Chapter 35: Ning Gang Level Xiong Beast

Back then, Mu Feng had already reached Zi Fu level, but it was destroyed along with his meta-pulses.
Therefore, Mu Feng did not need to start cultivating Zi Fu level from scratch, but he could repair it instead.

Every person has three dantians.
The upper Dantian, known as Shi Hai, is located at the forehead between the eyebrows and it’s said that there’s a God in it.

The middle Dantian, known as Zi Fu, is located an inch above the belly button and is associated with respiration.

The lower Dantian, known as Ni Wan Gong, is located at the genital area and is where the process of refining and purifying essence begins.

Everybody is born with the lower Dantian, while the middle and upper Dantian, Zi Fu and Shi Hai, must be self-cultivated.

“Mu Feng, if you aim to be one of the powerful ones, you’d better restore and open up your tenth, eleventh, and twelfth meta-pulses.”

Suddenly, the pleasant voice of Xi Yue echoed in Mu Feng’s head, surprising him.

“Xi Yue, can you please notify me before you speak? It gives me a scare if you suddenly say something out of nowhere.”

Mu Feng said with a hint of displeasure.

“What? Brother Feng, what did you say? Who’s Xi Yue?”

Beside him, Mu Kuang asked in confusion.

“I wasn’t talking to you.
Be aware of your surroundings.”

Rather annoyed, Mu Feng hit Mu Kuang on the head.

“Ok… Who else could you be speaking to if it wasn’t me?”

Mu Feng mumbled to himself.

“I can hear you talking to me if you concentrate your thoughts on the Asura jade pendant.”

Xi Yue said.

“Oh, okay.
Why did you ask me to open up another three more meta-pulses? Aren’t these three meta-pulses forbidden?”

Mu Feng focused his thoughts on the Asura jade pendant and asked puzzledly. 

“These three meta-pulses are only forbidden in the cultivation methods that are below the Di level.
It’s fine to open up these three meta-pulses if the cultivation methods are beyond the Di level.
By opening up these three meta-pulses, your cultivation speed of Vitality will be much faster compared to the normal cultivators who have reached Tong Mai Ninth Sky.
Do you understand?”

Xi Yue explained.

“Beyond the Di level? You, do you mean that the Asura chant is a cultivation method that is beyond the Di level?”

Mu Feng asked in shock.
He originally thought that it was just a Xuan-class cultivation method.

“What do you think? Did you really think that an ordinary cultivation method would include self-healing, body cultivation, and Qi cultivation altogether?”

Xi Yue said in an annoyed tone.

“Hehe, I’m quite ignorant in this area.”

Mu Feng smiled awkwardly. 


Just at that moment, a tragic scream came from afar.
Mu Feng and Mu Kuang immediately laid low and hid among the bushes. 

“It’s a human scream.
Let’s go and have a look, but stay quiet.”

Mu Feng said softly.


Mu Kuang nodded.
Just like two cats, both of them rushed over to the place where the scream came from.

However, they were not aware that they were gradually going deeper into the An Nan mountains.

After walking for a few hundred meters, Mu Feng and Mu Kuang arrived at the top of a cliff of a small canyon. 

It was a canyon that was tens of meters deep.
It was quite spacious inside and there was even a stream flowing out from it.
The ground was covered with shrubs and rocks, and it led towards the deep forest with cliffs on both sides.

Meanwhile, there were three men in the canyon.
One of them was lying on the ground, but they couldn’t tell whether he was dead or alive.
However, his face had turned black, as though he was poisoned.

Surrounding them was a group of countless colorful, poisonous snakes.
These poisonous snakes were two to three meters long and were flickering their forked tongues.
There were even a few terrifying poisonous pythons with diameters as thick as a human thigh that were more than 10 meters long.
They stared at the remaining two men with cold gleams in their eyes.

Of the two still conscious men, one was a middle-aged looking man dressed in leather amour.
He was muscular, tall, and held a sword in his hand.

The other man had a lean physique and was also dressed in leather amour.
He held a steel knife in his hand.

“Damn these motherf*ckers.
All we did was steal a few eggs, did they have to be so angry?”

The middle-aged man looked quite pissed off.
He was carrying a bulging, black-colored sack on his back.

Not everyone had the money to buy a Qian Kun ring, not even most Ning Gang level cultivators.
They would just stuff their things inside a special leather sack.

Mu Feng got his Qian Kun ring only after he killed hundreds of soldiers.
His father spent a lot of money to hire an alchemist to forge it and a sculptor to carve it.

“Big brother, what now? Brother Liu is poisoned and it seems like he won’t be able to live much longer.”

The lean man asked.

“Hmph, what now? We’ll have to force our way out, of course.
Pick up Brother Liu and throw him out while I chop him up with my Sword Qi.
We will escape when we have the chance!”

The middle-aged man said coldly while slaughtering a snake that attacked him with a strike of his sword.


Upon hearing the words, the lean man did as he said.
Not caring whether his comrade on the ground was still alive or not, he lifted his body and threw him out into the middle of the snakes.

“Chop it down!”

The middle-aged man shouted coldly while striking with his sword.
The sword gleamed with light and a beam of golden Sword Qi struck at the body that was several meters away, chopping Brother Liu in half.

Brother Liu regained consciousness and let out an agonizing scream.
His body was split into two and blood gushed out.

The two pieces of the body fell onto the ground.
Brother Liu screamed miserably and was crawling on the ground while his intestines and other organs were dragged out.


The smell of blood stimulated the venomous snakes and pythons to slither towards Brother Liu and feed on him.

“Now’s our chance! Run!”

The middle-aged man shouted loudly and started to break through the encirclement with his sword from the other side.
His Sword Qi made horizontal and vertical strikes that slaughtered each and every poisonous snake that was in his way.

As the poisonous snakes were being distracted, both of them dashed out of the encirclement and fled into the canyon.

Mu Feng and Mu Kuang witnessed the scene at the top of the cliff.

“Both of them are Ning Gang level cultivators.
It seems that they are part of a mercenary group.”

Mu Feng said softly.

“That guy was so ruthless.
How could he feed his comrade who was still alive to the snakes and run away himself?”

Mu Kuang was disgusted by the man’s style of doing things.

“That’s what people would do to survive.
I drank my enemy’s blood when there wasn’t any water on the battlefield.
However, that guy is indeed not a good man.”

Mu Feng squinted his eyes and said.

The two men dashed about in the canyon.
Due to the steep and slippery cliffs and poisonous snakes, both of them ran out from the canyon instead of climbing up the cliff.


However, at the same time, an angry roar came from inside of the canyon and a huge green-colored figure pounced onto them as fast as lightning.

Mu Feng and Mu Kuang stared at the monstrous figure in shock and couldn’t help but hold their breath. 

It was a green-colored giant python that was almost thirty meters long, with limbs that had the diameter of a steel pipe and green-colored scales that each had the size of a human palm.
Its mouth could easily swallow a human whole.

There was a fleshy horn on top of the python’s head as well.
Surprisingly, it was actually a Jiao Python!

It emitted a green light.
Although it slithered on the ground, it had an astonishing speed.
It pounced towards the two men while crashing through the shrubs on both sides of the path.

A Ning Gang level Xiong Beast! A Jiao Python!

Mu Feng said to himself in a state of shock.

The Jiao Python was a ferocious beast.
It was said to have a trace of Jiao Long blood in its body.
Jiao Long was a mythical Xiong Beast.
As for Shen Long, its presence itself was a legend.
No one knows whether there is a Jiao Long in Nan Ling Kingdom or not.

The Jiao Python had almost caught up to the two men.
Both of them looked back in horror and continued to run away desperately.

“Big brother, wh-what do we do now? Why don’t we just return back its eggs?”

The lean man was so frightened that he broke out into a cold sweat.

“Those are the eggs of the Jiao Python.
One egg is enough for us to be so rich that we won’t have to worry about food for the rest of our lives.
Xiao Zhang, I will remember you and will visit your grave every year.”

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