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Chapter 29: Hunting Man Beasts

Both of them went into the mountains along a path that had bushes on both sides.
At first, there was still a small path, but gradually after going deeper for more than 10 miles, there were only bushes.
The deeper they went, the more tall and ancient trees there were.

The An Nan mountains were luxuriant and had various types of plants and trees.
However, most of them were evergreen trees, that is, there were more pine trees.

After going deep inside for about 10 miles or so, both of them saw rabbits, wild boars, and other animals.
They didn’t even see any powerful Man beasts, not to mention Xiong beasts.

The air was moist, and had a faint taste to it.

“Brother Feng, we’ve been in here for more than 20 minutes, but we haven’t seen anything yet.”

Mu Kuang was wielding a four-foot long, snow-white razor sharp saber and trimming the bushes on both sides.
The saber was razor sharp, it could cut bushes that had the diameter of a wrist into two pieces with one stroke.

However, it was just an ordinary saber.
Among the weapons in this world, there were weapons used only by cultivators, known as Yuan Bing or Yuan Qi.

Yuan Qi were made by forgers and were very precious.
They were engraved with Yuan Wen, which functioned to enhance the user’s meta-power and increase the destructive power of the weapon.
They also had some other incredible special abilities.

Yuan Qi were very valuable and were grouped into three categories, namely the upper, middle, and lower categories.
On top of Yuan Qi, there were also legendary spirit tools.

Mu Kuang’s knife was just an ordinary saber, and Mu Feng’s knife was also just an ordinary steel knife.
Although it was strong and sharp, it had no special abilities.

“Don’t be impatient, we just entered.
Besides, there are often herbalists and adventurers in this area, so I guess most of the beasts have already been hunted down.”

Mu Feng said with a smile as he too cleared the path by trimming the shrubs with his knife.

“Wait a minute!”

Suddenly, Mu Feng frowned and called a halt!

Mu Kuang stopped immediately.

“Listen, there’s movement ahead.”

Mu Feng said softly.
Mu Kuang listened carefully, and he indeed heard a swishing sound up front.

“Wait here for a while, I’ll climb up the tree and have a look.”

There was 20 or 30 meters tall pine tree beside him.
Keeping his knife inside his Qian Kun ring and using both his hands and feet, Mu Feng climbed up the tree as agile as a monkey. 

At the top of the tree, Mu Feng could see tens of meters of the forest around him, thanks to his high vantage point.

A little more than 20 meters away, Mu Feng spotted a two-meter-long wild boar that was striking a big tree.

The wild boar was brown in color and had two dagger-long-tusks protruding from its mouth.
The hair on its body stood like needles, and its eyes were dark red in color.
It kept on striking the big tree, and big, red apples were falling down one by one.
After it was done striking the tree, it started picking up its food.

A level eight Man beast, the Wild Boar of Great Power!

Mu Feng recognized it at a glance.
The Wild Boar of Great Power was a kind of omnivorous Man beast that often went down the mountains to feed on crops, so it was a type of beast that was a headache to people. 

In restaurants, the meat of this wild boar was extremely popular.
One wild boar could be worth more than 20 gold coins.
There were even hunting teams that specialized in hunting these Man beasts for their meat.  

However, it was very frightening if the wild boar went berserk.
It had nearly one thousand kilograms of impact force, and normal eight-pulse cultivators dare not pick a one-on-one fight with it.

A smile spread from the corners of Mu Feng’s mouth, and he quietly went down the tree.

“Brother Feng, what is it?”

Mu Kuang asked.

“It’s the Wild Boar of Great Power.
We can deal with it.
Come on, let’s sneak up on it.”

Mu Feng said.

Quiet as cats, both of them snuck up to the wild boar.

Meanwhile, the wild boar was still eating the apples on the ground, one bite at a time, enjoying its snack.

However, when Mu Feng and Mu Kuang were seven or eight meters away from it, it sniffed and smelled something unusual.
Suddenly, it turned around and looked straight at where both of them were.

“It found out! Let’s go!”

Mu Feng shouted coldly.
Both of them lifted their knives and pounced on the wild boar like springs.

Holding the knife in his hand, Mu Kuang swung it down at the wild boar’s head.

Unexpectedly, the wild boar didn’t dodge the attack but charged forward instead, with the forces of its four hooves.
It knocked Mu Kuang down like a raging buffalo.


The Wild Boar of Great Power collided into Mu Kuang’s stomach and Mu Kuang spat blood from his mouth.
His body was sent flying about seven or eight meters away.

Khoff! Khak!  

The knife made a clean and bloody cut on the wild boar’s back, causing the wild boar to hum in pain.
It fell back a few steps and stared at Mu Feng with tyrannical blood-red eyes.

“Xiao Kuang, are you alright?”

Mu Feng asked with his knife in his hand while looking at the wild boar.

“Ahem, I’m fine.
Who knew this beast would counter-attack instead.”

Mu Kuang stood up and he seemed fine.
An ordinary person may have died after being knocked down like that.

“Don’t underestimate Man beasts.
They live in a more dangerous world than us, so all Man beasts and Xiong beasts are good fighters.”

Mu Feng laughed and he wasn’t afraid of it.


The wild boar grunted twice angrily.
The pain on its back stimulated its ferocity.
It pounded its hooves and charged towards Mu Feng while raising its protruding, dagger-like tusks.

Mu Feng stood his ground.
Just as the wild boar was about to hit him, he moved away flexibly, causing the wild boar to crash into nothing.
The wild boar then stopped abruptly and charged towards Mu Feng once more, but still, it didn’t touch him at all.

The wild boar was tricked by Mu Feng’s agility, and it soon lost its sense of direction. 


Mu Kuang watched leisurely from a tree at the side.
This level of beast will not hurt Brother Feng for sure.

The wild boar charged towards Mu Feng once more, but Mu Feng jumped up three meters and struck down furiously with his knife.


Just like a sword, the knife struck through the wild boar’s neck and came out from below, causing the wild boar to be pinned to the ground.


The wild boar had a strong will to survive.
It roared loudly and pounded its hooves aimlessly, causing blood to gush out from its neck, staining the ground red.
After a few more bouts of struggling, it was finally dead.

Mu Kuang jumped down from the tree and said: “Brother Feng, it’s not challenging enough for us to kill such beasts.”

“Not challenging enough? Kiddo, you suffered a hit from it just now.
Your moves were terrible.
I will have to give you special training in this area.”

“Hehe of course, after all, my Swift Wind Steps still haven’t even reached the Deng Tang level yet, whereas yours have already reached the Da Cheng level.
Of course I can’t compete with you.”

Mu Kuang smiled sheepishly and scratched his head embarrassingly.

“I came here to hunt Man beasts to cultivate, look closely and don’t be shocked later.”

After saying that, Mu Feng pulled out his knife and sat down cross-legged.
He put both his hands on top of the wild boar’s carcass and a gush of meta-power poured into the wild boar’s body.
The blood in the wild boar’s body began to boil and burn.

Mu Kuang watched curiously from the side.

Subsequently, a gush of blood-red air flowed from the wild boar’s body into Mu Feng’s body, entering Mu Feng’s meta-pulse and nourishing his seventh damaged meta-pulse.

“This… this is!”

Mu Kuang’s eyes were wide open, and the carcass of the wild boar was soon dried up.
What was left of the wild boar that weighed 150 to 200 kilograms was some skin and bones, and it looked horrible.

The seventh meta-pulse in Mu Feng’s body had recovered by about one-fifth.

Mu Feng opened his eyes, exhaled a white-colored breath and said to Mu Kuang, who was still shocked: “Did you see that? That was the cultivation method that I taught you!”

Upon hearing that, Mu Kuang sat on the ground in horror.  

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