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Chapter 46: Another Conflict

“We’re back!”

Mu Kuang shouted loudly as soon as he reached home.

“Brother Feng is back!”

In the courtyard, Bai Ziyue was dressed in white robes and was practicing a set of punches, which was none other than the Mu family’s Tong Mai Punch.
Mu Zhong was guiding him by the side.

When they heard Mu Kuang’s voice, Bai Ziyue and Mu Zhong stopped practicing and hurried out to greet them.

“Little Lord Feng is back!”

A beautiful girl dressed in green also came out to greet them with a trace of happiness on her face.

“Haha, Mu Lan, Uncle Zhong, we’re back!”

Mu Kuang came down from Mu Feng’s back and limped over to greet them.

“Brother Feng, Mu Kuang, why did you guys practice for so long? Hehe, let me tell you guys some good news.
I’ve reached Tong Mai Ninth Sky.
I’m not afraid of Mu Kuang anymore.”

Bai Ziyue punched out and said proudly.

“Tong Mai Ninth Sky!”

Upon hearing his words, Mu Feng and Mu Kuang were quite surprised.
Mu Zhong who stood by the side laughed and said: “He opened up his ninth Meta-pulse by himself a few days ago.
As of now, he really is a Tong Mai Ninth Sky cultivator.”

“Wow, just what kind of monster are you? How could you become a Tong Mai Ninth Sky cultivator in just a few months? You were just an ordinary person back when we first met you!”

Mu Kuang exclaimed.

Mu Feng was shocked as well.

“This guy has a Soul-devouring body.
He can incorporate the Vitality and Meta-power of others into his own cultivation.
His physique is quite extraordinary.”

At this time, Xi Yue’s voice rang out in Mu Feng’s mind.

“Soul-devouring body? What kind of physique is that?”

Mu Feng asked.

“Normally, Vitality is only compatible with the one that cultivated it, and it can’t be shared nor absorbed by another cultivator.
However, people with this kind of physique are able to directly cultivate the Vitality of other cultivators, which is quite amazing.
However, this type of physique has some shortcomings as well.
The Vitality absorbed from other cultivators may not always be 100% compatible with oneself.
When he attempts to breakthrough to the next level, it’s highly possible that he will go berserk and be eaten up by the Vitality instead, but there are ways to overcome this problem.
Taking a Ding Mo pill while breaking through can help reduce this kind of risk.”

Xi Yue explained.

“The world is strange indeed.
I never knew that there was such a type of physique.”

Mu Feng exclaimed.

“Hehe, Tong Mai Ninth Sky, that’s great indeed.
However, you still can’t beat me in a fight.
I’ve already reached the Zi Fu level.”

Mu Kuang put his hand on Bai Ziyue’s shoulder and said with a laugh.
He pinched and a powerful force was created.
Bai Ziyue screamed in pain.

“Mu Kuang, you’ve reached the Zi Fu level?”

Mu Zhong said in amazement.

Mu Kuang was only 15 years old after all.

“That’s right.
It was all thanks to Brother Feng.
Both of us trained hard in the An Nan mountains, so we managed to reach this level.”

Mu Kuang scratched his head and laughed.

“You got the results because of your own efforts.
I didn’t help you very much.”

Mu Feng smiled lightly and didn’t claim the credit.

“Damn it, I thought I could beat you in a fight when I reached Tong Mai Ninth Sky.
I didn’t expect that you guys would reach a new level as well.”

Bai Ziyue said sadly.

“Hehe, Ziyue, your improvement is much greater than that of normal cultivators who had cultivated for two or three years.
It’s amazing that you could reach this level of cultivation in just a few months.”

Mu Feng patted on Bai Ziyue’s shoulder and laughed.

“Little Lord Feng, why don’t you guys take a bath first? You guys smell…”

Mu Lan said while pinching her nose.

Mu Feng was stunned for a while and smelled his own body.
They indeed reeked of blood and sweat.
They smelled terrible.

Mu Feng and Mu Kuang laughed awkwardly and said: “Yeah, we should take a bath first.
Uncle Zhong, did anything happen within the household recently?”

Mu Feng asked while they walked towards the shower room.

“Well, something did happen.”

Upon hearing his question, Mu Zhong frowned and had a solemn look.

“What happened?”

Mu Feng could see that Mu Zhong was quite bothered.

“A few days ago, a batch of Yuan Items and medicinal pills were robbed from one of our branch families.
They are now in an economic crisis.”

Mu Zhong said.

“What?! Yuan Items and medicinal pills were stolen?”

Mu Feng frowned and asked again: “Do you know who did it?”

“I’m not sure about that yet.
We’re still investigating, but as of now, several big shops of the Mu family have begun to run out of stock.”

Mu Zhong sighed.

Mu Feng squinted and they were silent.
They went into the shower room, took a shower, and changed into clean clothes.

They bumped into a few familiar faces when they came out of the shower room.

“Big brother, you probably aren’t aware of this since you just came back.
Let me tell you something, last time… Eh, it’s Mu Feng!”

A few people were walking towards them.
When they saw Mu Feng, they immediately stopped in front of him.

“What’s the matter, cousin Mu Li?”

Mu Feng frowned and asked.

The people who stopped in front of them were Mu Li and his men.
Among them, there was a young man dressed in blue who was about 20 years old.
He had fairly sharp cheekbones and a gleam in his eyes.

“I believe there’s something unresolved between us.
We haven’t come to an agreement about the incident last time.”

“Mu Li, he’s the Little Lord Feng that you mentioned previously?”

The young man frowned and asked.

“That’s right, big brother.
He’s the little lord of our family clan.
Last time, he beat me up so much that I couldn’t get out of bed for half a month.”

Mu Li clenched his fist and said.

The young man looked at Mu Feng, but Mu Feng retained his calm expression.
Beside him, Mu Kuang laughed coldly and said: “You deserved that.
Brother Feng just taught you the way of living as a human.”


Mu Li was furious.
Mu Yu waved his hand and stopped Mu Li from hitting Mu Kuang.

The young man looked at Mu Feng and said with a laugh: “Little Lord Feng, I’m Mu Yu, Mu Li’s elder brother.
We highly respect Little Lord Feng as the little lord of the Mu family, but you shouldn’t act rashly when you’re at our branch family.
You shouldn’t take it too seriously while fighting with our own disciples either.
Don’t you think it’s a bit undue to beat your own family member up until he has to stay in bed for half a month?”

Mu Yu had a cold expression on his face when he finished his sentence.

Mu Feng scowled and looked at Mu Yu.

He had heard about him before.
He was the genius of the Mu family who entered a famous Wudo academy in Nan Ling kingdom at the age of 17.

Mu Feng said calmly: “You’re overstating the incident, brother Mu Yu.
I live my life where if you leave me alone, I’ll leave you alone.
Cousin Mu Li should be well aware of exactly what happened last time.
Besides, although I’m from the main family branch, all of us deserves to be respected equally.
You and I are both descendants of the Mu family.”

It’s obvious that you wanted to show off your status to the other family members of the branch family.
That was why you took the fight so seriously.”

Mu Li said angrily, as if he was certain that what he said was true.

“Don’t you have any idea at all why I did that?! He who humiliates others will always end up humiliating himself.”

Mu Feng got angry too.
He stepped forward and said coldly to Mu Li.
His Qi Cyclone whirled within his body, causing his Vitality to overflow.
A gush of energy pressured down on Mu Li, making him speechless.
He stepped back two steps and looked at Mu Feng in horror.

“You’ve reached the Zi Fu level?! Your Meta-pulses were not actually damaged?”

Mu Li said in disbelief.
When he fought with Mu Feng previously, the energy emitted by Mu Feng was only at the Tong Mai level.

“Hmph, I’ll still greet you as ‘cousin’ if you behave.
If not, I will make sure you lay in bed for another half a month.
Let’s go.”

Mu Feng sneered coldly and left without even looking at them.


When he walked passed Mu Yu, Mu Yu stretched out his hand and blocked Mu Feng from leaving.
With a trace of anger on his face, he said: “It seems that Little Lord Feng really doesn’t take us, the branch family members, seriously at all.
If that’s the case, since you’re also a Zi Fu level cultivator, will you accept my challenge?”

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