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Chapter 27: Be Prepared to Train Hard

“Shut up!”

Huang Yi wanted to say something but was interrupted by a cold shout from his father.
His father even glared at him.

Who is Mu Tian? I’m afraid that there aren’t a lot of people in the whole Nan Ling kingdom that don’t know about him.

As a once famous and powerful man in the Yuan Dan heavenly realm who held great power in the Nan Ling Kingdom’s military, Mu Tian’s fame remained despite his death in the battlefield. 

His family also remained, and it was still a big family that the Huang family couldn’t afford to get in trouble with.

As Mu Tian’s biological son and his direct line of descent, to Huang Tai, Mu Feng’s status was also unoffendable.
Although the Mu family in Nan Ling kingdom was hitting the lowest point in its history, a starved camel is still bigger than a horse.

If Huang Tai dared to take action against Mu Feng, the main branch would be able to destroy the Huang family with a single Mu elder in the Yuan Dan realm.

The other Huang family members also saluted along with Huang Tai.
For a while, there was a moment of awkwardness among the Huang family.

Watching this scene, Mu Feng didn’t feel proud because what they feared was the power behind him, but not Mu Feng himself, so there was nothing to be proud of.

It would be truly prestigious if there was a day when others respected him after just hearing his name, and not the name of the power behind him.

“Little Lord Feng, I was uncouth just now as I didn’t know the identity of Little Lord Feng.
If I have offended you in any way, please lift your hand high in mercy!”

Huang Tai said with utmost respect.

“Well, he learned his lesson, and I don’t want to pursue this matter anymore, Uncle Hai.
If there isn’t anything else, I will retire now. 

Mu Feng clasped hands to Mu Hai, and with a wave of his hand, he left with Mu Zhong.

“Please escort Little Lord.”

The Mu family stood up and bowed while Huang Tai and his men watched Mu Feng leave.

There were rumors that Mu Feng’s meta-pulses were damaged and that he lost everything.
Now he has come to this small city of An Nan, what was the Mu family thinking? 

Huang Tai thought to himself, with his eyes full of questions.

“How is it possible that this little peasant is actually the Little Lord of the Mu family? If even father treated him with such respect, then what about my revenge… No, I can’t let him off the hook easily.”

Watching Mu Feng leave, Huang Yi was very reluctant, and his eyes were full of hatred.

“Brother Mu, sorry to bother you regarding today’s matter, I bid you farewell.”

Huang Tai was too embarrassed to stay at Mu’s mansion.
He clasped hands and wanted to leave.

“I won’t see you out.”

Mu Hai picked up his teacup and ordered his guests to leave.

Meanwhile, the other Huang family members carried Huang Yi and left the Mu family’s mansion with depressed faces.

After Huang Tai and his men left, Mu Hai squinted his eyes and said: “Uncle Fu, send some men to monitor the Huang family as we cannot let them spread the news about Little Lord Feng being in An Nan city to Wang Du.
The Huang family is not honest, and I remember that Huang Tai’s eldest son is working in Wang Du.”


Uncle Fu nodded.
The reason why the clan sent Mu Feng here was for him to lay low, so naturally, they couldn’t let the news to be spread.
Regarding this matter, he thought about it thoroughly as the head of this branch of the Mu family.

“Father, I could not reconcile.
Don’t tell me that the matter is settled just like that?”

Leaving the Mu family mansion, Huang Yi asked grudgingly.

“Hmph, of course we can’t let him off this easily.
Mu Feng is actually in Nan An, and I believe that Bei Wang Ye would be quite interested to know this.
Your brother is working under Bei Wang Ye, so I happen to know some secrets about the relationship between Bei Wang Ye and the Mu family.
I will send someone to contact your brother tonight.”

Huang Tai said with a cold sneer.
The arrival of Mu Feng seemed to give him a window of opportunity.

However, what they didn’t know was that there were two figures standing on the tower of Mu’s mansion who have been watching them since they left…

At night, on the streets of Nan An city, a fast horse was rushing towards the city gate from Huang’s mansion.

In the darkness, a figure followed the horse after it left.

The disciple from the Huang family who was riding the fast horse on the road had only traveled for five or six miles.


Suddenly, a rope was pulled taut along the road and the fast horse was tripped and fell onto the ground with a thud.


The Huang disciple was caught off guard and fell off his horse.

Swoosh! Swish!

In an instant, two figures rushed out from either side of the road.
One of them stepped on top of the Huang disciple’s body, immobilizing him.

“Who are you guys?”

Terrified, the Huang disciple asked with fear.

“Shut up, or I’ll kill you right away.”

The man who stepped on him said coldly.
The weight of his foot stepping on the disciple’s chest made the disciple unable to move.

“Search him.”

The man next to him immediately searched the disciple, and he soon found a letter in the inside pocket of the disciple’s robe, which he handed to the big and tall man.

The muscular man tore it open, looked at the contents, and suddenly had a cold expression on his face.

“As expected, Little Lord and master didn’t make a wrong guess.”

After keeping the letter, he looked at the man under his feet and sneered: “People don’t mean to harm the tiger, but tigers have the intention to hurt people.
You will be the first sacrifice of the Huang family.”

“Wait a minute, what are you…”

Before allowing him to finish, the muscular man stomped and the man’s neck broke with a snap, causing him to vomit blood and die.

“My lord, what do we do about the corpse?”

The other man asked.

“Bury it and don’t let the news spread.”

“As you wish!”

The two men then disappeared into the darkness.

-After two days-

Outside the west of An Nan city, there was a vast area of wheat fields, and the golden wheat spread out until it reached the city borders.
Just like a golden ocean, it will give you a view of heaven and earth.

 Autumn, when the sun is bright–but not harsh, and the wind is gentle–but not irritable, was one of the most forgiving seasons.

Four horses galloped down the road along the wheat field, and riding them were three young men and a young girl.

These four teenagers were Mu Feng, Mu Kuang, Bai Ziyue, and Mu Lan.

“Haha, Ziyue, you are such a devil, how could you directly became a practitioner of eight meridians.”

Mu Kuang said with a hint of admiration.

“Hehe, it’s not my fault that I have an extraordinary physique.
You must be envious of me, right? Just wait and see, I’ll be able to surpass you in just a while.”

Bai Ziyue laughed proudly.

“Hmph, how could you be so proud of yourself.
I’m almost at the Zi Fu level, and when that time comes, I’ll be a real cultivator.”

“Haha, it seems like both of you just have to argue everyday.
Ziyue, although you have opened up you’re meta-pulses, you still haven’t cultivated your meta-power.
A cultivator without meta-power has no real strength.
You have to practice the skills that I taught you diligently so you can fill up your meta-pulses with meta-power as soon as possible and open up the ninth meta-pulse by yourself.”

Mu Feng said while laughing.

“Hehe, Brother Feng, I know that.”

Scratching his head, Bai Ziyue laughed.
He only listened to Mu Feng.

“Little Lord Feng, it’s not good for us to go to the An Nan mountains without informing our family, as there are demonic beasts and monsters there.”

Mu Lan said worryingly.

“Eh, Mu Lan, we didn’t allow you to come, but you followed us anyway.
Don’t be scared, we will protect you.”

Mu Kuang punched his chest and let out a manly laugh.

At 300 miles to the west of An Nan city lied a mountain range that had an area of a few hundred miles named the An Nan mountains.
There were many poisonous insects and beasts in the mountains.
There were even demonic beasts and monsters, which were quite dangerous.

Mu Feng wanted to go to An Nan mountains to train hard, whereas Mu Kuang and Bai Ziyue just wanted to follow him.
Finally, even Mu Lan made a fuss to accompany them, so this trip was made possible. 

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