a short while, blood started dripping from his fingertips.
Mu Feng stopped jabbing only when he could no longer endure the pain.
Then, he healed his fingers by using Vitality.

“Kiddo, there’s a quicker method to cultivate this Concentric Fingering Technique up to the Yuan Man state.
Your brutal way of cultivating is very slow.”

Xi Yue said.

“Oh? What’s the method?”

Mu Feng stopped and asked.

“Next time, cultivate with some hot iron sand, and soak your hands in an herbal liquid made of boiled Hu Gu Grass after your cultivation is done.
This method is many times faster than yours.”

Xi Yue said.
Mu Feng believed her and nodded.
He had heard of Hu Gu Grass before.
It was a second-class herb that had an extraordinary effect on the recovery of bone injuries.

“Little Lord Feng, you’re up early today.”

At this moment, Mu Lan, who was dressed in green, walked out from a side room.
She did a morning stretched and greeted Mu Feng.  

“Xiao Lan, come here.
Let’s spar.”

Mu Feng said with a laugh.

“Okay, but you mustn’t bully me.”

Mu Lan smiled, revealing her canine teeth.
After that, she jumped and aimed a series of roundhouse kicks at Mu Feng.
Mu Feng hid one of his hands behind his back and used the other hand like a shield to block Mu Lan’s attacks.
He even gave some advice to Mu Lan about her moves from time to time.
He looked like he was enjoying himself.

Soon, both of them had fought for half an hour.
Mu Lan slumped on the ground, drenched in sweat.
On the other hand, Mu Feng’s face wasn’t red and he wasn’t panting at all.
The gap between them was obvious.

“I’m not gonna spar with you anymore.
You’re obviously bullying me.
How can you win the fight so easily with just one hand?”

Mu Lan sat on the ground and pouted sulkily.
Mu Feng laughed and went over to pull her up.

“The little girl’s kicks are not bad, she’s suitable for cultivating some leg-related Wudo Forms.
I have one of those skills, called Butterfly Shadow Kick.
You should teach it to her when you have the chance.”

Xi Yue said suddenly.
Mu Feng responded in his mind.

After that, Mu Lan went to prepare breakfast.
After having breakfast, it was almost noon.
Mu Feng, Mu Kuang, Bai Ziyue, and Mu Lan rushed to the Mu family’s battle arena together.

It was winter, and there was a cold wind blowing across the arena.
Hundreds of people had already gathered in the arena.

Most of these people were the young people of the Mu family who were teens, and some were in their twenties.
There were also a few muscular, middle-aged men.
In the middle of the three-meter tall arena was a young man in blue, standing with his arms folded across his chest.

“Little Lord Feng is here!”

A sudden commotion broke out from the crowd when Mu Feng walked over with his men.

“Mu Feng, this time, you’re dead meat.”

Mu Li sneered coldly at Mu Feng.
However, Mu Feng didn’t even glance at Mu Li when he walked past him, causing Mu Li to grit teeth in anger.

Mu Feng pointed his toes, jumped, and landed on top of the three-meter tall battleground.
He looked coldly at Mu Yu.

“Mu Feng, I will let bygones be bygones if you apologize to Mu Li today.”

Mu Yu said coldly.

“If I’m wrong, I will definitely apologize.
However, if I’m not, nobody in this world can make me apologize.”

Mu Feng crossed his hands behind his back and said with a resolute expression.

The temperature seemed to drop by two degrees celsius when their eyes met.
A cold wind blew, causing the young man’s black shirt and his long hair to sway in the wind.
A battle was about to begin!

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