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Chapter 33: Tong Mai Seventh Sky

“Watch out!!”

Mu Feng’s expression changed and he darted towards Mu Kuang.
At the same time, he threw his knife at the Night Panther with a flick of his wrist.

A fist-sized, black-colored light orb shot out from the Night Panther’s mouth towards them, brushing against Mu Feng’s back and crashing into the thigh-thick trunk of a tree behind them.


There was a muffled explosion and the tree was blasted into bits by orb.
There was a bloody gash on Mu Feng’s back due to the Vitality Bomb.


However, the knife that Mu Feng threw out also struck heavily on the Night Panther’s skull, blinding one of its eyes.


The Night Panther roared in pain and anger.
Its head was bleeding and it thrashed about wildly were it stood.

Mu Feng and Mu Kuang, who were on the ground, did a kip-up immediately. (EN: A kip-up is when you are lying on your back, you raise your feet up, and push against the ground with your hands to get back on your feet in one swift motion)


Mu Feng shouted loudly, pulled out a dagger that was tied to his calf, dashed towards the Night Panther, and ruthlessly struck the dagger into its other eye. 


The dagger went into its eye and penetrated directly into its skull.
The Night Panther clawed about wildly.
Mu Feng was sent flying and he fell onto the ground.


Mu Kuang also jumped up with the knife in his hand and struck it down on the back of the Night Panther.


Blinded in both eyes and seriously injured, the Night Panther’s backbone was split in half by the knife and it was pinned down on the ground.


The Night Panther howled in pain and its limbs were in a state of convulsion.
It vomited a huge amount of blood and eventually died.


Mu Feng got up and coughed out two mouthfuls of blood and phlegm.
Mu Kuang also slumped to the ground and gasped for breath.

There was a burning pain on his back along with another new wound caused by the Night Panther’s energy orb, but it was nothing too serious.
He also felt a sharp pain from his chest.
His bones must have been cracked due to the Night Panthers violent claw swipes when it was nearing death.

“Brother Feng, are you okay?”

Mu Kuang asked after gasping for two breaths.

“I’m all right, what about you? You weren’t hurt right?”

“I’m all right too.
Damn it, that Xiong Beast was indeed powerful.
If it weren’t for you, it would be quite hard for me to deal with it alone.”

Mu Kuang looked at the Night Panther with a lingering fear in his heart.

Meanwhile, wisps of black-colored Vitality started emitting from the Night Panther’s carcass.
They consisted of the energy stored in its body that was released upon its death.

“Hehe, it was quite dangerous just now, but the gains are quite great.
It should sell for hundreds of gold coins.”

Mu Feng laughed and walked over.
He retrieved the dagger that was stuck in the Night Panther’s eye and opened up its skull. 

Inside the skull, he found a black-colored spherical spar that was about the size of his thumb. (EN: Spar is a mining term used to refer to non-metallic, crystalline substances.)

“A Beast Crystal.
Haha, I’m so lucky, this Zi Fu level Xiong beast actually had a Beast Crystal in its body.”

Mu Feng said with a laugh.

Beast Crystals were formed due to the concentration of energy in a Xiong Beast’s body, and they possess a large amount of Vitality.
Cultivators could absorb the Vitality during cultivation.
However, Beast Crystals contained many impurities, so the Vitality that was cultivated from these Beast Crystals was not pure and could not be used to cultivate in the long run.
They can also be given to an alchemist to perform alchemy or a refiner for refinement purposes.
In any case, Beast Crystals had a wide range of uses.

Even though the Zi Fu level Beast Crystal was rather small, it was worth 1,000 gold coins.

Currently, 1,000 gold coins wasn’t considered a small fortune for both of them. 

“Xiao Kuang, you can have this Beast Crystal.
You can’t absorb the Blood Qi and transform it into Yuan, but if you cultivate by using this Beast Crystal, you may be able to break through the Zi Fu level.”

Mu Feng directly gave the Beast Crystal to Mu Kuang.

“What about you, Brother Feng? It was you who killed the Xiong Beast, I don’t want it.” 

Mu Kuang shook his head.

“Haih, we brothers will share these.
Besides, having the panther’s carcass is good enough for me.
Help me by standing guard while I cultivate the Blood Qi left in the carcass.”

Mu Feng put the Beast Crystal in Mu Kuang’s palm and sat cross-legged in front of the Night Panther’s carcass.
He stretched out his hands and channeled the Vitality in his body into the carcass.
The blood in the carcass of the Night Panther started to burn and the energy in its flesh turned into a blood-red colored energy, which then poured into Mu Feng’s body.

Mu Kuang stopped arguing and felt slightly touched instead.
He accepted the Beast Crystal, took his knife, and stood guard beside Mu Feng.

At the same time, he felt a bit surprised as well.
In his fight with the Night Panther just now, he felt clearly that his strength was much greater than before.

Mu Kuang walked over to an ancient tree that was beside him, took a deep breath, concentrated his Vitality at his arm, and punched the trunk with all his might.


Swish! Swoosh!

There was a muffled bang and the huge tree swayed and shook.
A powerful force was transmitted to the ancient tree and the part of the trunk that was punched cracked open, leaving a dent that was the size of a bowl and had a depth of one foot.

“This is great! The power of this all-out-punch should be around 1,000 kilograms! It’s around 100 kilograms heavier than before!”

Mu Kuang said to himself in amazement.
Previously, when he reached Tong Mai Ninth Sky, the maximum explosive force of his punch was around 900 kilograms, but now, he estimated it to be around 1,000 kilograms.

Was it because I managed to cultivate the body cultivation method that Brother Feng mentioned previously?

Mu Kuang thought to himself as his eyes slowly lit up and shone with surprise, as though he had found the answer.

This also built up his confidence to cultivate the blood-burning body cultivation method. 

The Blood Qi in a Zi Fu level Xiong Beast was much higher than that of a Man Beast.
There were even five Blood Seeds in its body.
The energy stored in Blood Seeds was even more abundant.

In any organism, there was a limit to the number of Blood Seeds that were available in the body.
In general, nine was the maximum number of Blood Seeds.
However, the energy contained in the Blood Seeds of animals from different realms varied, although the number of Blood Seeds was the same.

Take a Ning Gang level cultivator for example.
He also had Blood Seeds in his body, but the energy contained in one of his Blood Seeds alone was probably greater than that of all the Blood Seeds in a Tong Main Ninth Sky cultivator combined.

Blood Seeds, which were the condensation of energy and the essence of life of  cultivator, were extremely important.
If a cultivator lost a large amount of Blood Seeds and couldn’t replenish them in time, it would result in the decline of his cultivation ranks, and his meta-power would be consumed completely.

With Mu Feng’s level of cultivation, he currently has only three Blood Seeds–even after cultivating the Asura chant.
Normally, in order to have three Blood Seeds in one’s body, one must reach Tong Mai Ninth Sky. 

Generally, only the powerful ones that have reached the advanced level of Ning Gang could cultivate nine Blood Seeds.

These five Blood Seeds transformed into a huge amount of Blood Qi and poured into Mu Feng’s body, causing the seventh meta-pulse in his body to recover at an alarming speed. 

After two hours, it was midnight.
The carcass of the Night Panther had dried up, only skin and bones remained.

Mu Feng blew out a long stream of white smoke and opened his eyes.
A trace of blood-red colored light flashed across his eyes and Mu Feng smiled.

“Brother Feng, you’re done with your cultivation?”

Mu Kuang walked over and asked with a smile.


Mu Feng nodded.
His cultivation had reached Tong Mai Seventh Sky, and his eighth meta-pulse was half recovered. 

He estimated that by killing another two Zi Fu level Xiong Beasts, he would be able to reach Tong Mai Ninth Sky.

In only a few months time, he had recovered from being a cripple to being at Tong Mai Seventh Sky.
His speed of recovery was incomparable to the others.

This badass sacred book of Asura had become the greatest capital for him to have a fresh start!

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