Chapter 3: Crisis

The vast land of Beiwu Continent has thousands of kingdoms, and it has witnessed thousands of battles fought among different ethnic groups.

The capital city of Kingdom of Nan Ling, a big city with millions of people, it has all kinds of groups and is a mix of good and bad people.

The Family Mu is known for its wudo arts.
Generation after generation all Mu men have joined the army and they all held high ranks in the Nan Ling’s army.
They are an upper class family, yet not in the top class.

Under the sky, every spot belongs to the sovereign,all the way to the borders of the land, every individual is the sovereign’s subject.
Of course, in this capital, the top-class family is the royal family.

Inside a well-decorated room in the house of the Mu family, the sun shines on a handsome face.

He sleeps like a newborn baby, his breath is even and upper body is wrapped by white bandages.

No one knows how many battles this 15 years old young man has been through, but the scars on his muscled body tell his story.
A sanguine Qilin is tattooed on his shoulder.

An old doctor just finished examining this young man, he stands up and says to a man beside him, “ Lord Mu, the body of the little lord is recovering well, he only needs more time to rest, but ……”

This man wears a silk black robe, he looks like he is also a man of iron and blood.
Although he does not show anger, he will be looked up to with awe.

He is Mu Chen, the lord of Family Mu, also the uncle of Mu Feng.

“But what? Doctor Liu, please tell me.”

Mu Chen frowns when doctor Liu said to him haltingly.

“The qi passageways in the body of little lord have already ravaged, and they will never heal in the future, I’m afraid he must give up the wudo from now on.”

“How come?”

“Little lord……“

One beautiful young girl dressed in white skirt spills tears when she hears what the doctor just said.
Her beautiful hand touches the young man’s face, she looks so worried.

Yun Wan Qing is the fiancée of Mu Feng, and she also the daughter of Family Yun, which also the upper-class family with wudo tradition.

“That’s nonsense! It is impossible that all the qi passageways in my brother has broken, and there is no way my brother will never exercise wudo.
What you said is nonsense, my brother is the most talented man in our family.”

One young man grabs the doctor’s collars and seems really angry.
He is about Mu Feng’s age and has an explosive temper.

There is no future for a man who cannot exercise wudo in a family of wudo arts.

“Mu Kuang, stand down, do not be rude.”

Mu Chen shouts at him, and Mu Kuang steps down.
Mu Kuang looks at the young man on the bed, gritting his teeth.

“Doctor, is there any method to cure the boy? We are willing to pay anything we have.”

Mu Chen asks with a tremble in his voice.

“Yes, there is.
A panacea called Liu Jie can save the broken passageways, but as you already have known, this panacea is impossible to find even we search every corner of this kingdom.”

The doctor sighs.

Everybody fltl desperate when they heard the doctor, the panacea Liu Jie is impossible to obtain.

“All right, I see, you may leave the room, doctor.”

Mu Chen seems weary, he asks the doctor and other people in the room to leave, leaving only himself and Yun Wan Qing in the room.

“Wan Qing, if you are tired, you can go and have some rest.”

“No, uncle Mu, I want to be here with Mu Feng, you can go take a rest.”

Yun Wan Qing shakes her head, and Mu Chen leaves the room.

The young girl wipes the young man’s face with a wet towel, there is a hint of smile at the corner of her mouth.

“Feng, I know you will wake up.
You told me once, you want to conquer a kingdom for me, nothing can beat you down.
No matter what happens, I will be on your side.”

She leans on his chest, and one tear drops from his closed eyes and slips across his face.

Soon, the news spread across the Family Mu, and people are shocked.

“Is this true? The little lord has all his qi passageways broken and become a cripple?’

“Yes, it is true, I heard this from the servant of the little lord.”

“What a loss.
He was once the most talented boy in this family.
The entire Mu army was killed on the battlefield even General Mu.
The only one alive has lost all his wudo skills.
God is so unfair.”

“Yes, it is, Mu Feng has broken passageways, and General Mu has died, the Mu family is declining.”
The servants chattered.

Mu Feng, the number 1 talented boy in the family, he started practising wudo at age 5, he opened his nine blood vessels at age 12, reaching the level of Zi Fu at age 14.
He is a born wudo genius.

However, his lost his entire cultivation and his qi passageways are broken now.

The news spreads across the city, and all the large families in the capital are shocked by this news.

The moon and stars shine in the dark sky, the capital is lighted by thousands of lanterns in the night.

The house of family of Shang Guan is as bright as daytime.

Family of Shang Guan is a big family in the kingdom and their rank is higher than the family of Mu.

In a guest house, a boy aged 17-18 is now having sex with his own servant girl, their naked bodies twisted together.

Someone knocks on the door.

“who’s fu*k is this?”

The angered boy responds.

“Little lord, it’s me, it’s urgent.”

“I don’t care, wait!”

The young boy is angry that they have been interrupted, he stands up and covers the body of his servant girl with a blanket.

This boy has a handsome face but is frivolous, his eyes full of evil.

Shang Guan Zhi Qian, the son of Lord Shang Guan, is also a talent in wudo.
He has reached level 8 of Yuan Gu.

Yuan Gu, is the root for a man of wudo.
The higher the level, the stronger the sensitivity he has to the energies flowing between the heaven and earth.
The highest level is 9.

He opens the door, and a servant stands outside.

“You’d better give me a good excuse, or I will chop off your third leg.”

He says with anger.

The servant shivers, saying:” Little lord, good news.
The reliable news said Mu Feng from Family Mu has all his qi passageways broken and has become a cripple.
He will never exercise wudo any more.”

There is joy appears on his face, he grabs the collar of this servant and says,” what did you just say? Mu Feng’s qi passageways have been all broken?”

“Yes, my little lord.
The news has been spread all over the kingdom now.”

“Haha, fantastic, Mu Feng, this time I will see how you can compete with me? I will propose marriage to Wan Qing! Haha, Heaven is helping me!”

His laughs echoes in the room.

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