Translated by: Minx Calypso

Edited by: cdewsx77

Chapter 30: A Sudden Surprise

“Feng, Brother Feng, what skill is this? It seems so scary, don’t tell me it’s a type of evil skill?”

Mu Kuang was so frightened that he gulped down his saliva before asking.

“Look at you.
There aren’t any good or evil skills in cultivation, there are only good and evil people.
This cultivation method is able to transform the blood of living things into Blood Qi and meta-power, and it can also absorb the Qi of Heaven and Earth just like other cultivation methods.
Moreover, the cultivation speed is much faster than our family’s Tie Xue Dan chant.”

Mu Feng scolded jokingly, whereas Mu Kuang’s face was full of surprise when he heard that.

“A skill that’s able to transform the blood of living things… Where did you learn this from? It’s not from our family, right?”

“Never mind about where it came from.
If you want to improve your strength quickly, you should cultivate it.
However, you mustn’t tell anybody else, or else it will cause others to covet it, and our lives will be in danger.”

Mu Feng said solemnly.

Mu Kuang remained silent for a while.
His skills weren’t that bad, but he wasn’t an extraordinary genius either.
If he wanted to keep up with Mu Feng, then routine, basic training would definitely not be enough.

Since brother Feng trusted me enough to teach me this skill, how can I possibly fail him… Besides, I must help brother Feng seek his revenge!

With a flash of determination in his eyes, Mu Kuang said: “I will cultivate it.”

“Hehe, that’s good.
Now, let us hunt more Man beasts and see if you can accumulate enough meta-power to reach the Zi Fu level and become a true cultivator when we go into the mountains this time.”

Mu Feng smiled, got up, and ventured into different parts of the forest with the knife in his hand.

Mu Kuang followed closely behind Mu Feng.

Shortly after searching in the woods, they found another Wild Boar of Great Power.

This time, Mu Kuang hunted it down.
Although Mu Kuang wasn’t as agile as Mu Feng, he still managed to kill it after putting in some effort.

First, Mu Feng extracted the viscera of the wild boar.
Both of them dug a trap at the side and placed the bloody viscera on top of the trap when it was done.

After that, Mu Feng asked Mu Kuang to take the carcass of the wild boar to the far side of the trap, so that Mu Kuang could absorb the blood of the wild boar.

Mu Kuang channeled his meta-power into the carcass of the wild boar according to the cultivation method and chant taught by Mu Feng.

As a result, the blood and flesh of the wild boar started to burn as it transformed into a blood-red colored force that poured into Mu Kuang’s body.

However, as soon as the sanguine force entered Mu Kuang, Mu Kuang felt as though a stream of boiling water was being poured into his body.
He let out a soft groan and his face twisted in pain.

“Ouch… It hurts, it hurts…!”

Mu Kuang let out a scream, startling Mu Feng.
Mu Feng did not feel this kind of pain before when he cultivated.
In fact, he felt very comfortable.

“Xiao Kuang, what’s wrong with you?”

Mu Feng panicked.

“I don’t know, brother Feng.
I, I’m in pain and my body feels so hot.
The blood qi entered my body like a flood of boiling hot oil.”

Mu Kuang gritted his teeth and said.
However, he was still cultivating even though the blood vessels beneath his skin were visibly bulging out like wriggly earthworms.

“It’s because you are still cultivating, you have to stop cultivating right away!”

Suddenly, Mu Feng recalled a problem.
He was able to cultivate the Asura chant because his meta-pulses were different from those of ordinary people.

His meta-pulse was the Xue Ling pulse that was formed after recondensation, also known as the Asura pulse, but Mu Kuang’s veins were just ordinary meta-pulses.

“I, I can’t stop it now.
Brother Feng, please save me, my body hurts a lot!”

Mu Kuang was in so much pain that his eyes were red and beads of cold sweat trickled down his forehead.

“You little brat, you are killing your brother.”

At this moment, a woman’s voice sounded coldly in Mu Feng’s head.

Mu Feng was shocked and looked around, but he did not see anyone.

“You don’t have to look around, I’m inside your body.”

The woman’s voice rang out again.

“Inside my body? Nonsense! Who are you? Who is hiding in the dark?”

Mu Feng shouted coldly, gripped his sword, and assumed a fighting stance.

“Why don’t you believe me?”

Suddenly, a heart-shaped sanguine jade pendant came out from Mu Feng’s chest.
It emitted a hazy sanguine light which made it looked very coquettish and beautiful.

Upon seeing this, Mu Feng was horrified and said: “This was the jade pendant that my mother gave me, when did it go into my body?” 

This jade pendant was something that he knew very well.
It was the only relic left to him by his mother, and he had worn it since he was just a kid.

However, he had not seen it since he returned from the battlefield.
Thinking that he lost it, Mu Feng felt sad about it for quite some time.
Who knew that the jade pendant was actually inside his body?

Looking at the jade pendant that was still emitting a sanguine light, Mu Feng asked in shock: “It was you who was talking just now?”

“Of course it’s me, who else could it be? If it wasn’t for me, you would have been dead on the battlefield.”

The woman’s voice rang out coldly.

“Well, what are you? How can a piece of jade talk?”

Mu Feng asked in surprise.

“I’m not an object, wait, no, I am an object… Eh… Sigh… You are confusing me, you little brat.”

Sounding rather annoyed, the jade pendant knocked hard on Mu Feng’s brain like an embarrassed, angry girl, causing Mu Feng to grit his teeth in pain.

“Alright, okay, I don’t care what or who are you.
What’s wrong with my brother? How can I save him?”

Looking at Mu Kuang who was still in pain, Mu Feng asked anxiously.

“How can you assume that just anyone is also able to cultivate the Asura chant? You must have Xue Ling pulses in order to absorb blood qi.
Normal meta-pulses can’t cultivate the blood qi, since they would be eaten up and burnt by the blood qi instead of absorbing it.”

The voice of the jade pendant said angrily.

“Ah, how can I save him from this?”

Upon hearing that, Mu Feng was even more panicked.
He looked at Mu Kuang who was in pain and felt remorseful.

“There isn’t any other way but to guide the blood qi in his body, so that it could assimilate into his flesh and blood to strengthen his body.
However, he will be in great pain.
If he manages to withstand the pain, he will be able to take the path of blood cultivation and body training and have a new chance in life.
If he can’t bear the pain, the blood qi will circulate around randomly and cause his death.”

The voice of the jade pendant said.

“What should I do then?”

“Channel your Vitality into his body and help him guide the blood qi.
At the same time, I will teach you the blood qi cultivation method from the sacred book of Asura.
You will guide his blood qi according to this method to help him learn the cultivation pathway himself.”

Upon hearing this, Mu Feng did not wait any longer and immediately sat cross-legged in front of Mu Kuang.
He channeled his Vitality into Mu Kuang’s body while also guiding the surging blood qi in Mu Kuang’s body at the same time.

While this was happening, a golden ray of light from the jade pendant was sent into Mu Feng’s skull.
Mu Feng felt a swell of pain from his body and suddenly felt like he had a new piece of memory that didn’t belong to him.
It was the blood flow pathway for the cultivation method.

Without having any extra time to be surprised, Mu Feng started to guide the blood qi that was inside of Mu Kuang’s body into Mu Kuang’s normal veins according to the cultivation pathway so that it could be assimilated into Mu Kuang’s body.


Mu Kuang shouted in pain and his eyes were red.

“Xiao Kuang, hang in there and remember this cultivation pathway.
I, brother Feng, will never put you in harm’s way, hang in there!”

Mu Feng shouted.
Mu Kuang nodded, gritted his teeth, and kept on absorbing the blood qi.

Mu Kuang trembled in pain and his body started turning red.
Beads of sweat trickled down, and gradually, the sweat that came out from his body was blackish red in color!

“Hmm, not bad, this kid has very strong willpower.”

The voice of the jade pendant said in amazement.

“Maybe this kid can cultivate his body into a body of blood and soul. 

The temple of Zhi Zun and temple of Asura, these two guilds are recruiting, those who are interested in joining, join as soon as possible, or else there wouldn’t be any spaces left later.
(TLN: This is a footnote left by the author, It doesn’t mean anything.)

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