Translated by: Minx Calypso

Edited by: cdewsx77

Chapter 26: Do You Dare to Deal?

Outside the of the Mu family’s mansion, a group of people was walking fiercely towards the entrance.
There were more than 10 people, led by an intimidating middle-aged man dressed in black robes.
Behind him, a group of people carried a stretcher, and on the stretcher sat a one-armed young man dressed in yellow clothes.

Upon their arrival at the front door of the Mu family mansion, they were immediately stopped by several guards of the Mu family, and one of the guards quickly bowed and asked: “Lord Huang, what brings you here…?”

“Hmph, get out of my way.
Go and get Mu Hai.”

With a cold sneer, Huang Tai grabbed hold of the guard, and with a flick of his wrist, the guard was sent flying several meters directly into the Mu family’s mansion.

Upon seeing this, the other guards rushed anxiously into the mansion, and no one dared to stop those men.

Shortly after that, Mu Hai emerged from the Mu mansion with a group of people to meet Huang Tai and his men.

“Haha, distinguished and honored guests, ah, isn’t this Lord Huang? What brings you here today? Hmm, what happened to Little Lord Huang…?”

Along with Uncle Fu and other men, Mu Hai greeted them with a smile.
When Uncle Fu saw the look on Huang Yi’s face, he immediately knew why were they here.
He quickly mouthed his words and communicated with Mu Tai via Yuan Li telepathy.

My Lord, this kid got into trouble with Little Lord Feng yesterday, and he was beaten up by Little Lord Feng.
So many things happened yesterday that I forgot to inform you about it.

Upon hearing this, Mu Hai’s expression changed slightly, and he replied: “Why didn’t you tell me about this earlier?”

Shortly after that, retaining his calm expression, Mu Hai went up to Huang Tai’s group and said with a smile: “My visitors are my guests, Lord Huang, please come on in to the living room to have a chat.”


With a cold sneer, Huang Tai followed Mu Hai into the living room with his men.

In the living room, both the guests and hosts were seated.
Mu Hai took the upper seat, whereas Huang Tai took the first lower seat to the left, followed by the Huang and Mu family sitting face-to-face.

Three beautiful maids then quickly offered tea, starting with the guests and ending with the hosts.

“Please have a cup of tea, Lord Huang.”

Mu Hai said with a smile.

After having a sip of tea, Huang Tai put down his teacup and said nonchalantly: “Brother Mu, do you know why am I here today?”

“No, I don’t.”

Mu Hai replied with an unchanged expression.

“Hmph, something unpleasant happened between our families yesterday.
My son, Huang Yi, and several family guards had their arms chopped off by people from your Mu family, and you aren’t aware of it?”

Huang Tai sneered with a cold expression.

“What? There is such a thing? Why wasn’t I aware of it? Brother Huang, seeing that the relationship between our families is quite good, isn’t it possible that there’s a misunderstanding, or that somebody is trying to frame us?”

Upon hearing Huang Tai’s explanation, Mu Hai gave a surprised look, frowned, and starting his realistic acting.

“Framed? What kind of frame? That day, this old geezer was also at the scene and he saw everything.
The people that were following him, if they weren’t from the Mu family, who could they possibly be?!”

Huang Yi pointed at Uncle Fu and shouted furiously.

Upon hearing this, Uncle Fu squinted his eyes and said in a cold tone: “Little Lord Huang, no matter what, I am still your elder.
How can you call me by such a name?”

While saying that, Uncle Fu emitted a powerful aura.
The tea on the table beside him shook furiously, and this energy pressured Huang Yi until he turned pale and was unable to speak.

As the head servant in this branch of the Mu family, Uncle Fu was also a Ning Gang top cultivator.
How could he possibly tolerate such an insult from a brat like Huang Yi?

“Huang Er, don’t be rude.”

Huang Tai also emitted an Energy Force to counteract Uncle Fu’s Energy Force, which made Huang Yi feel slightly better.

Energy Force–a force field formed by the fluctuation of the energy released during the circulation of energy in one’s body.
The higher the levels of training, the stronger the force of energy.
If one has a sufficiently strong Energy Force, it can even directly kill the weak.

Huang Tai looked at Mu Hai and said coldly: “I’m not going to beat around the bush with Brother Mu.
Hand over the murderer for me to punish at my disposal, and we can let bygones be bygones.”

People live because of breath, but cultivators because of pride.
Although Huang Tai had no intention of fighting to the death with the Mu family, the pride that he lost must be regained.

If a person was handed over to Huang Tai, only death awaited him.

However, Mu Hai squinted his eyes and said: “Lord Huang, I’m afraid I can’t promise you this.”

“What do you mean by that? Don’t tell me you are defending the evildoer?”

Upon hearing this, Huang Tai expressed a trace of anger and replied in a colder tone.

“It’s not that I’m defending the evildoer, but it’s that I can’t hand him over to you, as Brother Huang can’t deal with him.
If anything happens to him, both our families will be ruined.”

Mu Hai took a sip of tea and said calmly.

“What does that mean?”

Huang Tai frowned upon hearing that.

“Mu Shi, go and get Little Lord Feng.”

Instead of replying, Mu Hai threw a look and asked one of the Mu family’s members.

That Mu family member understood and immediately went to get him.
The hall was silent for a while, and Huang Tai thought deeply about what Mu Hai said just now.

Shortly after that, an intimidating young man dressed in black robes walked calmly into the room, followed by a strong looking middle-aged man.

Although this young man looked like a 14 or 15-year-old, he emitted an aura of warrior’s iron blood as he walked past.

As soon as the young man entered the hall, the Mu family stood up and clasped their hands: “Little Lord Feng!”

“Hehe, please, you all don’t need to be so formal.
Uncle Hai, you were looking for me?”

Mu Feng returned their salutations by clasping his hands and saw Huang Yi.

“Father, it was those two, look and what both of them have done.
This is the peasant who cut off my arm!”

As soon as Mu Feng arrived, Huang Yi, who sat next to his father, said angrily as he gnashed his teeth.
He looked at Mu Feng with fire in his eyes.

On the other hand, Huang Tai showed a trace of surprise.
Just now, except for Mu Hai, all the other senior members of the Mu family had actually stood up and saluted the young man.

If he was just an ordinary family member, he wouldn’t be treated like this.

“Oh, it’s you.
Did you come to suffer even though your arm hasn’t healed?”

Mu Feng looked at the young man sarcastically, his eyes staring intently at Huang Yi, causing him to feel intimidated.
Huang Yi couldn’t help but think of yesterday when Mu Feng ruthlessly chopped off his arm, and his aura weakened immediately.

“Little Feng, this is Little Lord Huang Yi from the Huang family.
He claims that his arm was chopped off by you.
What happened?”

Without showing any sense of blame, Mu Hai asked casually.

“Nothing much.
Something unpleasant happened between Little Lord Huang and me when I arrived yesterday.
As a result, he directly asked his men to kill me, so I chopped off one of his arms to teach him a lesson.”

Mu Feng also replied casually without taking it too seriously.

“Hehe, how dare you.
Young man, you chopped off my son’s arm and are still acting so cocky.
Don’t tell me that the Mu family are going berserk nowadays?”

Huang Tai let out a burst of maniacal laughter, crushed the teacup in his hand, and stood up without stopping his laughter, his strong Energy Force pressuring Mu Feng.

Mu Feng felt a sudden heaviness in his body, the air was somewhat solidified, and his breath became choppy. 

Mu Zhong then stood in front of Mu Feng, blocking him and sending out an equally powerful Energy Force to resist, and only then was the pressure bearable for Mu Feng.

Mu Feng looked at Huang Tai calmly and said: “Lord Huang, I advise you not to misunderstand.
Me chopping his hand off wasn’t anything serious, if we were in Wang Du, he would be dead.”

Upon hearing the words “Wang Du”, Huang Tai’s face sank and he said: “You are a family member of the Mu family?”

“Lord Huang, he is the young master of the Mu family, the son of general Mu Tian, Mu Feng.
If I hand him over to you, what can you do to him?”

Mu Hai asked with a laugh.

“What? He… he is Mu Feng, the son of general Mu Tian?!”

Upon hearing that, the expression on the faces of Lord Huang and the other Huang family members changed.
Immediately, Huang Tai stood up, clasped hands, and said with a hint of respect: “Oh, so it’s you, Little Lord Feng.
Huang Tai was being rude just now, please don’t blame me, please spare me.”

“Father, you…”

Huang Yi was totally confused when he saw this.

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